You Favorite RPG Games and Why


Okay guys,post here you fav rpg games,any type litle bit whay.

Foreword: These aren’t all ‘free roam’ RPGs. Most have heavy narrative elements, but I can assure you that if it’s adventure and mystery you want, these will all deliver excellently. With the exception of Stalker (it’s more of a sandbox), I would consider these all Must Play games for a fan of RPGs.

Dark Souls if you want a difficult game where you have to ‘treasure hunt’ for the narrative.

Dragon Age: Origins if you want a huuuuuuuge narrative RPG, set in an original D&D style universe rife with interesting lore.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for the best star wars game ever made (and a huuuuge narrative RPG).

Baldur’s Gate 2 for, again, a huge narrative experience (all 3 are games from Bioware’s Golden Age).

Stalker: Call of Pripyat if you want to wander around aimlessly, trying to survive and shooting mutants, scrounging for ammo and trying to keep your gun working.

Dark Messiah Might and Magic if you want a ‘novel’ rpg, where you essentially play a book in game form (with some great and interesting combat mechanics). Linear game, but still feels adventurous.

The Witcher 1+2 I would actually recommend starting with 2. It’s mechanically, narratively, and visually superior to the first, and no great knowledge of the first is needed. It’s a semilinear, story driven RPG with fantastic and difficult combat and amazing visuals and art.

Planescape: Torment If you want an oldschool, isolinear RPG with amazing characterization and story. Combat is meh, but the game is similair to a roguelike such as Nethack in that The Devs Have Thought of Everything. You can win the game by simply talking your way to victory in every scenario if you don’t want to fight.

Personal opinion on RPGs: I adore games with good narrative, which is what I think an RPG should be. Free roaming and open world aspects can be fantastic if the Devs put in the effort to fill that world with unique content, though. Skyrim isn’t quite up to snuff in terms of narrative, but it does have a lot of content. I’d like to see more unique events, characters, and plot lines, but realistically a AAA title like skyrim only has so much time and money to dedicate to content generation. For that reason, I’ve got a special place in my heart for old roguelikes and RPGs that only have to deal with text or simple 2d sprites, because they can then dedicate a ton of work to stuffing that world full of unique characters, stories, locations, events, etc.

Currently, games focusing on narrative and characters to that degree, like Knights of the Old Republic, are, as a result, much more limited in terms of game world size, and are far more linear, but in my own opinion, that’s a worthwhile tradeoff. If any modern RPG managed to get the budget and time to make an RPG with as much content as old roguelikes and RPGs with the open world nature of the TES games, I would be ecstatic.

Your Favourite NON-RPG games, and why?

I think that I like KOTOR 2 the most. The story line was so much better then the first KOTOR (which already was a great story) and it broke down the Star Wars universe. It is a shame that it got rushed out. If you download the Stih Lord restoring mod, it will make the game more fun and make the story even better! I love this game.


I’m a huge fan of The Witcher series. I like the setting very much and the story is amazing. It isn’t one of those bright fantasy worlds, more like grim & gritty and no black & white. You have make some difficult decisions (you can only choose the lesser of two evils).
I also read all the books by Sapkowski and with all that background knowledge you can see a lot of hints to the story of the books.
So overall very entertaining. And the graphics of The Witcher 2 are awesome. Can’t wait for The Witcher 3.


I agree with Brakebein on the reason I love the Witcher series. Between Witcher 2 and Skyrim, I have been replaying both now, I enjoy both for a bit different reasons. Skyrim and Elder Scrolls for one main fact that while journeying on a quest, the atmosphere actually had me envisioning being isolated in the middle of nowhere by myself and that feeling actually pervaded into me and I stopped and imagined being miles from any other human contact with only myself to depend on to survive. Regardless of some of the pitfalls people associate with Elder Scrolls games, this is the first game to give me that feeling of being out away from everyone and needing to survive on my own by the scale of the world and visuals and sound the game produced.

I have hopes that Kingdom will provide, even on a lesser scale that type of feeling of being transported to that place and time and truly losing myself in the world for that time I play the game.


