Any possible performance gain with theese specs?


Hi there,
I do have theese specs now:

Intel Core i5-6500
MSI B150M NIGHT ELF - Intel B150
Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8GB DDR4 2400
Seagate Barracuda NON SSD HDD
Windows 10, 64bit

All without any overclocing

Would it gain any performance if I get another set of the very same 8GB Ballistix RAM (in the end will have 2x 8GB) with the rest untouched?
Waht is the bottleneck? CPU, Motherboard, HDD, or…?

Thanks a lot for your opinion!



I would say that upgrade to SSD would be a good thing (for game with Crysis engine).

Graphics should be fine, but i doubt there is any GPU which can display the game on the highest details. There might be some limit on CPU, but the game was running fairly good on old Phenom II x6 1090t.


So you suggest to save on extra RAM (8GB is enough) and invest it into an SSD…


I hope i can explain myself with my poor english.

I think Seagate Barracuda is not a slow HDD you can use your pc with that for a while. And if you never use ssd before you wont notice that performance between SSD and HDD. I mean if you taste SSD performance just once HDD looks so slow for you but if you didnt use, you wont need that upg. Thats why i think you should upgrade your RAM first because this game needs more than 8 GB. Not only for this game you should upg. for the other games as well. And RAM its primary hardware i mean more important the SSD. If you have a limited money you should spend this wisely. This is my opinion. thx.


Absolutely right! Good and logical opinion. SSD is trash!

16 GB of RAM is recommend. 8GB system spec (printed on cases and showed in web) is a joke and you will never have fun. I’ve upgraded for this title too and noticed a improvement.


I just read opinions that the memory is hardly the issue (more likely the GPU or CPU is) or the improvement (8GB to 16GB) was not that big to satisfy the cost…


Save your money and use a mod,double your FPs for free


What?! Nope!
Buy RAM and than use the mod to gain more fps!
Not every game has a performance modification!


Ryzen 7 2700 3.2 amd 16 gig of corsair vengeance LPT Vram Radeon 5708 gig GPU. I now get 50-75 FPS , Mebbe 30+ in Fps bad eating parts of towns and 147FPS in fast travel.


Upgrading anything will slightly improve your performance. Better CPU will prolong lifetime of your PC, more RAM or VRAM is useful if you want to play on ultra and record it. Otherwise you better not waste any more money. SSDs don’t improve as much as they cost.


Sorry for late reply.

I already had SSD, and i purchased 32gb RAM to see how the game would run (on my old system). It failry improved, but to get a proper performance upgrade i went for completely new PC with Threadripper 1900x.

You have to know that Crysis engine typically uses a database (SQL) and IOPS of the drive are the most important in this case. You can choose between HDD, SSD and NVMe, while the last one will give best results. Standard SSD will be very good, HDD far too slow.


I have 500GB 850evo and 250GB 960evo NVMe how big the difference between those 2 would be? Currently installed on 850evo. Could it improve texture loading/popping? I know it improves loading times but only like max 2 seconds I dont wanna reinstall this game on other ssd for nothing takes too much time.


The object/texture popping is a prolem within the engine. I am able to see the issue in a completely different game which uses Cryengine.

Samsung 970 with their proprietary NVMe driver shortened the time for the popup, but in general the problem is that the engine is loading objects and textures far too late.

It went from 5-10 seconds for the popup to less than 3 secs.


And devs cant do anything to it? There is like some random things inside monastery and overall in camps like plates and they spawn like 2-3 meters away from u! Thats really nasty and also cows just pop in front of ur face. I really hope they can find some solution to fix that.


I use an enterprise level SSD, not mainstream/massmarket cheaper parts- and I have never seen pop ups in this game, patch dependant (for optimisation purposes warhorse has tightened spawn locations/times)…

Samsung evo’s are about as cheap as they come. My first gen intel ssds had proper iOPS (?input-ouput operations per second)
They generally were ten times quicker than samsung evos, although samsung are spec sheet masters and usually find ways to misrepresent their product to appear better than it is.
Most ‘evo’ reviews are based on the largest sized drive, often using last gens’ pro line controllers.
Newer EVO drives feature lessand less chips, off putting the compression work onto users rigs, or to suffer delays in transit.
EVO and cheap SSDs are still Solid state drives and have certain reliability improvements (eg no physically moving parts) and general speed improvements, certainly for desktop computing tasks where mostly the cpu is free to assist.

