Act II Discussion - MAJOR SPOILERS

Trosky castle then and now

The other castle which will be in the game is Kost, its actually in good state today:

One more image which shows Kost, Trosky, Valdstejn, Hruba Skala and other castles in the area.


Wow I was looking for what the castle looked like back then! Couldn’t find it tho everything is in Czech. Did they mention kost in game I don’t remember? I tried to look up Nebákov castle too but couldn’t find much except there’s a lake there

There is no much info about Nebakov, the castle is gone, only few stones are there now. They didnt mention Kost, but its pretty close to Trosky.

Oh yes it would make sense to include it since it’s so close. Read this about ota bergov “He was a leader of the so-called Union of lords and as a member of the crown council he negotiated most actively with the King’s brother, the Emperor Zikmund, who was endeavouring to become a ruler of the Czech lands. His son Ota, who inherited the castle in 1399, enlarged his estate and waged a number of disputes with his neighbours. He enjoyed the favour of the King”. So maybe there will be some dispute between bergov from Trosky and the lord of kost?

So did some research on Valdstejn castle. Apparently the house of valdstejn is a branch of the house of markvartic. Markvart von Auliz = member of house of Markvartic? Maybe that will be were we fight him at the castle Valdstejn😱

Well Markvart von Aulitz, the “Markvart” is his first name, but the house of Markvartic is the name of the family, or whatever you call it in english. I guess they dont have anything in common.

I think it’s possible that markvart is his last name and then aulitz is where he’s from. Seems like too big of a coincidence to me

What are you referring to?

oh… sry… I cant read properly… too tired. It was answer to Kobylas unexisting question :smiley:

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Markvart von Aulitz might just be the next bad guy but do we know when he dies? We have radzigs death in 1416 so i dont think such a plot point as important as this will be missed. but what about us being a noble. I mean we are a bastard but if we impress Wenceslas we might get a small village. Land management skill tree anyone

I’ve read multiple places that he died in 1402 but those were just wiki pages or on the forum, I think it might be in the codex I’ll check when I get home. If so I think they extended his death in the game universe to 1403 so we get the chance to kill him😂 Yea if it was sir robard that died with him in 1416 I definitely think a future title will start there and then progress into the Hussite Wars. Although it would be cool, I don’t think we will get any village to manage but maybe out royal blood will play into the game in some other way?

maybe we might not even get involved in the Hussite Wars. we could just get revenge and be done. (massive delusion alert) then warhorse will go on to make the greatest fantasy game ever made. but seriously i want this company to succeed and try there hand at fantasy.

I think they want to do Hussite wars but are building up to when they/gaming systems can handle huuuge battles. I think there are plenty of good fantasy series and not enough historical

I wonder how far in the future KDC will extend and how much of the all powerful Ottoman Empire we will see - or atleast influence / reports of carnage from Rome

if there would be Hussite war we would stay on Sigismund side or we would fight againts Hans Capon. He was on Sigismund side in 1421. Interesting that his son was on hussite side and his granddaughter married son of hussite king.

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i was very sad upon reading google translate articles of that event. seems like typical peasant riot. such a terrible ending for a cool character.

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That Robard guy who was there when Kobyla died survived and is not the same Robard from game. But it would be cool to have him and Henry there.

Fuck that I like Hans. I highly doubt you can choose to side with sigismund and if you do you’re an idiot. My number one concern is not starting over with level 1 stats and being illiterate. That would make no sense.

Oi Ted Bundy.

Stop riding dead threads. FFS. Make a new topic or some shit.

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