All speciel npcs for from the ashes (work in progress)


you don’t have to but you will miss out on quests and a lot of coin.
Pick /sell flowers, make sell potions, don’t steal from graves or dead that you didn’t kill in in combat. Do only quests that reward for /heroic/non criminal acts.
Take from grave that have no corpse in them( there are several)


I guess, we have to somehow identify huntsman. Guardhouse is still the only building which does not have a master (except the church)

BTW it looks to me, that NPC recruited to the Pribislavitz gives some less obvious bonuses. For example when i build armory, there was no Boar painting on the shield.

When i Hired Zach, those showed up. Not sure if it was because of him, or because of passed time.


Yea, I’m making like 500 Groschen a day and the only special recruit I have is Kunesh so far. I also only did roads, trader, butcher and tavern with a dice upgrade at the moment. Pretty sure I make about 500 Groschen a day so far, so you can make money even without special characters…now to recruit to make more money!

Also, due to not wanting to sift through this post, looking for the best workers for a trader, tavern and butcher…specifically a Tavern right now to make more money faster. Thanks.


I have Kunesh, who are other woodcutters?


The guard house will boost your income a lot. thirsty guards in the tavern………




Im gonna do that soon. Just trying to make some money before I go and do upgrades/builds that cost more…trying to balance it out as I go so I dont have to grind and make trips up to P.Slav all the time…also getting Warhorse Jenda tonight to help with travel times lol

I really just want the combat arena that you can actually fight in


HC mode is fun but no fast travel makes getting around take longer obviously


Idk who that is, lol, never came across him. Where is he what mission/where is the mission? Thanks again.


You can find him there


Camp south of the Inn on the Glades?
and is Andrew there recruitable as an Innkeeper? That would be convenient, this is my path from P.Slav/Talmber to Rattay to sell goods


No, afaik you only can recruit adam.
You need andrew for adams quest before you can hire him.

edit. sorry, yes the camp


gotcha. I did a lot of side quests in previous play throughs but I missed a lot as well…I don’t know a lot of these people lol. Thanks for the help.

Hopefully Timmy’s sister will help me, I ratted out Timmy cuz it’s faster and I wanted to progress my game to Baptism as fast as possible :expressionless:


raspberry was in a quest, I can’t remember which tho.
all my pleasure.

good luck, I would love to know too :smiley:


I’ll find out tonight if I remember, gotta go to Merhojed(?) to get Jenda anyway…traveling around on Pebbles, though she’s a sweetheart, takes forever


I did my first play through never switching from Pebbles, not happening w/o fast travel lol


@HalfOrcSteve: if you harmed Timmy in this play thru you can forget get his sister Mirka.


Same here, never outside. And often when he’s inside, in the daytime, I get accused of trespassing and he won’t sell anything!


well, i mean, I didnnt kill him…Morecock was even disappointed in me cuz I didnt join in.
I’m assuming I out of luck but technically I didn’t kill Timmy, I tried my best…I swear.


If you didn’t keep him from harm ya , your screwed ( and not by her).
I killed morcock & et al and promised to her . At the farm I let Timmy go ( to literally stupid to be a villain and did not kill anyone).
Now she is my tavern ale maid