You have to check this out...please

If you love kingdom come deliverance, Check out this movie, THE KING. It felt as if I played KCD all over again!
Henry the 5th. SSSSo good.


What a shame that all existing net downloaders do not work! What for a crappy method to collect addresses etc. These “offline” videos are one of the biggest jokes and Netflix abused the word offline more than online clients ever did! XD But Thank you for the hint. I will check it out if more than 2 seasons seeing the light of the world^^ Netflix roll eyes Laughing

Its a one time movie, but as I watched it it takes place in 1403, and really is awesome I thought I watch it for 10 minutes and and meh but I was roped into it omg it really is good.

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No it takes place in 1415 of the reign of Henry V who conquered France. It’s also based on Shakespeare play, not as much history than fiction.

It looks like a really good movie and the costumes look more historically accurate then anything I’ve seen for a long time.

I was wrong there, your right, I got it wrong because King Wenceslas send gifts to King Henry after his coronation.
As well as other kings.

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