You Favorite RPG Games and Why


Bethesda wanted to make a big RPG, full of features. It was bugged like hell, but very immersive.
The ambition of the dev team were huge, to big may be.
What is paradoxical is as the computer power was increasing, Bethesda ambition was reducing.
The TES series became more and more simple.
Development costs might be a determinant factor.


Secret of Mana -> A masterpiece, this game is engraved deep in my soul
Ultima VIII Pagan -> really cool game at that time
Lands of Lore -> great scenario , westwood studios at its best

Oblivion, Skyrim -> for the graphics & mods


Mount & Blade: Warband,
one of the best medieval games if you ask me, tournaments, feasts, marriage.


Personally I have never been into rpgs,but I want to jump into them asap
I have heard that Planescape has the best story in any videogame
I’ve heard only good things about BG2,too
For now,I’m waiting for KC,for it’s realism,combat,world.
I want to say that I like TES games,but I just hate their combat and story too,but mainly the combat.I hate games with combat like that.
By the way,I love witcher 1(second suck imho)
It had one of the best atmosphere in any game I’ve seen and amazing soundtracks.Combat was ok I think


1.) Crusader Kings II (yes, it IS listed as an RPG!)- Best game EVAR. Intrigue and slaying!
2.) Skyrim- Big world, lots o’ innocents to slay.
3.) The Mount and Blade Series- One of a kind. Strategy in first person and epic combat and RAIDING. And VIKINGS.
4.) Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning- underrated RPG with an awesome combat system.
5.) Borderlands II- Funny open world with LOTS OF GUNS.
Honorable Mention: Dark Souls. Haven’t really played enough of it to have it qualify for the list, but it’s still good despite the inherent frustration.


All of the above and Divinity: Original Sin which is calling me


WIZARDRY 8 by sire tech first game that showed me what open world rpg 1st person was about, still hard pushed to find a game where you can control up to 8 caracter in real time fights.
also have to love morrowind


I’m not the typical RoleGame Player, never liked them really but when I heard about KCD I was hooked, I played few rpgs but Skyrim was the best!
I really liked how they simplified everything so you really get used to it very fast and its nice and easy to play. Also the graphics and the possibility to install hundreds of mods are nice. I havent finished the game yet though.
But I’m rly looking forward to KCD


The Ultima series was my introduction to RPG’s and still hold the number one spot in my heart. Specially Ultima VII Pt 1&2. Best games ever.

Mass Effect Triology is also awesome.
Baldurs Gate 1 & 2 is also awesome.

Dragon Age series is alright, in the end you always end up overpowered so there’s really no challenge but the story is quite nice. Story wise I prefer Dragon Age 2 because it felt like more politics in it, even though the dungeons always used the same templates.


Bravo, another M&B fan! I’ve been playing M&B since Zendar was the central town and the map was so small you could ride it in a day. To this day I still have yet to take over though. I just ride around fighting people all day. Great stress release.


Skyrim. I like to play as non-magic characters, typically a stealth archer/assassin. I’ll walk around with half my inventory being made of poisons and health potions. There’s only one major problem with Skyrim: spiders. Big spiders. I hate spiders. That’s something I’m looking forward to most in Kingdom Come: no magic, no dragons, and no @#$% spiders.


My absolutely favorite RPG is Gothic 1&2! But I also like the Elder Scrolls series from Daggerfall to Skyrim.
Other RPG’s

  • Risen 1
  • Fable
  • Divinity II
  • Dark Souls
  • Two Worlds 1&2
  • Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 1

There are many more games like Borderlands or Bioshock but in my opinion this games aren’t real RPG’s.


Diablo 3, Mount and Blade and World of Warcraft this games i loved :blush: … Now i tested some games Novus Inceptio and Azulgar: Beyond the Frontiers this games are verry interesting.

Now i hope for release this game Kingdom Come and Star Citizen :sunny:


I really wonder why so few people know The Dark Eye - Drakensang. Or do people know it and think it’s not good?


Can somebody please explain to me why everybody likes Dragon Age? I don’t want to offend anyone, I just don’t get it.

@topic: Ultima VII - The Black Gate


I loved the game system, I loved the world, I loved the boobs, and … I kind of lost interest somewhere along the line. It’s not a bad game, but frankly, it’s not exceptional either.

