All speciel npcs for from the ashes (work in progress)


Adam innkeeper 30 gold rattay
Mirka alehous maid 50 gold can work all 2 in the inn merohjet mill
Vashek 45 gold stabels ushitze
Mark 55 gold stabbels neuhof
Zach 70 gold armorsmith sasau
( ive charisma high enough he pays you 500 gold too get the job )
Master otto 10 gold armorsmith sasau
(was disapoting even you make the misson all that glitter harder )
Kornelius 75 gold trader rattay
Kunesch 35 gold woodcutter rattay
Baker silvester 75 gold
Comes when the backerie build )
Kochwurst 50. Gold butcher
Brisket 45 gold butcher
(afteer the butcher build )
Fink weaponsmith 60 gold Sasau
( 2 special swords and the horsearmour is in the list too )
Mathew and fritz 10 gold each in rahthaus ive you make the right judjing
Raspberry40 gold woodcutter can work whit kunesh
near the inn from andrew


I don’t know where to find half of these lol but weaponsmith you need to add mark from sassu who makes the sword of shebria


That guys name is fink and he’s on there


Feal fre too help too complett the list even whit gold pays and i missing still vicar battelmaster masterarcher a second woodcutter and probaly a cupel other npc that i dont find yet


Does he offer anything special for sale?


No i dont find any and was disapoting as i make me all that glitter harder and he only offers 10 gold incoming :sob: But i want a master armorer:sob:


No, chamfron and criniere even?


For the horse armore you not need a special npc in the armoresmith


So the inventory is the same regardless of Zach, Ota, or generic NPC


I think so it can mayby that some special legarmore whit gold are new the inventory is extremly big


I’m pretty sure the only difference is just the amount of money they produce.


So updatet the list


Updatet again still some missing fell fre too help


Mark, the stablehand is 55


Ok great i change that hade he better saddels too offer ?


They sell the same items, only the income changes between them


Ok have hope somthing change


So nobody found any other npCs like a priest or so for the town ?


After I finished the second phase of rebuilding the church a priest just walked in from somewhere.
At least that’s one I won’t have to find.


Marius blasted a hole through the east wall surrounding the church and built a home for the no named priest