A proposal for a new DLC

I hope in the next patch they fix that. Seeing the armor so breaks my immersion and makes me nervous…

Back on topic for suggestions for the dlc.

I would like the bee hives to be moved to the outskirts of the village as they were advertised and not sitting right smack bam in the middle of the village as it makes no sense.

I have Fink for a swordsmith and I have never seen him at work in the forge, he’s always just in the shop. It would be nice if himself or an apprentice was actually in the workshop making swords at the forge like the blacksmith did.


Yeah you can incorporate them into the original post :slightly_smiling_face:. I see what you mean about it just being Henry wearing the outfit rather than the guards. I read it wrong sorry.

Yes! Sorry, my mind did go elsewhere. Let’s get back on this thing :grinning:.

Really. This makes no sense. Not to mention that with the bees in the center of the village they would end up stinging everyone who walks to and fro … Bees should stay in a place farther away from people, as in other villages. WH was careful to do this in the base game when they designed the other villages, but in the DLC they put them right in the middle of everything … That does not make any sense.

Same here mate. I have Fink too and i’d like another NPC on the outside of the building working on the forge for the sake of realism.

No problem my friend. I did understand that from the beginning, so I elaborated on the question to be more precise.

Thank you for your collaboration in the growth of this topic.

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I’m not sure, but when I look at Pribitzlavitz after it’s fully renovated, I have the feeling that this project (FtA DLC) was not given due attention and / or they ran to finish it and put that for sale … Maybe it’s just me who has this feeling, but that would explain the mediocre product in which ended up being. That’s why i’m worried about upcoming DLCs …

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Well done.
Here’s hoping KC:D Volume II will be better about this, as well as interaction w/ NPCs in general.
Seated ordering in an Inn, anyone?


If Bethesda did this in Skyrim, anyone can do :rofl::+1:

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Just a part was conquered. I think that recently they found evidence that the Romans were further north than we thougt. But it was border land, so no roads I guess…

Well, this is a common mistake amongst the players. The castle was never rebuilt, however the town was (it still exists).

I think that it would be good idea if you need to repair/maintenance the buildings. And other things like fire, rotten grain/eaten by rats, stolen goods… Sir Divis wants money because his soldiers preveted an attack on Pribyslavitz. Or if it happened and some soldiers died, you must/could give money to his widow: regulary (I will help you. You wont starve. He was a good soldier.) / once (I will pay for the funeral). State of buildings could affect income. If you dont support the widows it will affect reputation. To improve moral/reputation with the soldiers, you could pay for feast, extra beer. Another idea for reputation: paying for a mass in the church.


Thank you, I will go through the thread and pick up some bugs and ideas and forward it to the team :slight_smile:


Haha you got a point there bud!

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Well… Afer all this time since i made this post, i had no answer from WH Studios, no news to progress further on the DLCs development and i think WH will be closing the development of new things for KCD when they develop the Modding Tolls…

So, guess i will leave this idea on the hand of modders or mod it myself with the proper tools (if i can)…

Anyway… Thanks guys for taking a look on this idea and thanks WH Studios for developing all they did.

All developement of KCD and DLC’s is finished, they won’t do anything with it. Maybe just some cosmetic details, if they release final patch 2.0. I think they are workining on the sequel now.