I have spent hours trying to understand that. My opinion of Dragon Age was always that it’s a game taking place in an uninspired world, telling an uninspired story, with okay combat mechanics which are way too overused (in relation to exploration and dialogue), and pretty decent writing. I could not bring myself to like the game, and boy I’ve tried so many times (my wife purchased it to me as a birthday gift so, damnit, I wanted to love it)

In the end tho, I have finially found the answer I was looking for. I should probably also add that I’m usually more concerned with story, decisionmaking, exploration and reative world in RPGs than I am with combat. At any rate, I have asked a friend who finally gave me an answer: Basically, his explanation was that Dragon Age works with one theme repeatedly and extremely well: That theme being “What are you willing to sacrifice to win a war?” He claimed that this was what made him love the game. I have no clue if it’s applicable to anybody else, and can’t either confirm nor deny it, as every time I tried to get into Dragon Age again, a bunch of wolves attacked me. And then another bunch of wolves. And a buch of zombies. Zombies. Zombies. Ah, a dialogue! Zombies. Zombies. Zombies.

(On another note, I have really, really liked Dragon Age 2. It’s not on my list of the best games evah and it did a lot of things wrong, especially those that DA 1 did right. Nonetheless, I found the story more interesting, the characters more interesting, the setting more interesting, and the combat was always quickly over, therefore bearable.)


well dragon gate had the advantage of having good marketing, and that includes payola reviews from sites with millions of visitors. i mean, lets be honest here. this is dragon age:



I could never get around to finishing DAO. It’s just an average D&D RPG with the serial numbers filed off. The best part about it is the characters (particularly Morrigan, voiced by the Raven Haired Goddess herself, Claudia Black) but the gameplay and storyline are otherwise pretty lackluster and not particularly groundbreaking.


There are many rpgs i enjoyed in the past, but lets just name a few from my early teen days. games that really did impress me and influenced my later preferences in gaming. I guess everything started with Zelda Ocarina of Time for N64. By the time then to me it felt like a fantastic fairy tale you could immerse into, like another world. This was pretty much the spark for me. After that there were just a few games for me worth mentioning.

In Fallout (1+2) i loved the fact that it was like a huge post-apocalyptic playground. Interplay created this authentic, detailed and unpleasant world, where everything was out to kill you - It was a constant live-dangering threat you where facing. And altough wandering the wastelands often ended in certain death you couldn’t stop exploring. You had the freedom to do whatever you want, but you always had to be careful and often you had to make tough decision. With Fallout 3 bethesda gave the series a worthy reboot and i spent countless hours in the streets and vicinity of devastated washington dc.

Then there was Gothic. It may havent had the best plot or story, but as with fallout it took rpgs to a new level. As far as i can tell, by the time then it had the most realistic world ever. NPC had a daily routine and there were some really nice weather effects and it even had an impressive day and night circle. I guess it was one of the first open world rpgs with 3d graphics. In the huge world there was snow, a swamp, mountains pretty much every ecosystem you could imagine, and a lot of beasts and animals. You had tree different social factions and according to your style of playing you could decide which one you follow. I had to play it a couple of times to see everything and i never grew tired of it. To me (and like most others) gothic 2 constitutes the climax of the series. Altough I did like the world of gothic 3 it had some terrible design and gameplay flawes, that made it unpleasent to play at most times.

I loved playing Final Fantasy VIII as well because of its plot and the challenging fighting system. It had this very cinematic presentation that makes it one of my favorites.

Nowadays, i take most pleasure in games that challenge me, with an appealing presentation and a clever story. Therefore an ideal game for me would be a mix of the witcher, dark souls and skyrim. The Witcher because of its very mature storyline, darksouls for the challenge and skyrim because of the detailed, living and breathing world.

Looking forward to the new witcher game as well, since i read all of sapkowskis books (both the witcher series and the “narrenturm”-series), played the witcher 1+2 several times and followed the developement of the game since the first pictures for the first game were released in 2004.

Sure i played a lot of other rpgs during the past 15 years, also some of the old classics (games like shining force or secret of mana are great by the way), but the aforemention had the most impact on me i guess. Its like watching hero turtles or he-man for example, if you watch them 10 or 20 years later, i brings up nostalgia sure, but it wont affect you the same way it did when you watched them the first time you where little.


I love an immersive RPG with lots of story and based on the reviews that is Dragon Age: Origins. However, I just couldn’t get through it. I can’t put my finger on what exactly didn’t strike me the right way; maybe it was the way the story was structured. Maybe someday I’ll pick it back up and try to finish through to see how the story evolves but I would have to join you in not understanding why it’s considered the gold standard in RPGs.