Alchemy improvements, post yours


Alchemy improvements: some minor tweaks… and ideas :D, post your suggestions

  • Add x2 brews (1 x 2 at the beginning 3 x 2 => 6 at level 20, master etc), the pot is big, added via mod (Greedy Alchemists).

  • Venom (poison) needs to last longer, a few uses (3 to 5)

  • The potion to preserve and recover spoiled food with a few uses, not only one, like the tools to repair gear, for example, go hunting, collect 33 piece of meat, 10 spoiled after night, now the game requires 10 potions, with the tweak, that potion could recover 3-5 pieces of food (as example).

  • Cooking and salt is needed as an ingredient, with new recipes like dried meat, or dried fish (food lasts for a week or more), this could be implemented on any fire or as an option, or via new recipes on alchemy lab.

  • Disable auto brew or only 1 potion created by this method (manual alchemy slower but better, 1 potion vs 6) fast alchemy for fast moments, so manual alchemy has pros and cons.

How to make KCD actually feel more realistic

I want creation of alchemy products (of lack thereof) to have some impact on town, town NPCs. I don’t mean creating 5 cockerel potions will then buff 5 town NPCs for x amount of time. I mean that by creating potions you’re stocking up a town apothecary


Don’t pin me down to that but AFAIK the better you follow the recipe, the more potions you get. I was also (with a little help from YT) able to brew 3 Saviour Schnapps at once, being Alchemy level 0.


The first rule about alchemy is; you dont talk about alchemy.
The second rule of alchemy is; YOU DONT TALK ABOUT ALCHEMY.

(Pop culture reference taking into account religious persecution and the occult/hidden art that was sublimating lead (ignorance) into gold (illumination))


Yeah, that is, when you have the ability, you get 3 potions for every brew, that was a minor point (increasing x2 maybe is not that good), x6 potions are too much after I tested yesterday, is unbalanced.
Instead adding 3 or 5 uses to poison and preserve food potion, it hould solve the issues, specially after a hunt.

So regarding to poison and potion to “preserve food” having more uses causes the gameplay improves (in my opinion), otherwise is too tedious, at least to preserve meat or fish, more uses or use “per stack” instead of “per item”.

And cooking is not “alchemy” itself but preparing meat with salt or dried food could be an option too.
Minor tweaks, but interesting.


Added effects on NPC’s like witches potion making them freak out or some such. Bane potion is supposed to make you puke, have them puke too while they’re dying in combat. Other than that I’d like to see a cooking mini game added instead of just roasting single ingredients.