A proposal for a new DLC

Nice nice ideas! However I don’t think the town needs to be fortified and have a wall/palisade around it as it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the game as none of the other towns have walls built around them apart from Rattay and skalitz and that’s because they have castles. When you fully upgrade the town most of it is surrounded by a small fence anyway.

Having the guards walk around in different colours is a cool idea however we are still on Talmberg land so should still have the white and red like their guards.

How would the attack on the town pan out?
Like would it be a quest or could they attack at any time? Can they kill npcs in the village? What happens if you lose and they kill everyone including the unique npcs?

Other additions I would like to see;

Dice tournaments held at the tavern with people visiting from the other towns for it.

There is about 2 beer recipes in the world, it would be nice if there was a quest for these beers which when delivered to the tavern would increase its income and add the extra beer for sale.

The painter in Sasau to be a recruitable npc to help paint the church.

The bathhouse lady you help save to be recruitable for a bathhouse if they make one.

It would be cool if there was a jail/dungeon in the Rathaus as every other town has one.

The platform outside of the Rathaus should have a stockade on it so you can punish some of the citizens.

The stables should run a horse riding tournement.

Someone mentioned having a paved road which I’m totally against. Doesn’t fit at all in the game since the game has zero paved roads.


The road doesn’t hafta be paved . Just a fairly straight road that is 1 1/2 carts wide. Not a winding deer trail.
The rest I can agree on.


Thank you for your feedback @Saorsa. You had many cool ideas, and if you allow me to incorporate in the main topic, i want to do so.

But some things needs to be clarified:

When I had this idea of putting palisades fortifying the village, I got inspiration from Vranik that we see at the end of the game. That would be the kind of palisade i’d like around the village.

I was also inspired by the medieval British village, town and city system. The 3 are different things, for example Rattay is a city, Sasau is a town, Samopesh is a village and Pribitzlavitz after the DLC becomes a village because of his size. My intention is to make Pribitzlavitz into a proper town and by the development of the story of this new DLC that i propose, Pribitzlavitz begins to catch the attention of criminals because of the prosperity reached, and so i found it more necessary to have palisades around the village, the same type used in Vranik, and covering the 3 entrances with watchtowers.

I do not remember having this idea of changing guards’ clothes. When i say “Henry gains his own colors” I mean only him. As in medieval times each knight was recognized for its colors, hence the need to wear a waffenrock and shield with the colors of the knight and the caparison on the horse with the same colors. So, Henry gains a waffenrock, shield and caparison with the blue/black boar theme.

The guards would continue to wear the same colors as Talmberg on my idea.

In the case, i thought of small random attacks, where the church bell is ringed alerting the population, which for Henry on the map would appear as an “activity” as well as the judgments that you start, in that sense not a automatic event occurring if Henry is not in the town, so you can participate in the fight.

And i also thought of a major attack in the end, where ALL can be lost (all dead and Henry in the shit) or a triumphant victory.

Summarizing, I thought of having both at the same time, when the village started to produce 4K Groschen, the minor attacks, and the final attack when the income reach 5K Groschen.

Even winning in the end the thing does not stop there, the small attacks would continue as long as you whant.

It was in that sense that i thought.

I do not want Pribitzlavitz to become a “Rattay of the North”, so i think some things would be pushing far beyond the immersion of the game. My idea would be to improve DLC From the Ashes, from what you’ve done in FtA to this new DLC that would maintain the structure of a medieval village that thrived (due to its effort) and became a major town in the north, better than " Ushitz ".

As for roads, I believe that only the road from Pribitzlavitz to Talmberg could be widened and paved. I’m not talking about a stone road, just a more apparent connection to the castle of Talmberg. Maybe patrols on this path would be a cool thing to add as well.

I liked your idea of a dice tournament and 2 beer recipes, but I think horse racing, although very cool, would be a little too much for Pribitzlavitz. I think it’s better to make this a constant thing in Talmberg than when we do that quest that I even forgot the name …

As for a dungeon and a stockade to bring more content to the punishment of criminals is realy needed.

The woman you help save would be the “owner” of the bathing business.

In the end, Pribitzlavitz will produce tons of money, but will cost a hell of money to maintain, as for Henry’s own purse, only a little. Not this lot of money from the original FtA DLC. They (Warhorse) create a DLC for you to spend more money, but in the end you have more money them before :roll_eyes: WTF??? This “Prokop” or whatever the name of the guy leading the FtA project, has a IQ of a peanut… For fuck sake.

