From the Ashes - Pribyslavitz shopkeeper trespassing bug


I have recruited Kornelius as a shopkeeper in pribyslavitz, but after 1.7 patch is out, his shop seems falgged as trespassing all the time. I cannot shop on day for god’s sake. It was a persist bug since last year, and still not fixed after 1.8.1 patch. When will it be fixed? I was waiting for months but now I decided to report this to forum. I am really frustrated about this bug. Thanks.

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I asked yesterday Dr.Fusselpulli (the Community Manager) about this. He reported the bug to the KCD support already yesterday.

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Its in German. Its from yesterday tread:

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Confirming I’ve had the same bug for a long time too - general store in Pribysavitz is marked as trespassing even during the day so you can’t buy/sell there. :frowning:

Fingers crossed Warhorse are able to fix this in the next patch now that we’ve brought it to their attention. :slight_smile:

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Same issues here. I chose the butcher and when I´m walking on his property he starts saying “what was that?” and “Who is there?” He then followes me an asks what I´m doing there. But no trespassing symbol. When I walk into the swordsmith shop I get the red trespassing symbol. But I can talk to the smith outside and sell him my stuff, so that´s ok.



Hi everyone,

can someone send me a save file, where we can reproduce this issue?
Also be sure, that you are not using any mods. Thank you,



Yesterday I walked in the swordsmith shop and had no trespassing symbol. Maybe it was fixed with 1.8.2? Not sure about the butcher though.



Where should I send the file?



It is totally fine with zach. The problem is, Kornelius is angry when I get in shop :frowning:





the disregard of the bailiff’s status has been a chronic issue: trespassing at the trader, torch warnings (can’t warn others), etc



I send a save to:

Playing on PC, no Mods. Thank you!



From a brief look at the files:

I see shop_id 163 as the trader. (prib_trader2) (the other trader (151 - prib_trader) doesn’t get used).
This is owned by keeper_id 46b6c8e0-e8c6-db7a-c272-8180dac606b4 according to the table, who is a merchant with role_id 187.

This merchant 46b6c8e0-e8c6-db7a-c272-8180dac606b4 was the original, but Kornelius is found as skald_character_id 138 in 493b2fb0-f79f-e5ed-73b0-30762253559e, 4fa2b15a-b6ca-6052-27e0-1203fce143a4 (skalitz), and for the next dlc e8f5817d-52f7-4da1-8e48-d0a4f7686ea7 (teresa skalitz). Of these only 493b2(etc) has the merchant role (rat_refugee).

None of these is listed in the shopkeepers list apart from the one not noted as being char 138.
The trader link is shown as Entity 99940, with his home in Entity 99908, and work 99916, being made a lumberjack at Link 24000 when Kornelius is recruited. An event is called which sets Kornelius (using his internal czech spelling) to this home and work as far as I can tell.

I don’t have enough ability to see the links between these entities, their links and scripts to make sense of what is going on.
It might be that a tweak to some role is all that is needed, or all is well and “cycling” the trader out of and back into role will fix a ‘historical’ error long since fixed. (Or alternatively, making the “harridan” a second shopkeeper shared across configurations might help…?)

My shootmaster is also not available as a trader, but at least I can just help myself to his stash if I needed to, but The Trader’s/Kornelius’s is in a private sleeping area, tucked away behind an occupied ‘private’ shop and entrance hall.

All other traders and locations seem to function correctly in the FtA dlc… it is just Kornelius and the Shootmaster who don’t show as traders when they used to in 1.6.x (I have baker, armourer (Zach) and garrison options, plus all other buildings, with all available npcs (except those removed by Gallows Brothers), all done before the release of the Hans dlc, and all functioning correctly once ‘newly complete’.).

Kornelius only has ‘work and sleep’ in his day routine in the merchant config (and no routine in the other layers). Zach, for example, has work, eat, work, fun, sleep. Is it possible that this would ‘refresh’ the behaviour and keep it running more reliably once it is started up?



Where can I find my save file?



Your user savegames folder - usually something like:
C:\Users\Username\Savegames\Kingdom Come Deliverance

You may have only one playline, or several.



When will the Arhcery Master from the dlc " From the Ashes" work properly and sell the Sinew Bow? I cannot even steal the Sinew Bow…It’s like it was removed from the game, I purchased the Dlc for that Bow only. Ty