All speciel npcs for from the ashes (work in progress)


poor story and perk use coding.?


to be candid, i hoped Henry could be a medieval medic. what a fool i am and was! :blush:
wounded guard? can’t apply a bandage, can’t pour a marigold potion down his throat, gotta watch him die, ugh :man_facepalming:
an injured wayfarer bent over on the path outside of Prisbylavitz? can’t do anything for ya man :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

the whole framework could use revamping


I have counted twice where my medic perks have actually helped in the story line (where you get a dialogue option with the bandaged leg symbol). It’s like it was going to be something, and then they forgot to clean it out when they decided against it.


How do you manage to sell it? When I tried the butcher said it was stolen and wouldn’t buy it.


Lol and here I was secretly knocking him out (making sure there were no witnesses) and hiding to wait for another refugee to wake him up! All of this in the lower section of the refugee camp…


You gotta wait it out(not sure if that actually works or if stolen logo just isn’t visible) or take it elsewhere, is the downside


Im also Master Huntsman so my game isn’t poached, I can sell that and other looted itsem from random encounters around the village to Kornelius and the butcher


I was thinking about another candidate for the Master Huntsman. Its possible to contact Black Lukesh after Hare Hunt?


Not that I am aware…he wants you to help him get his emergency stash when thing get a little sketchy with Hare. I passed this mission up and immediately failed it upon completing the line and becoming Huntsman. As for a huntsman in P.Slav I dont know there is one…in that the woods up there are considered Talmberg because Divish is claiming it, so as Huntsman for Talmberg/Divish I can hunt there…and then sell said game to Kornelius or whoever I wish


I am almost sure that guardhouse can host Huntsmaster, but aside from Nicholas, there is not known other option.

Reason for this belief is a judging you make to give more labourers/woodworkers to the garrison. This request is made by the NPC from Pribyslavitz called “Veteran”.
Edit: Even when certain NPCs give no gold in the chest, they might offer Training. Such as Fritz and Matthew.


Yea I don’t know yet. All I am huntsman of Talmberg and my guardhouse the only people who sleep there are the arena master, the archery master and a guard…doesn’t mean your wrong I just don’t know, and I can hunt game so I just assume I’m huntsman up here too lol


Yes, but Divish said Henry could do what he wills on the surrounding land. That is
why I thought anything I hunted was good to go.


Yea I’m not sure. The end of the DLC Divish says he has plans, I’m sure it will expand in the future and if a Master Huntsman title is officially available then it will be. This isn’t even like a legit village yet so you’re probably right. We’re basically just keeping an eye on refugees at this point lol


After your post about hunting I got excited and went out and snagged a couple of deer. Too
bad no one would buy them. We’ll just have to see.


are you master huntsman of Talmberg? I’m pretty sure all game is stolen until then, and once you become Master Huntsman you can hunt in Talmberg and P.Slavitz and it won’t be poached, then you can sell it.

Master Huntsman quest is available through the Talmberg Innkeeper once you beat Baptism of Fire and start Questions and Answers; if you need to know more let me know man.

Edit: I say “pretty sure” because I’m not sure if becoming bailiff at P.Slav lets you hunt there legally or not, I would assume not


The guard house will boost your income a lot. thirsty guards in the tavern………

If you build stables you can’t build guard house…or can you?


No, you have to choose if you want the Guardhouse or the Stables. It is really bad that we need to choose when there are so few things we can build to begin with.


ahh ok that is also how I understood it.


Anyone got the scoop on Swordmaster/Swordsmith Fink(?)

Apparently you can get the Queen of Sheba quest from Zach in Upper Sasau but there is a sword smith Fink in Lower Sasau…he also triggers the quest and can also be hired at P.Slav…

anyone know the best Sword Smith? Fink looks cool, not just an average looking dude like Zach so hopefully he’s not bad. Thanks


I recruited Fink to my town, what would you like to know?