A proposal for a new DLC

Greetings fellow warriors.

This will be a HUGE post, so as i said in my previous, i apologize from the beginning.

I think most of us played From the Ashes DLC and most of us are really disappointed about it. Proof of that can be seen in a previous post of mine “My honest opinion on From the Ashes DLC”.

In my way of thinking criticize something and don’t bring a possible solution or fix for the problem isn’t a productive way of living. So i was thinking about some things that could be implemented in a new DLC that could solve the disappointment represented by “From the Ashes”.

With the passing of days i didn’t see any action or manifestation from the part of Warhorse Studios, so i have the idea to suggest a new DLC in the future who could fix “From the Ashes” and put it in the right track. With that said, i hope WH will not continue to ignore me this time…

There are some hints in “From the Ashes” that make it possible to make a DLC as a continuation of the previous, implementing the missing things that the majority of the players wanted to see in the original DLC. For exemple, when Sir Divish says that he want to expand Pribitzlavitz (that brought hope for many people to more things to be implemented in this DLC in the future).

Many players (as myself) wanted to have the Stables together with the Garrison, the Butcher with the Bakery and so on… And the missing services needed as a Tailor and Baths.

So, here is the idea.

In “From the Ashes” DLC, if you can secure a income of 2k Groschen and finish the DLC, after some time (1 week or so) Sir Divish sent a word to Marius (the locator) summoning Henry, because he have matters to discuss about the expanding of Pribitzlavitz. So a new quest begins, and that is the beginning of the new DLC.

So, Henry goes to meet Sir Divish and then he is congratulated about the very good work done building the foundations of the village, and Sir Divish gives Henry the task to expand Pribitzlavitz as Henry sees fit.

This unlocks an upgrade for the Trader, that will not only feat a simple trading building as seen in the first DLC, but a upgraded trading station where Henry will put to sell wood from the forest to the other villages and towns in the realm by negotiating a fair price with the Bailifs of those towns. That unlocks the option to build the Stables (if the player didn’t builded before in From the Arses he can build now, together with the Garrison in another place of the village) to make the deliveries of wood.

That ends the first part that will unlock most of the things to be builded. So Henry has now the option to build his own house with furnishings, decorations, manequins to display armor, displays in the walls to hang swords, bows and shields. A study room were Henry can have his own library that will give a bonus in % if he studies a skill book.

Henry learns by Marius that a special Tailor is visiting Rattay, and if Henry can convince this Tailor to come to Pribitzlavitz and start a shop, it will be a fine addition to the village. Unlocking the “Tailor Shop” to be builded. Bringing this Tailor to the village he will provide the usual services and some other garments, padded armor and coif from his own designs (new exclusive itens featuring the colors of the “boar theme” with a quest to get this guy to work in the village).

In the cases that Henry has to judge, a woman refugee from Skalitz demands a audience, asking him to help find her friends that has ambushed by Cummans in the way to Pribitzlavitz. So Henry goes save the girls from the hands of the barbarians. He need to find the base were those Cummans are maintaining the girls. After a hard fight against the Cummans on their base and thus saving the girls, Henry can now build the bathhouse where the girls will go to work.

When the income reaches 4.000 Groschen the problems that Henry will need to manage begins to appear… The village is bringing much attention in the realm and some criminals are wandering around and been caught by the garrison, and Henry needs to judge those, in the worst cases sending them to Talmberg to be executed. Fortifications need to be builded and more guards recruited, trained and get paid and the Garrison needs to be expanded. (If the player didn’t builded the Garrison in From the Arses, he can do now together with the stables in another place of the village)

If the income reaches 5.000 Groschen, the last part will be unlocked. The defense of Pribitzlavitz were Henry will need to command the Garrison against an invasion from bandits in the night with torches to plunder the village, bringing the high risk of EVERYTHING returns “To the Ashes” again.

If Henry looses everything he gains a “debuff” and suffers from post-traumatic stress that will cause many problems to him if he needs to fight with someone.

