#3rd person


Although this game seems nice and perfect, the main reason why i am not leaning to buying it is due to a lack of a third person view. since just firstperson seems unintresting to me and thats why i could never think of playing skyrim, but love the witcher trilogy
having a 3rd person option expands the user verity making it much appealing to a larger audience and might probably beat the witcher 3 in best game ever and also increase sales.

what do you think.?


It was already rejected by the community a long time ago. I guess it will be one of the first mods for the game tho. Look it up in the search bar it was extensively discussed many times before.
Btw Sykrim can be played in 3rd person mode too.


too bad then isnt it


It wasn’t anywhere near as simple as that… but the end result is the same

Upon canvasing the community on this as a proposed option, many felt against TPV for various reasons (I wasn’t one of those people), whilst others where either ‘For’ or simply ‘Indifferent’ to the notion. Ultimately the design decision was made to exclude TPV from the final game. For better or worse…

The power of mods may yet introduce this capability in the future, given that it’s a native feature to CryEngine and has been used all throughout KCD’s development life-cycle.


This again.



I still think that making 3rd person camera mods could prove rather tricky than just simply adding it in… There was some notion about this, mentioning that there might be quite a few problems with animations and interiors if you just move camera behind your back

  1. Witcher 3 is not the best game ever. ,)
  2. Skyrim contains a TPV, but it is not the primary option.
  3. From a programmer and designer perspective, I can say that making a game that contains TPV and FPV is a big but not insurmountable issue (Arma series), and in both cases you can not use the same animations because both views have different specifics. At FPV you usually hold the weapons unrealistically in front of you, which would look funny in TPV and etc.
    A Kingdom Come is already in such an advanced stage of development that asking TPV is totally useless.


Then Kingdom Come:Deliverance is not for you, as it was intended, developed and marketed as a strictly first person game.
If it is so much of a problem, well, just buy and play something else. There are many Skyrim like arcades out there :slight_smile:

I explicitly backed Deliverance as soon as I learned of it because it was promised as a PC oriented, first person, hardcore, no magic RPG. And first person is very, very important for achieving complete immersion in a realistic game.

Sorry, but no third person. Community spoke against it too many times.



Witcher 3 is the best game ever! Period. :slight_smile:

You can have your own taste, for sure, but you can’t deny what CDPR achieved with that entire franchise. The third game is beyond a doubt the most complete and polished open-world RPG ever made, in every regard.


It’s the best written, acted and one of the prettiest games with the best designed characters, hands down. But the combat is serviceable at best, the character development boring and alchemy/itemization downright terrible. I’ve enjoyed it a lot but it’s an extremelly uneven game.


Witcher 3 is a great game, but it lacks good mods to give it continuity. Once I completed the slightly too short main quest and expansions I put it away.


How old are you?
I love Witcher 3 and CD Project, I am their big fan and I consider Marcin Iwiński to be a very inspirational man, but I will never say it is the best game or best RPG ever. Because that’s just not the case and it’s not a matter of taste.
I played many awesome and more complex RPGs: Ultima, Gothic, Baldurs Gate, Fallout 1 2 New Vegas (not 3,4), SW: KOTOR, Morrowind, MnB, Dark Souls, Vampire: The Masquerade, Planescape Torment.

Even though Witcher 3 has a great script, amazing quests and characters. So compared to complex RPG lags behind in complex roleplaying and is closer to best action adventure than the best RPG.
Witcher 3 does not include more class, not many choices in dialogs like persuasion, stealth or more complex magic.

