All speciel npcs for from the ashes (work in progress)


So at this time seems nobody knows how to get Huntsman Nicholas/alternative to work for Pribyslavitz, and we dont know who should work at Guardhouse.


Does Master Ota stay in the shop? If so, is there an artisan working outside?


Do you mean if he does actual work?
He’s like this all day, as far as I know.


Didnt Zachs Son moved to his old shop in Sasau?


He said he wouldn’t give up his shop in sasau, he would only expand to pribyslavitz and let his apprentice(?) look after his former shop.


ah. so he did not kept his word after the wager with Zach…

When Zach moved to Pribyslavitz, his son stayed at his old forge by the Monastery. But if the quarrel between them ended in favor of Zach, Ota promised to retire and give his works to Zachs son… Not surprised that did not happen :slight_smile:


oh wait, I never sided with zach (couldn’t stand him lol) so Ota won the quarrel.
In my game, he nevr made that promise. :slight_smile:


he did that promise in my playthought, and did not kept the word :slight_smile:


I see…well I’m not surprised, since Zach was right all the time >,<


Yes, Zach is the same. Creates stupid dead space and evidently his artisan (apprentice) didn’t follow.


I have not even done the DLC yet and you guy are making me very disappointed.
Still trying to do the sides quests to get the NPC’s willing to go.


Like I said in another post, I would have rather waited a bit longer and paid a bit more, instead making unnessecary compromises.

But it was fun time and the way the locator walks the stairs is hilarious! :smiley:


I am wondering if the DLC can be started even if you didn’t do all the NPC sides quests, all that glisterns and the monastery?


yes. You can complete (depending on quests stages) other side quests and recruit the worker NPCs later. (Except NPCs which are part of main questline leading to siege of Pribyslavitz)


The dlc can be startet right after you fight runt alall the other quest that give you the option that special npc join your village are optional and not needed


Did Adam’s, didn’t kill Timmy, didn’t Pick Kornelius, want Zack (but didn’t do his yet, matters?)

started pestilence so after at best.


As exempel my save was bevor the pestilence quest was then start dlc build up town inclouding blacksmith whit armour upgrade then i recrutet wall that i was abel too and then finishd pestilence startet all that glitter and then get the misson whit helping zach and then was recrute him so in short its dosent matter when you get the missions done for the npcs ive you have the right building built the can join when ever you ask them


I appreciate the help but could you please spell check before posting to make it clearer. Hard to read.


The quest has to turn out in the favour for the npc you want to recruit.
Since I sided with Ota, Zach wouldn’t come with me.
If you kill timmy, afaik, marika sends you off.
You have to bring adam his belongings, before you can recruit him.


Sorry main language is german