In any case, thank you for having liked my idea and given your contributions.


Another thing that’s pops up on my mind is this:

One thing that has always seemed to me unrealistic in this game is that you can pick up any piece of armor and equip, and the armor wears on you perfectly …

I do not say that this should be changed, but in the middle ages people who could buy armor would order them according to their bodily measurements. Another thing is that in relation to weapons the same thing happened, and at the same time the people who commissioned for example a sword wanted them customized.

I think 2 things can be easily implemented in this game:

1- Paying extra money for an armorsmith to “tweak” your armor, thus giving you a permanent buff in the “well fitted armor” decreasing even more the weight of the armor and increasing the speed of movement.

2- Paying extra money for a swordsmith to “customize” your weapon, as to slightly increase the damage for a trust strike and / or a slash strike. I say this because of the combos where you often get used to a combo that you like and you could customize your weapon by increasing the trust or slash damage according to the combo of your preference.

It’s just another idea that i have.


Yes, all this kind of stuff would be nice… I would also like to add some things (or a lot of things maybe):

  1. Some kind of mini games to better train your guards, where Henry essentially become Bernard of Rattay and you spar with your guards to improve their ability to fight/police the area. This will result in more criminals being caught and random “Judgement” quests for those left with nothing to really do. Turn Pribyslavitz into a daily log in side quest with little odds and ends to hold interest.

  2. Rattay and other areas are still full of beggars. Once Pribyslavitz is completed, where the refugee camp is located across the stream, allow for the building of a few row homes to bring the beggars to Pribyslavitz with a series of side quests to win each one over upon positive completion. The new residents each bring in +20 groschen revenue to help balance costs v. income. Slowly but surely Henry cleans up the realm.

  3. Theresa – enable Henry to go through a marriage quest with Theresa and bring her to the Rathaus in Pribyslavitz. It would make far more sense than random village girls coming in to warm my kettles, sweep, and crash in the mornings and evenings. Makes Henry look like a slaver.

  4. Skalitz and Rovna are still in ruins… Once all is completed and Divish made happy, have Hanush send for Henry and assign the rebuilding of Rovna (literally more or less a repeat of Pribyslavitz) to fix up Rovna and it’s single citizen. Then Kobyla sends for his son and orders Henry to rebuild Skalitz – when complete, Henry is appointed Lord of the Northern Feifs.

  5. This could then lead into a rebuilding of the fort at Vranik where Henry can become a General under Bernard and receive a once per game week “Invasion” quests with large scale wars to defend the realm against invading armies from rival lords, and then face off against bands of rogue knights or quell peasant revolts in the daily interims.

Also, they could do something with the “Master Huntsman of Talmberg” position – which seems to offer no unique opportunity. I can see Henry hunting poachers and bringing back hacked off noses or eyeballs for a reward… LOL!

or… Warhorse could just release a generic modding tools kit – since I already figured out how to make custom items, edit dialogues, and create custom NPCs – which allows us to place custom NPCs, chests, and models into the world (since that is the only part I cannot figure out - how to spawn them at load in without the console)… and I’ll do it myself! LOL!

With the use of the UUIDv4 system – no custom content should ever collide with official releases…


Yes being teleported to the jail in Sasau is a pain… That happened when I tried to shoot down the red drone in the tree at Pribyslavitz… LOL!

In my opinion it should be able to become whatever, I realize this is based on a historic story but it is also a game… If people are willing to invest the time, they should be allowed to do whatever. This is the first game that I have bought full price since the release of Skyrim pre-orders. I really had high hopes and it is truly a great game (with all it’s grand bugginess) with TONS of potential. I would really love to see that potential ferment into something of greatness. I keep reading about sequel games in the future – NO! Build upon this one. I would be willing to shell out $50 on a really good DLC building upon this game, than starting a new one altogether, when this one can still go so much further in both development (new engine new glitches, much room for improvement and polishing, like fixing clothing collisions/clipping – and eliminating “bush walls” that throw you off cliffs) and expansion. I’d rather see this become a timelessly classic game that everyone must play before they die, than for it to be one of those “meh” titles that fall into the obscurities of gaming history. Especially considering it’s rocky and tedious start and how WH came to be a force in the gaming industry through crowd sourced funding… Not the first, but one of the more successful as their launch sales numbers show.


So many ideas, thank you very much.

