#3rd person


Thanks for the link, i guess the answer is no and btw what a crap answer

Anyway does anyone knows if a mod for third person would be possible? Idk how it works


I believe in this livestream (it could be the other one) they say that modding it will be kind of difficult. I believe that a 3rd person mod will be made c:


I prefer 3rd person to first I like being able to see the character I’m playing and in my opinion 1st person is to choppy of gameplay for me when you run the screen shakes makes me kinds of nauseated. It’s to bad it won’t have the option for 3rd party the game looks really good the whole shaking screen when running or riding ruins it for me. I’ll have to try find a similar game that offers a 3rd person option or a stabilized screen in first person…


No 3rd person. It was said and done many years ago!

Once upon a time, devs and original backers decided that Kingdom Come:Deliverance is best played 1st person ONLY.

So, either get used to it or find another game to suit your “I want to see my character” trend, like Skyrim or something.

Best of luck!


I played Dungeon Siege 3 in 3rd but I saw my character face only by the end of game. I enjoyed that I saw my hero in shiny armor during dialogues and it seems KCD did the same, or at least in cut scenes where you will see your Henry long enough in his new armor you clothed him in.


O Developers please do the PCers a favor and release the 3rd person


I would like the option simply because it is cool to see your whole presence… However, it is fine to me if the devs don’t want to go down that road… I also think it is a pointless effort to say this game or that game is the best…THE BEST is truly a personal opinion for EVERYTHING… I think this game is great and I think the Witcher was great also… And Yes, Skyrim was great too… I will have to spend many more hours before on KCD before I can say which one i liked better…WH did great job, aside from the release and the Steam Keys… I will give them pass on that…


What I saw here in this forum in general was the insensibility and the lack of good will of some people (maybe they think they are the owners or the dev’s themselves) with the OPTION of 3rd person view. Come on, people! What some people said here was that they want AN OPTION to play with the 3rd person, not that the game SHOULD BE played in 3rd person. Isn’t immersive? Let us see! The combat would be awful?? Let us see! I don’t want to play in 3rd person!!! Don’t play so! The OPTION, CHOICE, ELECTION, ALTERNATIVE, SELECTION, PREFERENCE!!! Choose the word you want! This game isn’t a MMORPG that you will battle against a player that maybe the 3rd person view would be a cheat. It’s a single player. And the intention of GAME is the fun intended. So please people, stop s******* rules. Let the team appreciate the suggestion of thousands players here.


I’d kinda like it just so I could see my badself - in the environment - with my different ‘get ups’ on.

But, that said, I appreciate that it’s not part of the game’s design.

No need to be rude to anyone who suggests the option though, is there.