What should be fixed with the new patch?


Hey mates, I wanted to do a list with some things that should be added in the new or next updates in order to make the game better. I want to list some bugs but also balancing things.


  • Henry should fold his hands in the monastery while walking in normal tempo

HUD and settings:

  • Option to enable volumetric fog
  • Option to fully hide HUD with a hotkey
  • Option to turn off low stamina visuals
  • Option to turn off arrow trails
  • Option to hide Helmets/hats or to tilt up the visors in dialogues


  • Cutscene introduction with Hanusch from Leipa opening the tournament
  • More different enemies. Harder boss fights in final round
  • More viewers watching from the walls aswell as viewers holding banners of their representives
  • Not always the same opening speech/word choice from the Herold in every round
  • More armor prizes


  • Goulash pots should only regain 10 satiety instead of 25
  • The worth of goods you sell to vendors should be reduced for 75% in order to balance the economy
    (so you aren’t rich after looting lots of bandit corpses and sell it to the vendors)
  • Stabbing and slashing damage done to NPCs plate armor by swords should be reduced for 30 - 50%


  • Please give us some birds in the forests
  • Please bring back the vegetation in forests from the beta… (anytime)

The list will be updated soon, feel free to add your most annoying bug please.


I find it annoying that: when playing in hard core, I have to constantly click back and forth between screens to keep track of my nourishment level (trying to keep Balanced Diet perk going).

I can appreciate the “make it harder” idea of taking away all aspects of the HUD for Hardcore. But the idea that Henry doesn’t “know” what his hunger level is without stopping and thinking about it, i.e., the player opening up an inventory interface, is kinda absurd.

I think the best option here is: fully customizable difficulty. Everything that differs between Normal and Hardcore gets its own option toggle / value slider in the settings panes.

Injury level, I can acknowledge there is some basis to leave that out of Hardcore, but nutrition and arguably stamina seem like a real strain to argue they should be absent from the hardcore HUD.


make it way harder to do master blocks and reduce lillyhood of ai doing the same


HUD should not get hided with a hotkey (only). There must be a solid option in the main menu to hide it permanently and by default. Even better to have separate options for all HUD elements like compass, health & stamina bar, perk symbols, yellow dot etc.

And yes, add volumetric fog and beta vegetation!!!


Some unresolved issues that spring to mind:

  1. The Neuhof Horse Bug
  • All the horses for sale at Neuhof stud farm are called ‘Horse’ when inspected. Makes Zora’s list of horse names incomprehensible.- Edit - my bad, not a bug. The horses are right at the back of the farm, not in the stables.
  1. The Padfoot Potion Bug
  • The recipe for Padfoot doesn’t mention distilling, but the game expects you to if you want the perfect 3 out of a brew.
  1. The Sticky Bernard Bug
  • Captain Bernard freezes in position while fighting in the Rattay arena and can only be unfrozen by saving, then closing and restarting the game. This also affects Hans Capon during his duel with Henry.
  1. The Stolen Weapon Bug
  • After training with Bernard in the Rattay Arena, the player may find random weapons in his inventory are now tagged as stolen
  1. The Morcock Revenants Bug
  • If the player sends Morcock and his men to rattay, and then kills them en route, the two goons will respawn in and around Rattay and kill random citizens.
  1. The Sticky Bow Bug
  • If the player enters combat with a bow, the game sometimes won’t allow a change to melee weapons. Workaround is to bring up inventory and unequip bow from there.
  1. The Arrow Pick-up Bug
  • When the player is using a bow, the game will sometimes allow arrows to be collected, but sometimes will not allow it until the bow is put away.
  1. The Bandit Polearms Bug
  • Bandits with polearms will sometimes simply run at Henry with their weapon shouldered, and keep colliding with him.


I want something more hardcore than hardcore. I think playing on hardcore is still relatively easy


Yeah i agree.


The gambeson clipping with chausses. Looks like the gambeson tucks into the chausses. Looks weird.


You can play without armor and don’t use the best weapons. Or use mods


I have the Aachen Dark brigandine and black pourpont with normal pants and shoes (and sometimes I wear chain if I’m fighting multiple enemies).
However, my main is on Xbox so no mods I like to keep it as vanilla as possible


You look at the wrong place! All the named horses are behind the neuhof farm, on the field.


Does the game already support resolutions above 4K? Please think on the future. 8K TVs are already on the market and future GPUs will easily handle it.


В игре нету тихих квестов, диверсий, стелс квесты. В продаже нету зеленого колпака и капюшона. Самые хорошее оружие и броню можно купить или найти , хотелось бы получать топовые предметы за вознаграждение о прохождении квестов.


Please write in english.


Umm . . . bit of a side bar, but . . . isn’t that whole “4k graphics” thing just a gimmick? Human visual apparatus cannot “see in 4k” can it?

and the target of that “rebuttal”


Dafuk are you serious? I mean come on, if a human being says he can’t see a difference between Full HD and 4k he’s wether blind, dumb or has hornrims. I mean for real… watch a youtube video and u’ll see the difference, how can you ask if it’s a gimmick? It’s the same thing with people saying they can’t make a difference between 30 and 60FPS. Damn 30 FPS is a stuttery slideshow. I’d make a difference in less than 10 seconds easily without knowing which pc does 30 or 60 FPS. Why would they invent higher resolutions or fps if nobody can see it? How would they even see it when they create these technologies?


Adding things are not fixes. Just saying.


That’s not a raw FPS issue per se.

That’s dropped frames. Related but not the same thing. Hz of the light source is also critical as is your perception of and the contrast between light and dark, and then there’s your monitor’s refresh. Anyway, “FPS” is not how your eye/brain combo works. It’s a very subjective topic.


That one comment where Captain bernard in train hard fight easy where no matter what you can’t get the good job dialogue option during the archery part it’s minor problem but should be fixed no the less


Thanks, Sherlock