Any news on upcoming DLC

I like the first two but they were pretty brief to say the least. Noted two more were listed on the road map. Hopefully those will have a little more to them.

Before they release anymore DLC, they’d better fix the old ones first. The Sir Hans Capon DLC is still uncompletable for me.

@djyc21215 What’s the problem?
Which system do you play?

PC, and basically i’ve encountered the same exact problem twice, over 2 different patches and 2 completely different saves:
-I beat the bandits in the dice tournament, Blaha gives me the key to get Sir Han’s necklace back.
-I go to the chest where the quest marker is, the key doesn’t work on the chest and the loot is protected by a very hard lock. Not a problem since in both saves I was very high level on lockpicking, plus the drunken perk for lockpicking.
-After I pick the lock of the chest, Sir Han’s necklace does not spawn in the chest, and even after taking everything in the chest, the quest marker never moves.
This has happened both the previous patch, and the current one.

Hi could you send us your saves?
We would need some before you started the DLC, some before you entered the camp, some in the camp and finally save after you opened the chest.

Send them either to our support mail with link to this topic.

Or you can send them via DM to me

3 month i wait for CAPON NECKLACE and still nothing :pensive:

Are you sure your checking the right chest

yes i try CHEST, Winnig the TOURNAMENT and even take it from the winner still nothing 10 buck on shit bug

I contact the support too and still wait for fix since 9 NOVEMBER titre