What should be fixed with the new patch?

What should be fixed with the new patch? i dont know where to begin. so for now RANDOM ENCOUNTERS!!! or dont but change the name to bandit encounters …

This thread is a horrible mess of opinions, there is no way to pull any of this together into a concise ‘report’ for devs. if you think any of them are going to read it don’t hold your breath. I will stand corrected if one replies…

Not even sure why I’m bothering with my non-game breaking bugs below…

  1. At seige of Talmberg, moon is out, I have a torch in hand and my new horse Kanthaka has a blue mane. It is BLUE, like some alternative chick’s hair is BLUE. The horse beside is also a dapple grey and has a BLUE mane. Somebody got some lighting variable completely off and this likely appears elsewhere…

  2. !!! Fix the poke-through!!! Many have pointed out this or that piece of clothing or armor. The Grand Bascinet allows terrible poke through out the back, Henry’s hair looks like the helm has a trimmed but not so sexy beaver…

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@SYN_Bandy you are right of course. I think the fundamental problem now that the game is well past release and more and more people are getting onboard is that: the game is really trying to be innovative, and it is succeeding at that goal to a considerable extent. Much of the negative opinions might reflect the fact that many of us simply have not “figured out” how it works so well.

For example: in my most recent playline, I’m finding that I’m MUCH more able to engage in combat on my terms, even without having resumed main quest and without “farming” the available opportunities in randoms and set spawn bad buys. Specifically, I find I’m “caught” in the NPC now has control of your character sequence than in the past, except when getting flanked and encircled of course, in which case one is quite realistically in a bad situation.

I am probably finding this easier because I spent more time: using non-combat means to level up stats like Strength and vitality (not yet to Main Level 14 if I recall but Strength and Vitality are both at 20 and agility is at about 12) as well as picking a “beginner” weapon (the cleaver) which is agility based (and thus “trains” agility) as well as bow against critters.

There is a saying that I think Sid Meier’s made: good games are easy to learn, hard to master. I fear that, with the state of the tool-tip information, tutorials and other in-game information and feedback, the game’s combat is currently more toward ‘hard to learn, easy to master.’

Mouse support for dialogs should be added to make it more comfortable to select between dialogs like every game of the 21th century has.

Thats the one thing i dont get… Why is the no Mouse Support in Dialogs ? :zipper_mouth_face:

you can use the mouse wheel in dialogs but full mouse control would be cool

I want a mouse cursor.

please fix the bug where I cannot fire another arrow from my horse without getting off my horse and then jumping and then getting back on the horse.

I’d like to be able to keep stats and levels when starting a new game

Noo. New game means new game and nothing else.

Same issue experienced as ed694 - No Capon Family Necklace. Restarted the quest with zero mods from scratch. Capon’s family necklace is not in the chest where it should be. Nor was a key given to open said chest when victorius in the dice challenge. Pechuna doesn’t have it either should he win the tournament. Also, knocking out bandits in the area and taking their goods shows the goods in Henry’s inventory as stolen. It’s the only bandit area I know of where this occurs. Cannot continue with the quest. Is there a cheat code that can be used to acquire the necklace using the ~ key command area? At least I could continue the quest if there was.

Yeah but starting a new game without your character completely sucking doesn’t really seem like a bad thing to me. At least playing through again being able to do the things early in the game that you couldn’t before because your stats were too low like saving Teresa in the prologue and being able to weild certain weapons and actually being able to use the bow correctly right off the bat.

Took a break from RDR2 to revisit KCD in advance of the bastards release.

Vanilla PS4 1.7.2
Hmm, .2 seemed to have changed (downgraded) performance some. Popins are still largely gone (tolerable), but textures have at times a significant delay. Buildings in Rattay present (no popins) but the walls are a blur. Even waiting a couple secs in a stationary position isn’t enough to catch up. This traveling at sub gallop speeds

No. KCD is not a fun-game where you can play a superhero with all skills maxed out. And starting a new game with everything skilled would be boring, because there’s no longer a goal. A good game is designed as the devs wants it to be the best experience.

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Well as opinoins go we are all bound to differ so it should be an option for those of us who would choose to play that way. It would be even more fun for me to have that as an option. For you it would be as simple as just not opting for it

No the necklace is not on our game i try with the cheat mod (NEXUS) but no necklace we need patch for that or maybe new game or reinstall but in don’t want to restart a new game or reinstall neither

No. I don’t even want an option. Maybe you will find a mod that adds the option.

Well I play on PS4 so the mod does me no good and what would be the trouble with having the option? All you have to do is not pick it? Simple. The option would be the easiest way for me and other console players to be able to choose it if we wanted it

I want a solid game and not “pick what you want”.