All speciel npcs for from the ashes (work in progress)


Just some response-independent thoughts here.
There are some characters that I would have loved to see to be recruited, like
Black Lukesh as a fence or something.
And if they survived your playthrough maybe redemption jobs for:
Reeky - huntsman
Pious - priest
Timmy - woodcutter
These would’ve fit perfectly.


In the livestream it was 13 or 15, Prokop couldn’t recall which one.


TrUe fritz and mathweh you even can count as 1 or 2 because you need too ask all 2 too join ive you dont do it you never get the judjing and you even can only recrute 13 at the same time


Putting criminals to work, you were send to lock Pious up, I doubt he will be allowed to be a priest. What about the guy that helps you at the end escape?


Zbyshek can’t be recruited.


Case in point


Master Ota
Baker Silvester
Butcher Kochwurst
(Edit2)Butcher Brisket

This is 15, but it contains 3 dlc npcs that leaves us with 12 vanilla npcs, and they were talking about recruitable npcs that you’ve met during questing and that number should be 13 or 15. So either he meant 15 total recruitable or we have (12+)1 or (12+)3 (edit1:) vanilla npcs left to find.


I say 1 left too get it too 13 vanila 15 whit the dlc and brisket is a butcher


Sorry for the typo, I’m a bit tired.


But i tried evry thing even somone was trying too follow the talmberg huntsman only too find out he leavs the map i think we have all and mayby 1 is buged because the sasau butcher is talking about a friend that never show up


Surprise surprise, I was the one who followed him.
By the way did you actually recruited Vitus as swordsmith, because he is on your list. 1. I didn’t get any dialogue options with him. 2. It makes sense since he is an armoursmith, Zach’s son and apprentice and if you recruit Zach then he leaves his Sasau shop to his son.


I forgot too get him out of the list have think ive you dont get ota in your town and zach will not join because you helped ota his son mayby leave but not worked


i like the way you can do this by recruiting people
but i just seem to not be able to get a huntsman or get adam and i even did all the quests


you will not get the huntsman. Not programed into the game.
can’t say about Adam. I asked first but did not have the tavern built so got turned down. I did his quest line and retuned all his stuff. Asked again and got him.


were was the rest of his stuff i only got him the cross back and he didnt want to join me


he joined me after i gave him back the stuff of his you loot from the charcoal burner, i gave him the family cross afterwards
i think some characters are just bugged for some people, for instance i got both matthew and fritz to join me but neither showed up even after 2 days


you forgot his money from the charcoal burners.


thank you very much i got him :slight_smile: