All speciel npcs for from the ashes (work in progress)


Why would he leave his prosperous shop in a fortified town in order to move to a shithole village? Kornelius make more sense :slight_smile:


I only ad npcs too the list that working and can join. Your town on this way even nicolas is not on the list still no prove that its working too get him each on the list i have used in my towN and tested


This was not clear from your last posting… :blush:


I am following Huntsman Nicholas and his wife right now after they slowly walk away together (Hanekin is still waiting for me)… ooops me not paying attention they’ve walked into a cuman camp.
Nicholas run off or died, cant find him.
Her wife is still walking (alone).
We are right now in Uzhitz.
I will update when I reach her (their) final destination. My guess is that they walk off from the map, but I want to confirm whether we can find and test them for hiring if they do not.

Update: Yes, they leave the map on the road that is leading north from Uzhitz.

I am disappointed, because when Konrad and Andrew turns you down, you have Kornelius and Adam. When Nicholas turns you down, you have no other option.


So its mean you finshing the quest that he lose his job and no chance too talk then whit him too work for you ?


Nickolas can’t work for you, since he is wanted by divish for accusing hare.
That’s why he leaves the fief.


Konrad Hagen, Trader from Rattay has dialogue to join Pribyslavitz, but its unknow if he accepts or what quest he need to have completed.

Does Hanekin Hare dialogue to be recruited as a Huntsmaster?


My guess is, that you as player think of him first, but of course he won’t leave his place and recommends you someone who “is good with weights, calculating etc” (sorry, I play in german, so I don’t know the english dialogue).
Maybe he has this line only to guide you to Kornelius, since he told you in “aquarius” that he is experienced in questions of trading.


It would be nice if WH gave some guidance and insight on this. Who do I stick in the
alchemist shop? Because I didn’t do the quest about the armorers, who can I put in
there? The guy there has nothing to sell or any wealth. All I can do to help him
is get stuff repaired.


The merchants there restock very fast, my armorer has now approx 57k
I believe it was one day for them to “restock”?

There is also a judgement quest involving a herbwoman, when you let her be, he generates some groschen for your town.


How do you trigger that? My armorer has an empty store and empty account. I have been visiting several time
and no change.


I have master Ota.
But same goes for the normal trader and my saddler.

Your Merchant has zero groschen?


I’ve just tested that as well on every outcome of those quests. No, he has no dialogue option. I was getting my hopes up for Black Lukesh (Hare’s man), since this was the first time I got his quest Emergency Supply. But after giving him his stash, he still has no option to be invited to Priby.


The merchants have some cash, but not much to write home about.


Bad but other side ok wher even the huntsman will work


But black lukesh was even some i have hope too get some one that buy stolen gstuff or a dice player or sidiona but they not can work for you


Can anyone tell me how you get Matthew and fritz? They keep saying not right now.


for me they had not much at the beginning too, but constantly seelling to them did it for me.


You need too finish the heist quest wher they want too roob the money from the stonecutters in talmberg


Yeap same for me they refreshing ther gold all 24 hours and getting more each in the other towns they need 2 or 3 days