Amorous adventures no necklace


I cant find anywhere the necklace in bandit camp, i went to bandit camp i won the dice tournament and did not found any necklace in the chest, i found only a simple silve necklace but isnt the questline one. i restart the game and instead of win tournament i broke the chest but no necklace aswell, i tried again let win pechuna the tournamet and let him take the chest and then steal his pocket but no necklace again. please fix it


Hey, this might be a bit too late but I had to face this bug as well during my Hardcore mod with every malus and just didn’t want to start again.

To get the item just use the Cheat mode and add it to your inventory:

And use this command “cheat_add_item id:ui_nm_ptaceks_necklace”

This might help until they fix it.