All speciel npcs for from the ashes (work in progress)


Yup I’m in agreeance with you!


Ahh that’s interesting!


Cornelius is the only option and only ive you make the right speach check he will make 75 groschen


idk what he’s making me, but I know Conrad has an option about P.Slav as does Andrew the innkeeper, yet you can’t actually get them? that seems odd to me.

Where did you get your information, if you don’t mind my asking?

Conrad can be asked about becoming Merchant and Andrew, obviously an Innkeeper…but both refuse? Is this just empty dialogue? Cuz thats kinda silly


No they not join but the give you the hint you need too look for some other read the begining of the tread ther is evreything staying


Well Andrew refuses, because you may have some quests that he gets eventually gets involved with M & F.

I asked Conrad also in my game and he turned me down.


Reading wins


Oh yea, probably. I was just thinking about him…I did his poaching quests and worked with him during Hare Hunt/Wolf in Sheeps Clothing…didn’t think about that one.
Good call


Andrew never join


You type in a manner that is hardly legible, mix that with a 220+ comment thread and I’m just going to ask and wait for replies; thank you though.

Also, you’re one person…who’s to say you’re right?


He refuses because he runs the most succesful inn in the province. The only thing that might change his mind, if you could burn his property to the ground. Same for Konrad, he has worked years to achieve his standing and wealth. I don’t why they have options to recruit, but with common sense they shall not be recruited even if you complete quests for them.


I opend this tread and testet evrey npc ive they join


Buuut, you also have the option of Adam as the innkeeper also involved with the quests with M & F.


There are characters that don’t actually “move shop” but have someone take over their shop and work another one…is that really so far fetched? Or at least I heard that was some story, I have nowhere near exhausted all options.

I mean it’s kind of cool they have dialogue but it’s sill if it’s just to say no.


Ahh ok makes sense


true, was just wondering if anyone actually got him…DLC hasn’t been out that long, I highly doubt anyone has 100% exhausted all options related.


I have tried a lot of people with a new game since the dlc came out. But apart from the list that was created on this topic I haven’t found anyone new.


the only one i dont testet is the waldenser quest too check ive the woman priest join but i think it not will work


and you have completely 100% completed the game otherwise(meaning you’ve done all available missions in favor of all NPCs who now have P.Slav dialogue), have 100 reputation in all cities(So noone has a reason to dislike you), have max Speech, Charisma and Strength(so you can beat all hidden options like when you talk to the Huntsmans wife and try to connect her with Hare)? If that’s the case, then good on you. There are a lot of people spreading misinformation on this forum and it just seems a bit early to me for a 100% completion of this game and the new DLC.


In the live stream they have say it 16 peopels so number them and you got the nummber end of story