About spawns, random encounters, events and locations


Hi, I wonder…

How to add custom events, spawns and random encounters to game world…
After some hours of playing and modding digging, I saw some mods like:

More Enemies and Roads Are Dangerous which edit … some variables on LuaXML / ambush parameters, but that is only a variable edit or what NPCs groups to spawn.

I wonder how add own coordinates to more spawns on game world, or even add more spawns types, triggers, and persistent world mechanics.

For example cumans attacking or raiding small villages or farms, cumans attacking at night.

NPCs actually living and traveling around game world (not the same spawns, like travellers in the same roads or the fellas “thief , thief” which is hilarious when you have enough hours of gameplay.

Bandits stealing at night
Bandits and cumans travelling from camps to camps
Drunk conflicts and tavern brawls
Random conflicts and fights between generic NPC or enemies.

For example, things I want to add (I don’t know how to yet)

  • Persistent travellers around cities and locations, which could be assaulted by bandits, cumans or attacked by deserters.
  • Mounted merchants and nobleman travelling with escorts around roads
  • Real battles in some places, (Skallitz for example), more soldier camps (around map)

… then some NPC interactions and persistent world routines, for example cumans travelling around river to catch some fish, bandits on some caves, or hunting animals.

Some cooldowns, and “rotation” to more randomly generated events.

How to add more NPCs interactions on the “wilderness” with own routines would be awesome too.

Like NPC.fishing, NPC.hunting, NPC.travelling, NPC.cooking custom “navMesh” to avoid
glitches and that kind of things.

In addition to this, (which could be considered also as a feature request for next updates or DLCs), a more persistent spawns around cells (spawns generated then interact beyond player scope), not only static spawns.

Finally, this is not a complain, more a request or suggestions, I think this aspect is very important in a RPG game to even improve game lifetime and gameplay time.

Post your ideas and feedback, (sorry for my far-to-be-perfect English, is not my mother language)

And if a WS developer or someone has the knowledge, will be very appreciated.

I took a look also on Cheat (mod) and in game console and commands options, but no too deep.

How to make KCD actually feel more realistic

+1 for animals spawns, how to increase number of animals?
Rabbits are fine, others are rare or only a few in particular zones.
Related mod for rabbits here rabbits breading season (x10 are too much rabbits for my taste, I set only x2)

Interesting… if we can spawn more poachers and forest rangers, who interact to each other and the animals.


love the ideas… also wish post epilogue access to KCD map that would do all the things you mentioned plus populate Pribyslavitz with Cuman and Vranik with armored bandits . see Barnard for Vranik and Robard for Pribyslavitz to trigger you and town guards on location and in formation to begin attack


I agree, maybe when the next DLC, patches and content come and after WH publish modding tools, this could be implemented by users and developers.

For me the “post quest” gameplay and persistent world is a key in sandbox RPG like this.

For example in Skyrim, Fallout or The Witcher 3, the gameplay is nearly unlimited, rich random events and encounters.


after everything carefuly considered … I think it’s hardcoded.

P.S deers are 1:1 to rabbit in real world rarity. Boars roam in groups but are rare as well. And hunting is too easy in KCD animals dont run away or dont get frigtened by arrows or other noise.


May you be so kind to share your thoughts on your suggestion, that it is hardcoded?
Cause i am very interested in help to create such Mod.
This is because you can hear at night wolve packs howling. It brakes immersion if you find out that there are none implemented in the game.
This is a realistic game. There should be a permanent threat, which let you do your things more carefully.

EDIT: and i dont want to wait until Warhorse will finaly manage to implement promised modding tools (i am not interested in excuses from wargaming)


Really like the ideas, TarekJor! In fact, I got the impression by Tobi’s statements when talking to the press/gameplay videos that there would be this kind of randomness, so the world would really feel alive.

However, despite the random encounters are great in the game, they seem to always occur in the same spots in the map. So after making some roundtrips between the same spots/locations, you know where exactly you are to expect or not an encounter and there is no more surprise element. Repetitiveness starts as soon as you realise about the game limits, as there doesn’t seem to be much real consecuences for these encounters but to get loot and XP. It would be amazing to get random encounters quests generated from those encounters with non-generic NPCs, so there’s a feeling of world flow movement in the wilderness (cities have their NPC changing routines, which is incredible). For instance, you managed to save a wealthy merchant from Cumans and you keep contact with him/her, so you can visit her/his place and get new quests/friendship from them/earn money, etc. (e.g. get the offer to guard some of his future travels with horse/carriage, as it would be too slow by walking). Unfortunately, these spots seem hardcoded until we get modding tools, but they should not repeat Bethesda mistakes of getting lazy and decently implement it themselves, which variety could be enhanced by modders if they provide enough tools.

I believe Warhorse should have implemented/implement dynamic encounters, so they could occur anywhere and you don’t feel safe. There’s so much potential in Warhorse assets, I’m really hopeful they will continue to expand their gameplay (mid-long term sales).


its easy if you’re levelled enough

at the start of the game its nigh impossible to shoot shit. thats the way it should be. if you want to make it hard stop levelling up so much