KOTOR 2 > KOTOR in term of depth and concept.

and I rate Alpha Protocol very highly, much better than Mass Effect, because AP really did a brilliant job presenting you the role playing experience.

although I never played Planescape Torment, I always admire it, the unique theme and concept really unparalelled as an RPG.

if someone manage to combine AP with PST successfully it will be the best RPG ever.

btw Obsidian > Bioware.


Agreed. As much as I love the Mass Effect franchise (400h+), I can see your point with AP being superior in RP elements to ME. I found AP extremely undervalued. I haven’t really heard about it and only picked it up in one of the 90% sales. I would not mind investing (full retail price) in a game like that in the future.


I personaly dont like too narrow rpg, like story which was prepared for you, is like playing a movie, mostly it feels like kill those and find the right way and you ll get another part of cuscene, Elder scrolls are more free, but for me, i coulnt replay skyrim, becouse by char can do all things at the end, there was nothing new. That is why i am thrilled for this new “living world” thing :stuck_out_tongue: -maybe not entirely new, but from my point of view-.

I dont need multiply endings, but i when i do something for somebody, they should remember or spread the rumor. And i hope there will be no situations like in skyrim when with end-game gear you go to do side quest where bandit stole a ring :stuck_out_tongue: in that case he should at least surrender. I enjoyed kotor II too and it seemed better then most of todays RPG, but still we dont wanna see a story we wanna build and live it .) Viva la KCD if they succeed :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Deus Ex for the story and ability to solve problems in multiple ways, and TES: Morrowind for the environment and atmosphere.

I definitely enjoy the Witchers and Kotors, as well as TES: Oblivion and Skyrim. Neverwinter Nights II is also a favourite, moreso than the first.


Fallout 1 + 2 + New Vegas + KOTOR, Deus Ex, Mass Effect and Witcher.

Reason - immersive worlds, interesting characters, difficult choices and great story.


In no particular order: Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, The Witcher 1 & 2, Baldur’s Gate, Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2., Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Icewind Dale. All tell a big story. Some are more immersive than others but all of them get you excited about the setting.


Gothic 1+2(+3), Risen 1(+2), Borderlands 1+2


To me the best are the Fallout, Elder scrolls, Borderlands and Mass Effect! But there is some other that are worth a try! I finished Game of Thrones quite recently and I enjoyed it despite most reviews


So, RPGs…

Elder Scrolls series (from Morrowind upwards. Yes, including Oblivion.) for unparallered freedom. There’s not a single other game out there which would allow for quite as much freedom as TES games - perhaps some MMO I didn’t play yet, buut… Probably not.

Betrayal at Krondor for the first ‘dungeon-crawler’-ish styled game that I have ever liked. It also had great writing, fun combat system and absolutely butt-ugly graphics. It was fun tho. And I have played it like 2 years ago.

Planescape: Torment for general awesomeness and for the way it has forever changed world around me. What can I say, this game had some serious impact on me.

Aplha Protocol for one of the best implementations of decisions and consequences + great dialogues + untraditional setting for an RPG.

Witcher games for being the Witcher games. I have loved the books by Andrzej Sakpowskij, and as much as he dislikes games continuing his stories (and as much as it’s apparent that the games weren’t written by him), I have absolutely adored both of them.

The original Fallout, for bringing me into RPG genre in the first place.


Secret of Mana: Without question THE greatest console RPG to come out of the 16-bit era (and there were a LOT of amazing 16-bit RPGs), if not the greatest RPG of all time. Impatiently waiting for Nintendo to release it on the Wii U Virtual Console in the US.

Neverwinter Nights 2: The SP campaign wasn’t spectacular, and a lot depends on how much you like 3.5ed, but I absolutely LOVED this one for the multiplayer. I would DIE to see another RPG with the online Persistent World capabilities of NWN2.

Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness: It’s only an RPG by a very loose interpretation (QfGI-IV were much more adventure games with RPG elements) but it’s a dark, heartbreaking story with memorable characters (Katrina is STILL one of my favorite game characters ever), challenging (but not too bizarre) puzzles, and of course, the video game debut of the great Jennifer Hale. Honorable mention goes to the Quest for Glory series as a whole, particularly QfGII.

Usurper: There’s no way I’d leave this thread without mentioning one of the greatest text-based MUDs/RPGs of all time (it’s a tossup between Usurper and Legend of the Red Dragon, but the former I think wins out due to its scale and scope).


Planescape: Torment, changed me forever. Not caring about story until then, I thought I could never get into a game and it’s lore until I tried PS:T. After playing it I realized it wasn’t because I wasn’t into lore or game worlds/story. It was the fact that the games I had played previously had no story that was interesting. After PS:T I went on a journey through Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2, Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity, Divinity II, the Might & Magic series, Ultima series, Wizardry series, Drakengard, Realms of Arkania (if I remember the title right) and I am now deeply deeply in-love with Inquisitor, trying to relive the absolute breath-taking atmosphere of PS:T has completely rewired my brain.

If I was to pick a modern favorite, it would be Divinity Original Sin, hands down. The unique features it has, even in alpha, completely blew me away, the ability to co-op with a friend, and have the characters be able to have dialogue with each other, where you talk about events that happened (like if you crit extremely high, the character will open a dialogue with the one that crit, and comment on it (you can choose between (so far) two choices) and each character recieves a trait based on what they say/think/do. Like, not believing in superstition, in a dialogue, will give your character the trait of “reason” and add to said stat. It is an amazing concept, really makes the co-op much more unique, because each player has different thoughts on everything, and your character can disagree with the other player mid-dialogue etc. It’s wonderful.


Hmm i would say one of the best RPG’s that i have spent playing more then 1k hours is Mount and Blade, more specific Brytenwalda mod. Mostly people just name some good story or concept when talking about RP genre games, and to be honest KOTORS, baldur gates, fallout etc are really good games.

As player i find open world and sandbox types of games more intresting in Role Playing aspect then some half decend story. It’s just more rewarding to be able to make your own goals and aim for that, with out predetermined path. Much more interesting to build your space weed factory and trying to capture the markets in X3TC then listening Alistairs nonsence in DA in role playing aspect. So i guess its the immersion that makes the difference. And lets not make this what is RPG and whats not we have those enough in other forums.


There are definitely more great RPGs, but the first ones that immediately come to my mind are Gothic 1, 2 and Witcher 1.

Great atmosphere, deep story, sophisticated characters, living world.


daggerfall and morrowind =)


So many people here refer to Western RPGs, only Secret of Mana could be classified as a more eastern RPG. As I’m hosting my own radio show about music in PC and video games I’m mostly referring to good games with their music and atmosphere.

I really love Final Fantasy, not every part, especially the newer ones weren’t so great. Final Fantasy 6 had such sad and emotional moments, and

is bringing tears to my eyes. That lonely ninja and his little dog called Interceptor. Also the following song:

Or Final Fantasy 9 with also a truly sad story. The main character is not saying anything at all but you get to know his background through other characters’ stories and the relationship between the main character and all other characters and even tell something about the main character’s story. It’s like you’re getting to know him better at the same time he gets to know himself. The graphics looked cute but the topics sometimes weren’t. The following shows you, what I mean:

This song is awesome, Nobuo Uematsu is awesome and he says that FF6 was his best work. Not only his work, it’s Square Enix’s best FF imo.

Chrono Trigger had also a nice twist. Travelling through time and meeting many characters in different ages, sometimes meeting the same characters with different age and trying to fight the upcoming apocalypse. The music rocked and it was the first composition of Yasunori Mitsuda:

Sorry if that’s too much music for you but this is how I think of good games and remember them. And I just wanted to add some JRPG flair to the topic. :wink:



Gotta agree with just about everything above. The little I might add:
I had some of my best gaming moments playing the co-op campaign of Baldur’s Gate 2: Dark alliance for PS2.
Not quite as deep on the RPG elements as some of the above but still.