I consider Fallout New Vegas the best open world RPG because it contains complex roleplaying, great nelinear script, great companions, nonlinear quest, many choices in dialogs and many choices based on skill like persuasion, medicine, science, ect. ,stealth, and let me finish the game without a single killing or killing everyone (except children).
And from Kingdom Come I expect to contain everything I mentioned, plus adds cutscenes (I hope Mafia level :slight_smile: and the dubbed main hero like Witcher 3. I think it can be the best complex modern RPG ever made (considering the absence of magic, other fantasy element and children). :slight_smile:


Not going to get into the argument itself, but it is, unquestionably, absolutely a matter of taste. “Awesome” is subjective. “More complex” is subjective (by what metric? Based on whose definitions? In what areas?). And F:NV doesn’t have any more inherently “complex” RP-ing than W3. You make choices, there are consequences.

I love every game mentioned. Definitely not endorsing one over the other. But, it is a matter of taste. It’s basically only a matter of taste. Just enjoy them all.


You’re stuck thinking your own taste is somehow “more correct” than others. Feeling the compulsion to argue for your preferences supremacy. You should work on that…

I love both of those games, trying to say one is objectively better than the other is ridiculous, especially since they’re different types of RPGS. One is a mainly set character, the other gives you almost total freedom to decide everything about your character.

The lines being voice acted + The predetermined character is the reason for the difference in dialogue options, we’ll see the same in this game.


I think, The best thing would be is to make people be able to mod it or enable it somehow. So then people who want to try will tweak it. Personally I would like to try 3rd person.


Well if they make people able to “easily mod it or enable it somehow” they could very well just leave it in options from start… The amount of work to make it function properly will not be small, and won´t be easy.
For example, they were able to mod witcher 3 to be 1st person… but it barely worked, it was very unintuitive, disorientating, and still was lot of work - and it didn´t even require all that extra animations. I think it will be same story here - it will be possible, but it will be quite shit :smiley:


You are right. I want KCD will be isometric, cause i like fallout.
Duck the witcher. Only graphics and main quest line. Thats all. Combat and side quests sucks, and the forests and swapms are simple and monotonous. Best thing in the game is gwent.

P.S. Sorry Fordzy. My mistake.

P.P.S. Also Witcher good in russian and bad in english. Compare.

In english witcher suck twice.


P.P.S. Also Witcher good in russian and bad in english. Compare.

Russian witcher is also suck. ,) :smiley:
Polish is the best.

You’re stuck thinking your own taste is somehow “more correct” than others. Feeling the compulsion to argue for your preferences supremacy. You should work on that…

Witcher 3 is good RPG and I love it, but just a fact not only my taste, objectively New Vegas have much more complex deep “RPG” mechanics, more nelinear and less repetitive gameplay than Witcher. The fact that Witcher has a dubbed character does not mean that he has to have few choices in the dialogues. Kingdom Come has a dubbed predetermined hero and also has more complex dialogues choices like New Vegas. ,)
Of course, if someone thinks Witcher 3 as the “best RPG”. I do not take it anymore, we all have our own tastes, but it is just funny to me. I just think if there is a game called the “best RPG”, it should offer really complex gameplay, deep roleplaying and lots of freedom. :slight_smile:


There is no objectivity in this.

To me, main pillar for RPG is the story and the atmosphere. Only after then it is the freedom. So quests like Bloody Baron are worth of several game mechanics.

And all in all… If it’s considered RPG with few mechanics or Action Adventure with more mechanics doesn’t really matter.
More mechanics traditionally associated with RPG doesn’t mean better game as more techniques to paint doesn’t make better art.


W3 while fun has appalling combat animations for the protagonist. They look goofy in third person, but they would be completely unworkable in first person. Also the size of locations is tuned for the use of third person cameras. I think some would look odd in first person.

I don’t see how the realistically sized environments of KC:D would work routinely with 3rd person. Most interiors and much of the forested region have much tighter distances and denser coverage at least in part, especially the height of the ceilings/foliage.

I don’t see making this a workable mode for general gameplay, and don’t want to see the compromises that would make it the ‘primary’ or ‘equal primary’ mode. It might be nice to be able to ‘record/replay’ a fight in 3rd person for bragging rights/wow factor or for learning purposes, but I wouldn’t want to play in that way.