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You don’t seem to understand what’s sarcasm…

Did you follow KCD development during all these years, or you just bought the game without expecting much? If the latter, good for you, I wish I’ll be in the same situation.

Please, check this KCD Kickstarter trailer. Don’t you see wasted potential and broken promises?


Potential? Daniel said he wasn’t satisfied with mounted NPCs. Maybe WH has pushed the limits of the engine, and therefore doesn’t have any more potential. If true, it’d be unfortunate. If not true, it’s unfortunate that WH has seemingly settled for less than its own Kickstarter targets

Broken promises? I thought of them more as targets than promises. Maybe I’m wrong. In any event, I think implementing (some of) the missed missed targets would leave a much more favorable impression with KCD fans than any more vignette DLCs


During the trailer we can see many mounted NPCs, and despite horse animations don’t look that good, I’d prefer it to not having any at all. The same thing about large-scale battles, instead of scripted low fps mess… They were saying they managed to make them work in many instances, but at the end it was not true… A blacksmith’s son who doesn’t know how to craft weapons? Before announcing features as an advertising/hype claim, you should test them well enough and make sure they will work as you pretended, or you may end up with this messy impression after 9 months of release, and barely any progress made since then… That’s promising/advertising beyond their capabilities, a well known practice in the gaming industry nowadays. What makes WH different, despite they were saying they were? Yes, different until you know them. They were overambitious (we’re not even finished with the game, but let’s adapt the games to all platforms at the same time with the same release time!.. Not even Rockstar do that, with a hugely superior budget), and now we see the results… I wish WH really learn from their mistakes, remediate KCD’s cut content and make more games, but I’ll watch the reviews first before buying their games.

Yes, I fully agree that implementing some of them will have given a different impression than the “DLCs” and patching mess… Kickstarter targets are something very different than announced features for a game to be funded/get hype for it. WH has failed in many of these announced features, despite the game is still great but feels unfinished/wasted potential due to incapacity/“DLCs” money-lazy train. Whoever is advicing Warhorse with their business model is/are not helping you at all, but getting you into deeper mud.


To me, this is where being candid about current state of things would go along way with donors and diehard fans


Yes, like these videos they used to make to inform about progress… We tried that, it didn’t work, but we’re aiming for that… etc etc. Far more useful than Torch of the Week, that they plan to redo it… No offence, but I’m more concerned about what WH is working on now to improve KCD base game instead of what their workers like to do in their free time.

No feedback here, no respect at all… Only retweeting fanboys in Twitter and more money seeking :money_mouth_face:


It is a game, not real life. They are all just games.


There are just games that have:
—mounted units
—collision mechanics for mounted units that cause the horse and rider to fall after running into the side of a building, etc
—the reaction time (reaction lag) of NPCs that isn’t so noticeably delayed
—animals that are more skittish and react more to attempted attacks

Each of the aforementioned is an area of improvement for WH/KCD


To me, the game itself was ok - though it looks better than the actual game in there - and the dlcs - so far - have been awful.

A real shame to see something this potentially good end up just another mediocre game that’s been uninstalled. :frowning:


The game concept and story are good. I agree the DLC’s have been lackluster, not quite awful. I still will still rank KCD as one of my top three favorite games.


Concept brilliant, story very good to excellent, execution uneven

Liked vs replayed. The originality and such make KCD a favorite. There was a solid 800h in it for me. Now, though I need more randomness or configurability to play more. I’ll restart in earnest with expansion and bastards. Beyond that, KCD will have a limited shelf life if missed Kickstarter targets aren’t added (eg mounted NPCs, large battles, weapon crafting) or some more variable game mechanic isn’t introduced (eg more tavern activities or marauding bands of bandits/Cumans, opt in missions to defend supply caravans or patrol area of bandit/Cuman sighting)


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I do not disagree with you. I have almost the same amount of hours in the game as you have, the game is still a great game but after five play throughs I have exhausted the exploration and discovery factor. Like you, I will await some new content.


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