But if Henry emerges victorious, he gains his own colors (could be the blue/black boar theme of Pribitzlavitz) and is recognized as vassal (Henry has noble blood anyway) of Sir Divish and protector of Talmberg. With this, some minor benefits like a waffenrock, shield and caparison with the blue/black boar theme.

Ends here.

The objective would be through quests to open new possibilities of service construction and whatever, finding the right person first and thus opening the possibility of building whatever. It would be the inverse way of how the “building thing” is in “From the Ashes”.

Some people did not quite understand my proposal and think that I want to turn Pribitzlavitz into a “Rattay in the North”, or that these changes will generate a lot of money, which will unbalance things.

Well, the idea of ​​expanding the garrison (the option to create a garrison level 2, upgrading that’s it), recruiting and training more soldiers, paying them daily and building fortifications is precisely not to generate that sort of thing.

Of course more soldiers will generate more consummation in the tavern and with that the tavern will make more money. But the logic is 1 cost me 5 Groschen a day, where he spends 2 Groschen in the tavern, meaning I have some comeback, but I end up spending a little more to keep the whole town.

The same logic works for the bathouse, stables, tailor, armorsmith and swordsmith. All of them can generate me some money, but it also costs to keep them daily.

You would end up having an absurd income, but you would spend absurdity keeping all these services together.

Remembering that the idea for this DLC is in the inverse process of building new services, that is, you have to do a specific quest for the construction and the service to be available. Which makes everything optional.

You would have the option of having everything and generating much less money for yourself, or having 1 or 2 more services and stop there. Also because the idea of this new DLC would be to have the FtA by base (everything that you have already built in the FtA continues in the same way) and in the new DLC the constructions and services additional and optional via quests that can or can not be done to your liking.

Another thing that’s pops up on my mind is this:

One thing that has always seemed to me unrealistic in this game is that you can pick up any piece of armor and equip, and the armor wears on you perfectly …

I do not say that this should be changed, but in the middle ages people who could buy armor would order them according to their bodily measurements. Another thing is that in relation to weapons the same thing happened, and at the same time the people who commissioned for example a sword wanted them customized.

And i have another idea. Regarding the game itself, not in the “new DLC idea” that i have:

I think 2 things can be easily implemented in the game:

1- Paying extra money for an armorsmith to “tweak” your armor, thus giving you a permanent buff in the “well fitted armor” decreasing even more the weight of the armor and increasing speed of movement.

2- Paying extra money for a swordsmith to “customize” your weapon, as to slightly increase the damage for a trust strike and / or a slash strike. I say this because of the combos where you often get used to a combo that you like and you could customize your weapon by increasing the trust or slash damage according to the combo of your preference.

I’ll keep adding more ideas to this topic. Even if it does not suck at all and in the end someone (or myself) makes a mod with these ideas (when the hell freeze) if Warhorse Studios is not interested in making a new DLC with it.

All of this is just some ideas and suggestions that i think some people will be more satisfied compared to the original DLC. Being all of it only a sketch to be more developed.

This is my contribution to the KC:D player community. Please, be nice in the comments and critics to my idea :rofl::rofl::rofl: .

Thanks for reading this boring and huge as hell text.

Just to know, let me see how many people would play and support my idea, or something like this, or not.

  • Yes! I would love a DLC that way!
  • I don’t give a fu**…

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I like it. I have one small probelm with it (but can live with it as well): Pribyslavitz would be more important than Talmberg and almost equal to Rattay…

But that´s probably just me :slight_smile:


You are right, i got the same feeling. But my intent was to bring more content and put Henry really in charge of things.

And another thing that is Rattay is in the other end of the map… So you will have Pribitzlavitz in the far north, Rattay and Sasau in the far south. Talmberg has nothing by default and all of the trade is concentrated in the south. So, having prosperity in the both ends of the realm is not so “unbalanced” in my view.

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Yeah, true. I would like to see better road to Pribyslavitz when you upgrade the bridge. It is hard to belive that your merchant transport stone etc through the woods. Also to improve all the “entrances” to P. (I crossed the “bridge” in the west and it was shameful).

I am bit concerned what else would Henry become… Master huntsman of Talmberg, Bailiff of Pribyslavitz, son of Sir Radzig, “Helaer of Merhojed”, “the boy who lived”…


Damn straight! :+1::clap:
don’t forget the weir!
Roads ending in deer trails? really?

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Well, let’s hope WH is not going to follow the same policy as Bethesda. Leaving for the community to finalize the game’s development through mods.

Anyway, I make mods for the Bethesda games since 2006 at the time of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. If WH can really make the right tools for the development of mods, I’m going to end up breaking my head at work hours doing mods to fix a lot of shit from KC: D…

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Perhaps the ancient Roman Empire did not conquer the area where Bohemia is found, and because of this they did not build paved roads … I’m not a historian but is just a guess.

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I have yet to see a paved road in the game. Lotsa dirt roads with deep cart ruts ya. Pribyslavitz is in the middle of a Forest with only overgrown old dirt paths to it. The DLC expends only enough effort for barely a KM. of road and stops???

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Sorry but i think that DLC “From the Ashes” has so many flaws that roads would be my last concern…

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just another flaw to pile on the tale of poor design. and one more reason for me not to go out of my way to it.
Just like there is no real reason to stop at Samopesh other than the BS to dump stuff.


I opened a poll to see how many people would support my idea of a new DLC to use the potential that “From the Ashes” did not take advantage of. Take a look above.

There’s a lot there. It’s incentivized. Like that. The detail. I don’t have passion one way or the other. To me, the most important thing is to add some missing mechanics … how WH does so less important to me

Well … I get worried when a company does things like “From the Ashes” DLC and finds it wonderful, a source of pride and keeps quiet about criticism proving they just did shit.

CDProjeckRed for example grew as it grew because it has heard the criticisms and improved what it can, where it can. At first CDProjecktRed did not even know how to make a game, and today it is one of the biggest companies in Poland and this is due to the fact that they listen to the fans.

CDProjeckRed has this habit of listening to the fans, and soon they will launch their new game, let’s see where that will go.

I would like Warhorse Studios to follow the same policy as CDProjecktRed with its consumers. So I’ve put so much effort into this forum and even sending emails to them about this DLC and how they missed an absurd opportunity.

To my happiness I got a response from Tobias saying he was going to pass on my feedback to WH developers …

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I was thinking of a sequel where it is Henry and Theresa’s son who picks up the tale.
Same area possibly with a slightly different history.

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I think Tobi is a good guy and well intentioned but he doesn’t make decisions. Same applies to Rick, Christian and Jan (Rucker). This is a leadership/mgmt decision/issue

That would be pretty cool. I think it looks better in a separate game, a continuation of KC: D.

I know that unfortunately, but at least it’s something …

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if you’re not going to do anything with the feedback, I’d almost rather be told fuck/bugger/piss off. It’s rude as hell but at least you know how you stand

Saying you’ll forward the feedback (effectively to the waste bin) is a waste of time, and eventually that deception fails. Not saying this is WH… yet.


Yes, but this kind of approach never ends well. I’m a fan of the work of Warhorse Studios and i really want them to grow and improve more and more. I was not rude but I was acid in my feedback just to put things in their proper place and show them the shit they did.

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Clarification. Didn’t mean u were rude. Let me be more direct. I prefer WH to express their (true) intent. that’s more important even than being polite. ideally the reason for inaction is provided but that doesn’t have to be. can’t speak for others but for me I can handle and prefer the truth even if the vendor doesn’t use flowery language (eg, fuck off frelmedieval we aren’t making any more changes).

The passive aggressive approach [eg, thank you frelmedieval, your feedback has been forwarded to the devs (but nothing’s going to come of it)] can work in the short term but eventually, as SaaS vendors know, it catches up to you. it catches up to you because valuable information no longer gets shared and you lose touch with your clients.

I fully understand what you meant, and I really want to know WH’s true intent. And I also prefer that they end up giving a stupid and rude answer that clarifies things, than giving me a false smile.

At a first glance, I’d rather be polite but firm in my argument, but if there’s a need to throw it all up and say “fuck off WH” that will be said on my part.

But at the moment we consumers have no response from WH. They keep silent, and that really upsets me.