All speciel npcs for from the ashes (work in progress)


So nobody found a named priest that give some bonus ? That you get a unnamed was clear


Haven’t been able to find a special NPC for guardhouse and church


That sucks. I wish they had a new guy role into town and become the Combat Arena person for the Guardhouse that you can become friends with like Theresa and have a full questline with him. I think that could’ve added a lot more depth to your town, as you might feel closer to at least some citizens. As for the Church, that is disappointing but I can understand. There are no priests that Henry knows that would be willing to give up their position to go to Pribyslavitz (Though I wish you could get Father Godwin to come, that would be awesome!)


There’s a thread on Reddit with NPC’s that have been found so far:


Updatet whit 1 more


Adam (inkeeper) is not in Talmberg. He is in Rattay…


True my fault change this


I somewhere read that you can hire another woodcutter, does anyone know who it is and where to find him?


Reading the list girl :rofl:


Oh my, so there I have read it lol
sorry, couldn’t fokus my eyes anymore, so many letters @___@


Its still not complet still some missing i think


so, for the woodcutters you can hire two people.
For the Pub you can hire two people.

Makes me wonder, if you also can hire two people for the stables.
You can either get mark, or vashek? (in german his name is willibald). I tried to get both, but mark replaced the one from ushitz.
But the saddler (the silent one) looks like he could be replaced…but by whom?


Yea not find a saddler and dont remeber one but i still have in my ears that the stabel give you a unice saddel but dont see any


Huntsman Nicholas - I’ve read he could be your huntsman in Pribyslavitz. I’ve done quest Hare Hunt and after that he is gone. Does anybody know where is possible to find him?


Same by me he is already gone and i dont now wher i can find him now


And Mirka is pissed, because I killed her brother :smiley: Did anyone found Kornelius? I don’t assign him job in Aquarius quest, I cant find him in Rattay.


I found him at night in one of the tents at the lower castle, waited patiently for him to wake up since I can’t find him at daytime.


Kornelius sleeps in Rattay. Gotta KO to wake up. Hate that but no other option like dump a bucket of cold stream water

Armorsmith lacks a grinding stone … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Come on, Zach had a grinding stone in Sasau.


So i dont have finde any other npcs mayby somone have find some more then let it me now then i complet the list


You can ad Konrad Hagen (trader Rattay)to your post. He has a dialog, BUT I don’ t think it is possible to get him for your village…