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Well for me Witcher 3 is probably the best game, and it also happens to be called RPG. I can´t say its best RPG as definition of that genre, but its one of the best games I ever played, and its mostly RPG with some detective work+adventuring and hack&slash combat with lot of loot - so from that perspective I call it best RPG. Yet I can see the point that some games has much more prevalent RPG elements in classical sense, so you can argue that they are in fact the best RPG, but it really depends on what do you expect from RPG games - and I FUCKING HATE mindless and stupid side quests and stupid non voiced lore dumps which are so popular on almost all rpgs ever made with very few exceptions, so from that perspective W3 totally stole my heart, as it minimized both those elements.


Prove it then. If it’s objective, prove that the gameplay is objectively less repetitive in new vegas. That new vegas has “much more complex deep “RPG” mechanics” , what are your objective criteria.

I will give it to you that New Vegas has a less linear main story, but that doesn’t “objectively” make an RPG any better or worse. It comes down to taste again

Yeah, it kind of does. Having to voice every single line the MC says is expensive, it inherently restricts what they can do, as they have to have an actor (or two, male and female) record every single line. Did you not play fallout 4?

Based on what? When have we seen dialogue options on New Vegas’s level for this game?

Your main issue. You’re acting as if your personal criteria is the objective metric that applies across the board. Don’t be so arrogant.


Prove it then. If it’s objective, prove that the gameplay is objectively less repetitive in new vegas. That new vegas has “much more complex deep “RPG” mechanics” , what are your objective criteria.

Play yourself New Vegas and Witcher 3 and see the difference. ,)
New Vegas:
More class
More game mechanics
More deep and complex RPG system
More dialogue choices
More nonlinear quest and story
8 companions each with a personal quest
I can finish the game without killing or killling everyone
Survival system
more Skills

Witcher 3
Less game mechanics
more repetitive detective vision in quest
One class
One combat system
Usually two dialog choices
0 companions
less skills
NPCs do not react when I rob their houses
better cutscenes and dabing main hero
New Vegas is simply an objectively more deep and complex RPG than Witcher 3. :slight_smile:
RPG =//= Action adventure

Based on what? When have we seen dialogue options on New Vegas’s level for this game?

I played Beta and saw dialogues with my own eyes. : D If the final game is even better, I think it will be at the New Vegas level and with the dabing main hero. ,)
So far Kingdom Come looks like the best modern complex RPG, but with the final verdict we have to wait until the final game.

I hope it does not mean that I hate Witcher, I just like the fact that there is a much better RPG, which has not got the fame and hype as a Witcher.
The storyline and quality of the quests are the first place and therefore I always prefer Witcher 3 than Skyrim.
Imho But New Vegas combines the benefits of both games and I therefore say that New Vegas is the best modern openworld RPG. :slight_smile:


Well I can relate to that a bit, New Vegas is one of the best RPG games I ever played, even though I still consider W3 better game overall. But man, did I have fun in Vegas… I played it like 3 times already, and with few mods its still pleasure to come back.

I have to disagree on one thing though - W3 RPG system on the first glance looks simpler, but its in fact much more deep and nuanced, allowing much greater variety of builds.

In NV, its basically all about improving your statistics, and then adding some extra usually passive or very specific abilities through perks. But all in all, you usually pick your favorite weapon class, your support skills and thats it.

While in Witcher, even in my single playthrough, I tried about 5 different builds, and all played FUNDAMENTALLY different. With some builds, I was walking tank, shrugging hits like nothing, even healing from them, and massacring enemies with hard hits of my sword and large ammo of explosives.
With another build, I was nimble fragile fairy, dancing in and out, wrecking everything with huge and fast criticals.
Another build was playing basically as walking flamethrower.
Next build, I was using signs to control battlefield, especially axii to confuse and make them fight against themselves, and knocking the rest of them with aard + finishing on the ground…
Or balanced build, where I would go for getting as much boosts from potions and toxicity and then turning that toxicity into damage, while wearing heavy armor and so on and so on…

It felt lackluster on lower levels, but when I got hang of it, I could come with absolutely new build and playstyle almost every two days :smiley: And B&W multiplied those options like 3 times. And almost all of that builds were viable on Death March, which is quite feet if you ask me (and some were so broken that it was too easy, but hey, I rather have that, than dull statistical upgrades)


Back to the topic. This was heavily discussed at the beginning of the development and I think there was even some kind of poll, so you are late.


Did a bit of search I havent seen an official word about this, Im playing beta and I dont see option for it. Theres a comment back in 2014 from the director saying theres no plan for it but if people protest they might their minds i guess that was it but, most topics for discussions are old and since its being around 3 years would like to know if we can have a heads up on this? With the close release I believe.

I dont think its a problem since you can stil play first person as u like and some people even like to switch between them, and i dont think it would take realism away from the game many people including myself would prefer third person just for the fact that gives more realism considering u can see yourself what u wearing, aware of your surrounding and other things that u can do in real life, things that first person cannot give it to u due to camera view limitations.
Anyway just wanna say the game looks great and very promising but it would be devastating and a big disappointment to not have third person option. And if its in put it on beta please :slight_smile: theres dev videos on youtube and trailers with some third person gameplay parts I know is there!

I mean how great that would be riding
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There will be no TPV option on release.Nothing has changed from that official decision, when it was made long time ago. Since than we have not heard developers talking about it much.
Except, I think that somebody said that it should be possible to mod it in, but it would be more difficult for modders to make it right, that a lot of people would think.
Also Technical designer Victor Bocan (combat, quests and ai implementation, rpg) believes, that too many options often suggest a bad game design. He said that in some lecture and it specifically had TPV context.




Any news on third person view for release? Its not on beta


Its not going to happen!


And who are u?


Someone who knows this game will not have third person. c:


Any source? the only official thing i’ve seen is that they said its going to be first person only but if much people ask for they might change their minds, but that was like 3 years ago, so idk wanna see words from a dev or something not just random people


Nope, they have declared here on forums several times there will be no 3rd person :slight_smile:


Could u link me a thread or tell me the name of the topic of any third person discussion with a dev response on it, i cant find any



anyway http://lmgtfy.com/?q=kingdom+come+deliverance+3rd+person


I just remember a video dev where they answer to people that ask for 3er person view saying that is not going to happen.

Some years ago there were only 3rd person and FPS video games. FPSs games were focus on PC and gamers who like Immersion. 3er person games was focus on consoles and gamers who like arcade. Something like the new battlefield where you can play from first or 3rd person is a new thing. Have both point of view is a mistake overall in multiplayer because the gameplay is different. The same that support games with mouse/keyboard and gamepad with autoadmin in the same multiplayer game, like GTAV. That is completely stupid.

KCD was presented as hardcore PC game with old philosophy and focus on immersion, so most of the backers supported the game on the kickstarted campaign for these reasons.

If you don’t like FPS and your are more comfortable playing 3er person view. This game is not for you, so play something else.


I would say that majority of people who want third person want it because they are big fans of Mount and Blade. They want big battles and a lot of fighting. I see no other good reason for third person than fighting. Thing is that this game will probably have more talking than fighting and if there will be fighting, it will not be large battle all the time. It is first person RPG, not medieval battle simulator. Same as Skyrim, occasional “big” fight, but not all the time.


Yea but those threads are 3 years old, and as they said at the time they might change their minds. Was looking for a recent statement, thanks anyway

If anyone from Warhorse Studios could give us a heads up on this thread would be great


You have your answer in following interview: