My honest opinion on "From the Ashes" DLC

This is a HUGE post and i apologize from the beginning, but i need to put all of this out of my chest.

I’m a fan of the game, i really enjoy it, and i support Warhorse Studios to keep growing and making the best RPGs in the future and had some fun playing From the Ashes, but my frustration exceed the fun and the money i paid for this DLC that feels like a stab in the back of the fans, and i’m not the only one who feels the same…

There is much room for improvement in From the Ashes, because in the current state this DLC is a wasted opportunity and a waste of money for us players to buy.

If this DLC was really a well made house/financial management system we would need more buildings and services like a Tailor, Armorsmith, Swordsmith, Butcher, Bakery, a Bath house and Stables all together, with no limitations, each one having his own issues for us, as Bailif (or vassal of Sir Divish) to manage the best course of action. If you have the money, why you are so limited and can’t build everything in the DLC and some more necessary buildings that the Devs do not implemented?

I managed to gain 2k per day and now i have more them 100k in the trunk and no place to spend this cash because i have the best weapons and the best armor already. And i did a new playthrough, i did’t start the DLC with my old save when i beat the game.

From the Ashes is a great idea with so great potential, but so wasted in a mediocre DLC that in my opinion don’t have the same value in money that i just expended on it. One exemple is the DLC from CDProjecktRED for Witcher 3, Hearts of Stone, that is way batter and has the same cost in money as From the Ashes.

Back to the things that Devs should been implemented, a extended garrison with fortifications such as palisades around the village, for protection against attempts of attacks from Cummans and Bandits that we will have to manage the defense, recruiting more guards and whatnot… The forests in the surroundings are crowded with Bandits and Cummans. Makes no sense that this village in the middle of a forest in the far north to be so peaceful. Bethesda Studios did a better job regarding this topic in the settlement building in Fallout 4 (and i don’t even like this game as i like KC:D).

A proper house for Henry with all needed things like furnishings, Library (a place to put the books), Alchemy laboratory, a Garden with some rare herbs and so on… Not a floor with some beds that random NPCs uses from time to time. Henry deserves his own good house.

Regarding a Bath house, that would be necessary too, because when we build something, the time it takes make us filthy as a beggar. And if you take hours training in the Combat Arena, your armor will be in rags and you will be in this “beggar” condition too.

Always after training i need to go to Rattay or Sasau to repair all of my gear because there is no Tailor in my village, so the combat zone is a complete waste, because you can train everything with Captain Bernard in Rattay, go inside the Town and repair all of your gear and take a Bath…

A extended Trader were we need to manage the selling of wood to the rest of Bohemia would give more substance to the DLC, with the need of good Stables with horses to make the deliveries. And for selling wood that we would need to bargain around the towns to make a good and prosper trade.

After i finished the DLC i don’t even care about Pribyslavitz. If i go there again will be only to pick some money in the trunk that i don’t even need anymore at this point. Definitely is not my village or base of operations. I do prefer to stay in Rattay, sleeping with the pigs, because there i have all services i need.

In the current state of “From the Ashes” i do not recommend anyone to buy this DLC, is a waste of money and with this quality of content that WH put to sell for the fans and players of the game, they will loose them.

As for me, i will only buy anything from Warhorse Studios when i’m sure that i will not throw my money of the window.

Make a good product WH, or if you can’t, then is better to do nothing and continue to work in patches to fix the base game that is not finished yet.

EDIT: I made some alterations in the original post because i feel it will be more consistent if i did so.


As i think more on it, i remember Corvo Bianco in Blood and Wine DLC for The Witcher 3 and i feel a bit ashamed about this DLC of yours WH… I know that in the Witcher 3 is a house for Geralt, not a village management system DLC like From the Ashes, but Henry deserves much more for the village he was supposed to manage.


The other bailiffs in other towns share with other people too, so I guess they’re being consistent (although I agree, I’d like a separate place to display gear etc.)

I understand the mindset of the developers in been consistent and bla bla bla… But who in his right mind will give a village for a guy of 18~25 years old to him manage everything??? To hell with consistence in that point.

The manner of the church is painted and all the things in the village tells loudly that this is henry’s village now. Why he can’t have his own house? Why so few buildings them the space you have at your disposal? Thats does not make sense at all…


I am not saying it makes sense! I agree that the space is entirely wasted and has so much room for (no doubt paid-for with another DLC) expansion.

I understand what you have said my friend. I’m talking about the developers in his urge to make everything consistent that in some aspects made me sick. The problem is on the development of the DLC, not in your comment. Stay cool :rofl:

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Replace my exclamation mark with your smiley and you’d have my tone (i.e. one of amusement). I failed to realise this forum had smileys in it!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: No problem mate.

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Corvo Bianco, good times… The armor and weapon displays there really made me wish we had them in FTA —it doesn’t seem too difficult to implement


If Bethesda Game Studios in his stupidity could do for Fallout 4, WH could do easily (i hope). But there is not so many armors in KC:D even more complete sets of armor, only the own (goofy) WH armor that you have if you pre-ordered the game. I wish they did complete sets of armor and in more variety.

In a way they do. you can go Milanese, Nuremburg, Kuttenbugrg,.Magdeburg… Geanted not all things named that way. German helmet for Nuremburg as an example.

Yes, as you say “in a way” is pretty accurate. But that is not a set of plate armor head to toe… And that bothers me. I understand that other layers like chainmail and padded armor are not part of a set with the plate armor by default so you mix and match together.

That leads me to another thing that annoys me. The problem in the layer beneath the other at many times shows some parts out of the layer above, making a complete mess in a fashionable point of view. I want Henry to stay clean and elegant… But at this time is not possible… I hope WH fix this in the next patch.


I think the clipping of armor pieces is a problem WHS has yet to find a cure w/o screwing something else up .


Yes, but i think this is a problem that was brought in the patch 1.6. Before that patch such problem was a very minor issue compared to what happens now. Because of that i wish WH realize their mistake soon and fix that because my eyes is bleeding in every conversation or cutscene :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The other bailiffs have a desk, a reception area and an entrance foyer that isn’t a cooking station. So, design consistency has been implemented in a selective manner at best


Bothered less by that since there’s no armor stand or 3rd person view than the inability to get bouche or heavy (kite/heater) shields in Talmberg and Skalitz design and colors… even at armorsmith in Pribyslavitz

Part of me thinks they tried something but failed or ran out of time/resources. The shields in the armory aren’t stuck permanently. They’re attached to the wall with a weak ‘sticky’ … sticky enough to hold shield but not strong enough to put it back or replace with a different one

I knew someone would bring this argument to the table, and i agree. But i see my armor in cutscenes and conversations and the armor/garments of the NPCs suffers from the same issue.

Maybe this DLC is a urge to make some more money to pay the continue effort in trying to fix many bugs that this game still have?

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So there are 3 incongruous sentiments about Pribyslavitz said by WH:
-financial management system
-role as bailiff

Home is where people decorate witth their belongings, bathe, wash clothes and make minor repairs to their clothes/shoes. None of these are a part of our KCD home :grimacing:

The threat of not being able to pay bills seems purely theoretical. Investment opportunities are limited to non-existent after the hamlet is set up.:roll_eyes:

The bailiff with no office, no reception area, no desk of his own. His ledger posing as a cookbook. He can’t tie up anyone. No pillory. No late night patrol to close down the hamlet.:smirk:

Aspects of each. But, each on its own fails


Yes. Like i said before, this DLC sounds to me as a quick money grab for WH to continue his projects.