All speciel npcs for from the ashes (work in progress)


I’m speaking hypothetically, like if there were a bathhouse…cuz there should be one


I’m think’n they want to keep Prib. as a small hamlet and feel they did enough and don’t want to expand nd don’t understand their customers


It is a bit rubbish that I still have to travel so far for baths and tailoring.

I’d also hope you’d have another fence for stolen items…


I think it’s going to get bigger over time and they didn’t want to do too much at once, or at least realize what they missed out on and what their fans want and will expand. There’s no reason to have this small a city in a place so inconvenient on the map. The biggest benefit is you can sell all stolen goods to merchant in P.Slav as far as they stream can tell; as in they said you can sell stolen goods there. So that’s cool but it really needs to be bigger


Talmberg isn’t thaaaaaat far but I agree with you. Plus T.Berg isn’t that big a city/town/village either. P.Slav needs to be like Rattay


Oh can you sell stolen goods? I assumed not, given the armoursmith (Zach) and neither Stableboy (Mark or Vasheck) will take them.

I’ll try Kornelius then.


Well, the community that is in that location today is only two to three times larger than what we get in game. Personally, I’m not too interested in building a massive metropolis in this location, as we’re already stretching the limits of what might be possible in a single summer in 1403. I would hope that Henry’s future takes him into governing better, and more prestigious, territories.

That said, being forced to choose between various buildings when there’s large amounts of cleared land available doesn’t particularly seem like a good or interesting game mechanic.


Yea I guess I haven’t checked personally, but that’s what they said in the video of the stream I watched. Just check around. I know u can sleep and save in the rathouse and also in the bench beds in the tavern by the dice area, idk where else


Keeps the weight of decisions being a thing like they wanted it to be and also encourage multiple play throughs. I don’t like it either, as in I would take more, but that’s why they did it this way


Agree. But to not provide bath, laundry and some mending functionality at one’s home is :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

To put us in a forest of banditry and to not enable content relative to that is :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Wholeheartedly agree on both points, and that the flavor of the place needs quite a bit amping up. I just don’t agree with people wanting to turn the place into Rattay.


Think about this. Users want tear down and rebuild functionality. WH appears to be thinking about it per livestream. Seems like a cycle of build-destroy at some point.


Well, there are numerous ways to make decisions have an impact that don’t involve limiting the basic building types. The different artisans you can recruit, and potential judgments related to them (and elsewhere) could make a dramatic shift in the dynamics of the town.


I don’t want another Rattay. Just things and places that mean I don’t hafta travel far to get/do.
A baker & butcher, a bath, tailor and cobbler
. I would be ok with a choice of a BS ( as long as he fixes all armor) or a weapon smith or armorer. A place to stable mine an visitors horses.
A dream: a good Fairly straight road to it from east side of Rovna area
The place is out of the way in relation to rest of the area and the roads(lol) make it harder…
Make it so I want to go there and stay a bit.


More interesting to me is a settlement with basic services and then 1 or 2 advanced or highly specialized capability (artisan of x, y or z)

Bakery and guardhouse are basic so having to choose them is short sighted

Here’s a thought. Set up settlement so all basic services can be delivered. And then, the final bit is allow players to build a structure that most rewards/benefits the role you’re trying to play as


Right, I’m just saying. I’m also hoping they’re edit their idea a little but I think that’s the bulk reason


So apparently there is an issue or I’m selling to the wrong person. All upgraded everything, went Guardhouse > Stables and Butcher > Baker and I don’t know who buys stolen goods :confused:

But, I have Kornelius as my merchant and after a few trips to him he’s currently up to at least 3.4k Groschen on hand so that’s nice, as I often find random encounters in the roads around P.Slav. So I hunt and loot and sell to the Butcher and Kornelius.


Kornelius was sleeping all the time in my playthrough too, I had to knock him out and and let him come to and get up. Then talked to him and was able to recruit him.


yup, that’s what I did . he was in the lower camp. Carried him up to the street where Antonia revied him and then I got him.( guards missed seeing me carry him)


off topic but still don’t understand how with First Aid III perk Henry can’t revive people but seemingly any run of the mill NPC can