All speciel npcs for from the ashes (work in progress)


I went Butcher, Guardhouse, Swordsmith.

Still need NPCs though, only have Kunesh, Kornelious and Mirka(which you can recruit even if Timmy dies, I just don’t think you can help kill him. I watched after I gave him up to Morcock and she move in anyway).

Gotta get the Sheba piece from Rattay B.Smith and then I can get either Zach or Fink, but idk who gives more per day profit.

Will also need the best known butcher and if anyone knows of someone for the Guardhouse or Archery/Arena Masters


I was under the impression that it’s either Zach or Ota for armorsmith, and Fink for Swordsmith and if that’s the case, not sure who would rival Fink.


For butcher, you actually get to recruit one of two from a judgement. One is shady and nets you 5 additional groschen in profit and the other is basically an honest fool.

I don’t think there are any recruitable soldiers for the job of P.Slavitz guard captain. Could be wrong…


yea didnt sound like it for a guard and I havn’t done that judgement yet…pretty sure I just got done telling the drunk dude and his wife to get their shit together (kept it neutral), that or something about a daughter and a cow…only done a couple lol


I am getting desperate when it comes to Huntsmaster… No update on this front… :smiley:


I havn’t even talked to anyone, except maybe Veteran, who indicated you would get a huntsman…there isn’t even that big a population or a lord to hunt for at this point, which is what the huntsman did/does

i’m assuming there is none/it is the Talmberg huntsman/it’s you…


Yeah just keep doing those judgements until you get choose which butcher to recruit.


Actually just found this out, but armorsmith Zach does in fact generate more coin, 10 additional gr.

For those interested this link is a great resource:

Interestingly enough according to the reddit post, (looking further down the thread) Matthew and Fritz are negative to your village, they will generate -30 gr combined! This actually proves my point that they are deadbeats :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


let’em swing high!


Oh, Zach is an armorsmith…gotcha. I need a sword smith, guess that was decided for me…unless there are multiple sword smiths. I’ll probably just take Fink, his style is on point anyway.


of course they’re deadbeats…they have been the entire game that I’ve seen. They’re you’re friends, and therein lies the big decision, friendship or village prosperity. I say f*ck em, they’re not riding on my coat tails anymore


Well about Matthew and Fritz and the Dlc:

Minor spoiler

There is a judgement where you can tell them to work or leave. Then they will have a minimal positive contribution. 5 or 10 I don’t recall correctly.


I can’t recall in which thread someone said you could sell stolen goods to the trader in Prib, but I cannot. Kornelius says they’re stolen and refuses to buy.


The thing is, it was mentioned in the livestream that you can sell stolen stuff in Pribyslavitz.


same, I feel like they said you could sell stolen goods in the stream as well; though I dont remember if they said specifically who just that you could. Perhaps it’s bugged out?


They mentioned it along some thoughts about Pribyslavitz being a homebase, no specific npc pointed out. And yeah, maybe a bug, maybe something they thought they had implemented… that would be awkward.


I can’t to Kornelius the trader, Zach the armour smith, and neither Mark nor Vashek at the stables. So maybe to a different trader you can recruit?


Well, I also tried Zach and Kornelius, but not the baker or butcher, although those are of no concern because food can be cook-washed of the stolen mark, and the baker wouldn’t have much money anyway.


Ive you read the tread begining you find all special npcs plus ther incomm reading wins


I fee likt that must be it, like some don’t generate as much G/day but buy stolen stuff? Idk, I tried to get Conrad(?) but he wouldn’t join so I went with Kornelious…maybe you’re spot on.

I’ll be getting Fink(?) the sword smith later so I’ll check that out…also don’t have an Innkeeper yet but Mirka the barmaid doesn’t buy stolen stuff either.
Anyone NOT have Kornelious as Trader/Merchant?