You like music? What you been listening to?


never heard them before. not soon to be confused with the scorpions.

volbeat (eg a warrior’s call) and rob zombie (eg dragula) too tame for you?


So suiting for today’s issues on my people.


Stuff like this lately:


Wardruna goes without saying right lol


The Music is an entertaining element for free time. I enjoy classical music which is an impact on my heart. I collect a big list from google play store with help of Google Customer Service


Our band opened for Born of Osiris actually… This is us opening for them…

I’ve been on a cattle decap kick


You’re with widow maker? Damn bro, your band if fucking sick!


Yep, appreciate it man. That is me on the vox lol. When we get some more shows lined up if you want some tix let me know. So far we have opened for Born of Osiris, Whitechapel, and Carnifex. We are from Alabama so we play around here a lot but we got to do some touring up in canada and out west so that was cool.


Aqua - barbie girl


I’m totally down dude, thank you. Yeah, I live out here in Arizona, so if you guys ever tour out here, I’ll definately go and support you guys. Rock on bro! \m/:stuck_out_tongue:\m/


Cool…only thing we got lined up right now is in atlanta july 31st… but i will definitely keep you in mind… We need all the support we can get:)


Maybe not very common but i love Progressive Psy Trance

Klick here if you like electronic dance music =)


Plugging 'scott bradlee “post modern jukebox” '.

You will find songs you know done in a parisian jazz caberet style.

Freaking brilliant.
Any music subscription subscribers should 'get em all!


Been listening to allot of LoFi Hip Hop recently.




I am going through another period of being really into Sabaton again… especially their older albums.


beserkir by danhiem to help me stay awake at night