About Pribyslavitz Kornelius bug - From the Ashes DLC

I have posted about really annoying bugs caused by from the ashes dlc before few months. Many people reported the same bug and I am wondered if it is fixed now.

I recruited Kornelius as a shopkeeper in pribyslavitz, but after 1.7 patch is out, his shop seems falgged as trespassing all the time. I cannot shop on day for god’s sake. It was a persist bug since last year, and still not fixed after 1.8.2 patch. When will it be fixed? I was waiting for months but now I decided to report this to forum. I am really frustrated about this bug. Thanks.


The next patch will released with the next DLC I think. I hope too, thats than fixed.

Maybe @Blacksmith do you know?

Please send this bug report also to support@kingdomcomerpg.com
Maybe with a save(in front of the shop)…

Thank you

You don´t like the answer… but there is still hope…

I did. I think around febuary I sent an email with my save. But no respond or bug fixes after that.

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Okay. Thank you @Blacksmith.

@natur I will ask Christian Piontek. I think he should know…

The savegames about this bug was sent to him. (should be sent to him) or @Markst

related to bug KCD-81487


I checked last night with an existing save game and sadly this bug was still present. Haven’t had time to try with a fresh saved game.

Thanks to Warhorse for crushing many other bugs and hope they eventually crack this one too!

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Same here.
Sometimes there are goods in the store. Sometimes not. But at any time Kornelius wont trade. And at any time its trespassing when I go into the shop.

Thanks too for this great new DLC and new patch with so many bugfixes. And of course thank you for the new dates with Theresa.

Same wishes.

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Patch 1.9.1 still doesn’t fix the issue… Disappointing :frowning:

This bug is also still present on PS4 as of patch 1.9.1 as well. I really do hope they patch this soon. It’s been around for quite a while.

Yep still have this annoying bug too. Any idea when we’ll get a fix?

@Blacksmith could you please ask someone? Or what can we do?

Savegames already sent a long time ago.

And received no answer yet. This bug is still there.
Once again, thank you in advance!

I have also send a savegame with Patch 1.9… just as a reminder :wink:
More bugreports > higher priority… :slight_smile:

Okay. Thank you.

Okay guys! Once again. Then please send your savegames to: support@kingdomcomerpg.com

"Related to bug KCD-81487


Did this bug fixed?