Regarding Skalitz and Rovna, WH has already said that he will do nothing about these 2 because in the first place Skalitz has never been rebuilt in history (Sir Radzig gains another piece of land from King Wenceslaus elsewhere and builds it another castle), and Rovna is part of the domains of Skalitz, following the same fate.

But Pribitzlavitz was rebuilt sometime in history, but not in 1403. So they chose Pribitzlavitz to rebuild in this DLC.

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that just ensures referential integrity of objects.assets, doesn’t it? it doesn’t seem like it’d prevent scripting conflicts

This game will be a hell to mod, even with the proper tools…

Regarding the main topic…

Some people did not quite understand my proposal and think that I want to turn Pribitzlavitz into a “Rattay in the North”, or that these changes will generate a lot of money, which will unbalance things.

Well, the idea of ​​expanding the barracks (the option to create a barracks level 2, upgrading), recruiting and training more soldiers, paying them daily and building fortifications is precisely not to generate that sort of thing.

Of course more soldiers will generate more consummation in the tavern and with that the tavern will make more money. But the logic is 1 cost me 5 Groschen a day, where he spends 2 Groschen in the tavern, meaning I have some comeback, but I end up spending a little more to keep the whole town.

The same logic works for the bathouse, stables, tailor, armorsmith and swordsmith. All of them can generate me some money, but it also costs to keep them daily.

You would end up having an absurd income, but you would spend absurdity keeping all these services together.

Edit: Remembering that the idea for this DLC is in the inverse process of building new services, that is, you have to do a specific quest for the construction and the service to be available. Which makes every thing optional.

You would have the option of having everything and generating much less money for yourself, or having 1 or 2 more services and stop there. Also because the idea of this new DLC would be to have the FtA by base (everything that you have already built in the FtA continues in the same way) and in the new DLC the constructions and services additional and optional via quests that can or can not be done to your liking.


bottomline.to be respectable, Pribyslavitz should have home services. these include:
–mending clothes
–fixing footwear
without these, ashes is half-baked. regarding the services, i don’t care if WH creates NPC servants or full on structures. just implement the capability. if WH dev resourcing between servant and structures is the same or comparable, obviously structures would be preferable even if the structures version required investments/payroll drains on the hamlet treasury. but, that’s a how. again, the how matters less than the what (ie, the household services).

quality. to make ashes a quality DLC product, more work needs to be done with guards.
–battle: there needs to be battling either in offense or defense. preferably both.
–equipment: ideally, we should be able to upgrade the guard equipment. this could be done either directly (via NPC inventory) or indirectly (via dropping off items in town or armory chest or via investment triggered by veteran/locator dialog).
again, how less important than the what.

finishing touches. add some polish to show WH’s attention to detail with the DLC is on par with the game
–allow players to have a rack for weapon/armor display,
–allow players to store/display some of their books and goblets/chalices
–make the Rathaus an office instead of a kitchen,
–build the weir,
–rebuild the secondary bridge,
–finish the simple fence/gate design (evident to west of bakery/butcher shop) around the whole hamlet,
–add stairs to guard tower and make proper lookout holes,
–add multi-NPC mini-games to tavern,
–complete models (add fire to brewery like the one in Rattay as well as bakery) and add model NPC animations where currently missing (eg brewery)


Well, here it is the polishing and attention to detail…
We all eat and chat like this when we make a camp with our close friends, no?


^^^^^^ :rofl:


Hey @Blacksmith , you are the moderator of this thing, right? Can you pull the legs of the developers from WH to, at least, read all of this topic?

Would be nice that @warhorse saw it. Many people are liking my ideas and i’m offering this for free… At least i did most of the “think job”. It would be nice if the Studio drop us some message to see what they are planning something to do regarding FtA… Or not at all… This silence from them is unbearable…

Thank you!

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I don’t want to be rude but you say this, and voted against it… Are you suffering a mental issue? Or you didn’t read a thing said on this topic and just dropped here in a parachute?

1- Walls made of stone would be not historically accurate for a Town in Bohemia 1403.
2- The castle exists, is the Talmberg Castle, but Sir Divish owns it.
3- A garrison is already featured in From the Ashes.
4- Rebuilding Skalitz the developers said before they would never do this because Skalitz was never rebuilt in history.

What a hell…

Maybe the they use a smartphone…???


Hello Chris!
A little feedback would be nice!
You are not very present for a long time in the forum.
Some ideas are really great.
I hope you will put a comment.


Thanks for your support @Blacksmith.

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@Blacksmith How do I report @Vinicius for harassing me through private messages?

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