From the Ashes - Pribyslavitz shopkeeper trespassing bug


I have recruited Kornelius as a shopkeeper in pribyslavitz, but after 1.7 patch is out, his shop seems falgged as trespassing all the time. I cannot shop on day for god’s sake. It was a persist bug since last year, and still not fixed after 1.8.1 patch. When will it be fixed? I was waiting for months but now I decided to report this to forum. I am really frustrated about this bug. Thanks.


I asked yesterday Dr.Fusselpulli (the Community Manager) about this. He reported the bug to the KCD support already yesterday.


Its in German. Its from yesterday tread:


Confirming I’ve had the same bug for a long time too - general store in Pribysavitz is marked as trespassing even during the day so you can’t buy/sell there. :frowning:

Fingers crossed Warhorse are able to fix this in the next patch now that we’ve brought it to their attention. :slight_smile:


Same issues here. I chose the butcher and when I´m walking on his property he starts saying “what was that?” and “Who is there?” He then followes me an asks what I´m doing there. But no trespassing symbol. When I walk into the swordsmith shop I get the red trespassing symbol. But I can talk to the smith outside and sell him my stuff, so that´s ok.