You like music? What you been listening to?


I got kicked out of a skid row concert for some reason I can’t recall the other day, ive been listening to skid row, the dwarves invented rock and roll by dwarves and fabulous disaster by exodus.


My newest musical drug has been “Florence + the machine”
Having missed their albums on first release -it is really fantastic having a whole tonne of stuff to listen to…

Quality recordings and well engineered.
Been enjoying a lil creative E5 dac/amp (fed from everything) driving some Bowers and Wilkins P7s.
She sounds better on the B&Ws, but some open back AKGs really let that harp rock out. Its a toss up which headphones suit ‘Florence’ best.

My fav track is a live version of “No Light, No light” (is it live at the chapel?)
She has such pain in the lyrics and such heart in her vocal.


I like a bit of everything, but recently I’ve been falling in love with Lorn’s music


I’ve been listening to heavy music lately, especially when playing this game. Stuff like: Born of Osiris, Thy Art Is Murder. The song Bow Down by Born of Osiris really fits all battle scenes.


Currently playing Loreena McKennitt’s The Book Of Secrets






Okay done for now. Figured you would appreciate the rock aspect this one is off of a German folk song



Normally my daily listening is all over the map, but the past couple days I’ve been listening to A Perfect Circle’s new album, Eat the Elephant. I melted my copy of Thirteenth Step back in 2003 from playing it so much, so this is a bit of nostalgia for me.



Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…


There first album had me listening back to back, for hours at night, vs tool- lateralis (20bit hdcd).

Preferred perfect circle as a whole album to relisten to when ‘drifting to sleep’ more at that time…

@frelmedieval yeah but we claim crowded house and to be fair pretty sure theyre pretty nz ish in roots.


more Midnight Oil than Crowded House myself


Same here. I had “The Noose” on repeat for the very first piece of armor I ever made (mail haubergeon). The zen melody, with the underlying hard rhythm, worked well for the repetitive task of linking 30,000 rings together.


The waifs/john butler/the whitlams/stringmansassy/angus and julia stone/alex lloyd/directions in groove / hunters and collectors / INXS / the cruel sea

(Aussie bands for thise ‘tuning in’)


no little river band?


Dont have any Little River Band
Rocking 1500 CDs (many doubles) though. A lot of special editions and first pressings (more often gold).

Stuff like australias first ever home pressed cd (accolade to john farnham).
Edited to say that wasnt a home burn. I have burned discs as well. Used those yamaha f1 cd butners that burn the proper pits and groove length. Also had a feature called ‘disc tatoo’ you could write in the bottom of the disc. Didnt require special discs like lightscribe did… but darker dyes (mitsubishi) made for nice discs to etch images into.
As an aside - I had hoped to etch ‘3D eye/magic eye’ images onto it thinking all those trillions of colours in that cd shine would make the 3d effect awesome.
Never worked -too much light movement to get a focus on the 3d eye ‘dots’…-, but I suppose if I took a photo with a 3d camera and viewed it on the tv…

Used to have mostly signed discs and no ‘best ofs’,… but too many burglaries and have had to start from scratch too many times…
Nowadays I have a lot of ‘best ofs’ and gaping holes in my collection. It sucks the most when you know you’ve bought an album you want to listen to and you just dont have all of its songs on the ‘hits’ collection.