All speciel npcs for from the ashes (work in progress)


What inventory does he offer? Does somebody take over his place in Sasau?


Give it time and the stolen flag will gradually disappear. Don’t forget to check the ‘health’ of the meat though!


Cook the meat and it will lose it’s stolen status. And will sell at higher price so even better :slight_smile:


Yea, or that…completely forgot about that as I don’t have to worry about it lol.

Also, take the dustbin perk if you havn’t and food that spoils will still grant nourishment. Sounds morbid cuz it is but when I run low on food it always seems someone’s dog barking at me…


Similar inventory except the bastard sword “Tusk” is now offered by him, and a generic blacksmith took his place in Sasau.


Mostly just who grants the most profit or general differences, if any, between Fink, Zach(?) and anyone else available for the job. Fink looks the most extravagant, but is he better than Zach or anyone else? Thanks.

Also, same questions but for Butchers…got Kornelious as my merchant, Conrad(?) shut me down and the option never came back shrugs


How much better is Tusk over St George’s or Magdeburg? I’m currently sticking with the blacksmith. He buys everything (not just goods in his specialization) and on the fence about whether better to have unique armor offering or unique weapon offering


work has the link blocked but apparently someone on reddit made a comparison of Tusk to St George


further reading of the post revealed that Tusk is an agility and that “St George would outperform Tusk any day”, so there’s that lol.

I’m pretty sure it’s not the new best sword, but apparently the shield is actually really good…and can be acquired without having the Armory so don’t fear, just need the Guardhouse


Yeah tusk is not that great probably as good as St Michaels sword, but St George’s sword is definitely endgame. However, for collecting purposes that’s a different matter.

Profit meaning when selling things to him or profit in terms of contributing profit to the income of the village?


In addition to being agility based etc, Tusk has 100 durability which is nice but overall it’s not that compelling to me. Thanks for sharing both of you


So I was gonna steal the one hanging in the sword smith but when you knock him out all the swords on the rack disappear…may have to buy that one. Got my free boar shield so that’s kewl, just wish I had a display to put it on since I use 2h swords. Shields hang all over, I should be able to put on up in the Rathouse


You would think a boar related weapon would be str based though, not agil…like a heavy hitting boar. Idk, just a thought…


Shield hangars should be a thing. :confounded: they aren’t. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Talmberg shields weren’t put on display. Don’t like the boar shield on display inside the guardhouse? Or, want to display the fancy Talmberg outside? switch one of the plain ones on the outside with the one you want. Nope. Not happening

And it’s so frickin disppointing that we still can’t get a Skalitz (Kobyla) or Talmberg bouche or heavy heater/kite shield even though you have a ‘home’ armorsmith and are under Talmberg authority and Skalitz affiliation


Right, anywhere there is already a shield hanging you should be able to interact with it. I dont need mannequins and sword racks all over, though that would be cool, but to switch shields with existing hanging shields seems doable


I don’t know of any other new swords, just Tusk. Kinda surprising how expensive it is and and the damage isn’t there…


I’ll try that.


Brainwave … put a boar shield on the wall of the Pribyslavitz Boar brewery. :confounded: Nope. Why would you do that?

WH has such an amazing attention to detail that when they don’t such as in this case it’s gobsmacking


Going back to your question, profit meaning when selling things to him or profit in terms of contributing profit to the income of the village?

If it’s village income you’re asking about, I believe butcher makes more profit than baker but Swordsmith/Armour Smith make same profit if I recall correctly.


oh good point, profit of P.Slav/day