All speciel npcs for from the ashes (work in progress)


Goggle translate helps me help non English speakers. copy and paste.


Still does Zacks stuff have to be done before the DLC? Got 1.1 million so expenses are not a problem.


No like i have said i finish his quest after the town was build and no problem too recrut him ! You only need too build the blacksmith plus the upgrade too armoursmith and then its all fine


I am trying to imagine to start rebuild the Pribyslavitz immediatelly after siege ends. I can bring two woodworkers to lower the costs, I can bring cornelius to further lower the costs, but before Tavern is build, its taking away few hundred groschen eveyr day.


Thats true but i think the trader even must make profit when you dont get any suplies like corn or charrcoal


If you get Just Grain, no livestock and no charcoal, and you get cornelius, you get small profit of 45 groschen from the structure. But bridge, woodcutters, church and rathaus already take groschen away, even in ideal situation.


Yea true i was build woodcutter brige and trader get stone and corn and then i build tavern and beehives and i was positiv whit more then enough too get all npc like fritz and mathwe adam mairika kunesh raspbeery and kornelius and was close too 1k groschen plus the rathaus and church i build at the last things and was have over 2600 groschen plus bevor i finish it now i stay by 2350 groschen plus


Just tested one thing. Killed Kunesh and he still makes extra profit.

I would expect that Warhorse implemented a feature like Pribyslavitz would be ambushed by bandits, and Guardhouse will eithe prevent that attack or lower casualties. But that would be little too hardcore… :smiley:

So far I miss only someone to repair my cloth armor, and actual bathouse, but there is still a LOT of free space round the vilalge


Lol thats great never have think about that:rofl:But yea a littel bit i miss this too that i dont can repair evrething in my town even the grindstone missing when you get the armour uprgade i hope the fix this and diwish sayed it at the end we can now start the second part maby we will see one day a extending like too the glory dlc :grinning:

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All these special NPCs appear to be special in no small part because they generate revenue. That’s fine.

Other special (named or unnamed with unique interaction) NPCs should be recruitable even if they generate no income. Beran (+ wife), Antonia (+ husband), Alex (stand up guy who deserves better than begging on Rattay square), and others come to mind.

Hope WH tweaks this.


That would be nice. Unfortunately, the only thing related to the barracks I’ve found so far is a judgment where they claim they need more men to prevent bandit/Cuman raids and go on the offensive against their camps. I gave them 3 men each from woodcutters and laborer camps, and the next judgment I got was how Cumans raided a grain delivery truck, and how big an idiot of a bailiff Henry is for not keeping his realm orderly.

I wouldn’t mind raids on the caravans or the village proper, if I could actively prevent them or recover what was stolen via myself or guards handling the issue. Instead you’re a derpy figurehead bailiff while the real bailiff is your locator, and nobody seems to give a damn about security of any kind.


… Exhibit A of what’s not right with ashes. There should be a call to arms, not a lame, public podium response to the Locator. For citizen disputes, the ‘ol judgment tree is fine, but for raids and such there should be a different mechanic


Would somebody be willing to post the two unique swords offered by the weaponsmith? An armorsmith improvement offers a new shield (aesthetically identical/very similar to Sir Wolflin’s “boar” shield from the Robber Baron questline). I can post its stats tomorrow


Yes, the Judgement Tree. Contemplate that on the Tree of Woe.


Kornelius is also sleeping all the time on my side… .just changing spot while I m not there. So if there is no other option, I will try the same. But it make me think about a similar issue about the armorer of Rattay who was sleeping all the time also.


Mirka is not a Innkeeper, shes an Alehouse Maid.
Its possible there is another Alehouse maid somewhere (Marianna from Samopesh?)

Alternatives which have not been seen to accept the job so far, but they have dialogue to join.:
Konrad Hagen - Trader/Merchant
Andrew - Innkeeper (At the Glades Inn)
Huntsman Nicholas from Talmberg

Building which seems to have no upgrade with NPC: Guardhouse…
I completed quest for Urban in Sasau Monastery = no dialogue to join Pribyslavits. I talked to Custodian and Overseer, but no offer to join or to recruit anyone of the soldiers.

I have yet to speak with some Radzig’s men and with captains Robard and Bernard.

Herbwoman - will be invisible, but will be lsited in Rathaus after correct judging.


So far looks like the list is complette no new npc found that can join


How in gods name can i get mathew and fritz to me vilage i cant vind it enywhere i did all the qwest from mathew and stil noo


You have made the quest whit stelling the gold from the stonecutters ? Ive you have done this then the must be in the inn of the glades or still over the stone mine in talmberg


Why does the game want you to be a criminal to get things done?