Amazing things


What is that about?
You mean if you pretend that bugs don’t exist they disappear?
Or you mean that some people are actually enjoying their bugs?
Why do you think that people don’t have a right to make fun of WH’s inability to bring quality in their product?
And what does “KCD is not for everyone” mean? If everyone can buy it anytime.

Let me make some exaggeration. You have bought a car and it’s stalling every 10 kms. And you just move on, because this car is not for everyone! kek.


Ysterday night I broke into the house of the Sasau’s Blacksmith and stole all of his possessions and in the morning I saw him sword working in his very underwear. Then I felt accomplished. WH brings realism to another level :slight_smile:


I have not stolen any NPC’s clothing that they wear ( how could I have stolen the Frankfurt guys stuff when I never met him until in the arena). I believe it to be a bug. Possibly not even mod related as in last play thru I had to enter DLC Pryilslavitz without mods to do anything there and still had NPC’s go around in their undies and later wearing their cloths and different NPC in undies.


These are the things that happen when WH still don’t fully control their game/engine… Instead of fully dedicating these months to polish it and recover the cut content, and hence cleaning the buggy fame of KCD (Bethesda is fucking worse, don’t get me wrong), WH decided to take the cocky risk (my opinion) of introducing new bugs through creating “new” DLC shallow content which could have easily been part of the final game, for the sake of money… Releasing the modding tools would have made better impression on fans and indeed recover the interest in the game, for free.

Please, Tobi and WH in general, don’t try to find excuses anymore. You can’t blaim all the time the sexist/racist non-sense madness before release, the current studio fame is due to your recent shallow, insufficient work and rather clumsy bug fixing/balancing/optimisation, etc.


:+1: Sticking to one platform , the PC, would 'a helped the learning curve then later intro the consoles as a separate version so as to play to their limitations.
Vignette DLC’s and perceived by players incomplete DLC that implied expansion but short changed. Then are told to start over to get the full import and then hafta pay for the too short ones do not go over well especially buggy ones. I have yet to buy amourus and not for awhile still.


my save file didn’t trigger tourney. given the grousing of others, my files cannot be unique.

my files and assuredly those from others were sent to WH previously as part of problem reports. obviously, WH can’t test all save files sent to support but a subset of ones from the usual suspects (active WH forum users) would be a good starting point


see my response to the value we have other than being unpaid bug hunters : My honest opinion on "From the Ashes" DLC



Totally! Recopying what I wrote in another thread, in case WH read it (other thread is quite old):

“[…] KCD was originally planned for PC (have been following its development since a Youtube video in Czech was released in 2010/2011) and not for consoles, and only during the middle/last phase of development, WH were “confident enough” to release it in all platforms. It was a huge mistake, in my opinion, as we all got the unpolished game with missing content we know and some sort of disappointment feeling, instead of focusing first on releasing a polished PC version (as originally planned) and a bit later, making a console version of a final product (the other way around of RDR2).”


Who is whining here man? What is your problem? If you pick your shit and do something with that, this do not mean that everyone else has to do things exactly as you do because on the contrary you would be “annoyed”. People have different views in every matter and you better grow a little and learn to respect that.

This really makes me laugh…

I lost the count of so many feedback i gave to them, by e-mail, Twitter and even in that forum like here “My honest opinion on From the Ashes DLC” and here “A proposal for a new DLC”. But no fucks given by the Devs or the PR. On the contrary, i was threatened to be banned from the forum by a guy from QA because of my comments…

Now that shit hits the fan they ought to “try and do something”?

Quite a joke we have there.


you may add : “but i am still interested in a future DLC or KCD2 since i had so much fun with this game” since you

Many months after you quit playing you probably have hope that they’ll release KCD2 or a great DLC because you are thirsty for more :slight_smile:


You ask two different questions, one about bugs and the other about gaming preference. If you encounter a bug then report it. You can make fun of the developers all you want, just don’t keep whining. Some people like KCD with the “realism” of the game , others like the Witcher format with magic and such.

I do research before I buy a product. If the products does not work I return it. If I cannot return it then I toss it and chalk it up to a bad experience and will not buy from the manufacturer ever again.


Sounds like you are whining.


Marigold potions that nearly instanteously heal combat wounds. That the monastery takes a pool of blood minus a dead body to be murder. Selling off thousands of weapons and suits of armor for millions of groschen to a market having 100-200 inhabitants. Those must be “realism”.

Only having 1 person actively using a horse in spite of there being 2-3 stables and numerous wagons in the area isn’t realism. Being able to smack into the side of a building, tree or dense hedge at full gallop without being knocked off your horse isn’t realism. Being in a war against Cumans without them having any mounted units (outside of Run) isn’t realism. Having enemy combatants pause seconds before reacting to your presence isn’t realism. Having combatants break off from one melee engagement, turn their backs to their attacker and then engage another combatant who didn’t strike them in the back isn’t realism. Being able to shoot arrows over the head of deer and not have them bolt like a bat out of hell isn’t realism. Etc

I appreciate realism; I accept “realism”


Why do you think it’s appropriate to make fun Jan, Christian, Prokop or anyone else who works for WH? Why should users refrain from reacting in a way that WH’s PR manager accepts as understandable if not reasonable? your priorities seem off.


First of all i don’t see any whining in OP’s post, he is just laughing at stupid bug. If you see whining it’s your personal problem.

Second, you did right when you put “realism” in quotes, because realism of this game exists only in imagination of fanboys and may be creators (not sure about them though)

Third, i really don’t give a fuck what are you doing with things you have bought, and i don’t understand why are you trying to tell people what to do with theirs.


So what? I do what i want. Good one Sherlock…
And yes, i enjoyed this game and i see so much potential wasted. That is what frustrates me.

And you sounds like a asshole trying to tell people what they should do as if you are a Sheriff of this forum. Like i said before, grow a little.


Pretty funny. Though I think you’ve almost won with that kick (unfortunately to you boxing must not have been invented, so it’s problematically to win by points).

I had more convenient bug once - in an early quest with fighting with Hans on some point he stucked on his feint, so that his upper body was frozen and he could not attack me at all. That allowed me to at last win his bow. He was even returning to a castle in such ridiculous pose, holding a sword to the right of his body - like kind of a banner.
In the end, it was even sort of comically authentic to his character, as he justified his defeat to some trauma of his arm - and it really looked like he got crump in his arm, but was still trying to save his face.


And the 2 that do Bernard and Radzig WALK TO THIER NEXT DESTINATION. except for cut scenes


The sheriff hasn’t come to my house yet.

I don’t know why you’re so scared.

Maybe if you talk to people off the internet, something would happen.


So nothing. Why would i make a conclusion out of a human behaviour ? Since you are sarcastic i will be too : may be you need a shrink or move on.
I don’t see potential wasted ; the game is great in my opinion, and i am not the only one - there is even several threads in which people thanks Warhorse.