For gaming- better grade SSDs can really help.
Not all games may see an improvement (shorter loading times) between two types of ssd, but then a game that uses streaming texture tech (anything iD software wolfenstein/doom/rage etc gtav/KCD…) will have more cpu left over for actual game crunching when moving away from cheaper drives.

I have no doubt KCD performs noticably worse on cheap SSDs and lower CPU powered rigs.
Not many games uses six core/twelve threads as well either.
KCD is a great example of high performance virtualised open world gametypes.
There isnt many games (or game engines) doing what we have here.

From a hardware point of view; KCD is something special.
Sadly, as its the first game in awhile to push specs, it gets labelled as the problem, when in many cases it is users not understanding that just because all their other console ports run in ultra settings quality, doesnt mean all games will. Ultra settings and ANY ingame visual quality adjustment tools are a per title thing.
High settings in pacman isnt the same as high settings in gta5. This stuff isnt rocket science.

Where things get tricky; not all SSDs are created equal.
If I had a four core cpu, Id probably use a high performance hard disk drive (7200rpm/large cache) over most cheap SSDs.
Although Id take older SSDs over many of the newer ones.

I get inteface speeds are improving, but cheap chips paired with cutting edge controllers/interfaces wont make the parts perform any better, they will just sound improved over last years parts.
Samsung seem to just use more and more compression (uses vastly less memory chips, hence reduces costs) at the cost of actual performance. Sure they give a mini processor akin to a mobile phone cpu to offset the workload, and that processor is generally crippled or aided via ram and ancillary parts towards performing towards whichever market segment they are catering for.

Anyone who seriously thinks their EVO (ssd) is akin to a PRO line part is kidding themself. There is a reason why som many price points in SSD market.
As more users consider them (due to lowered prices) more lowered price parts come to market. Massive case of ‘you get what you pay for’.


Nothing wrong with pushing but question is what is it delivering… actual product. If it delivers, it’s cool. If it doesn’t, it’s a problem

On console, KCD’s not what it was (at release), and it’s a shadow of RDR2 in performance

To use a (flawed) car analogy, you could throw a 350 block (fuel demand) under the bonnet of Evo X but it wouldn’t improve performance.


My opinion of excellent software titles has been given on this board previously- I have talked up the genius of guerilla games ‘horizon zero dawn’, and more so ‘killzone mercenary’ as exqmples of a first party studio squeezing every last drop of juice from their chosen platform.
Killzone mercenary I really applaud as the team rewrote the audio thread from their ps3 killzone engine and squeezed it into the hardware sound chip in the vita (first time we have had proper hardware 3d sound in over a decade, yay)
Their six thread engine was shoe horned onto the vita 4(3 useable to software).
Variable framerate/resolution tech and a bunch of cool trickery, and that 4 watt powered (screen and sound included) little pocket rocket could suspend disbelief with the best of them.
At the time, vs a PC running Battlefield 3, the vita running Killzone could easily make heads turn/mouths water.

Ahh- suspension of disbelief.
Battlefield has destructable environments. This is a RAM/CPU heavyweight feature to add. There is no way Killzone Mercenary with its eight maximum characters on screen limit really touched what the big rigs could do; but it sure looked like it.
First parties have the advantage of time to really learn/polish for the biggest ‘illusions’.

Now, next to first parties; big teams and budgets are the next most likely to impress.
Of this rockstar are the biggest. Red dead redemption is their second major title (gta5) on present platforms that is open world.
In fact they have been doing this sort of stuff for a long time.
Their budget is the biggest, their team/studio the largest.
The time they spent thinking about RDR will have been much…
And suspending disbelief in a desert environment and a western setting is made vastly easier.
Space is the easiest, generally, due to most assets falling into ‘easy to render’ shapes (vs a very ‘analogue’ tree), and black as a background -to look to bioware;dragon age vs mass effect (same engines)and dragon age had the harder time due to natural environments being much harder to render ‘realisticly’.

RDR2 was always going to be game of the year.
So lets ease up comparing the two. They are not like products in many ways.
Both use controllers and can be played on a rnge of systems. [check]
Both are open world [check]

KCD does things right that many games dont bother to do.
Suspension of disbelief, whilst a trick to maintain, there are a lot of KCDs innards that does things raw. It might require more grunt to do, but can and does yield deeper quality for it.
Much of KCD just needs polish (and @frel, I agree, ‘reimplementation’).
The team have had quite a year of it, so far, and releasing on so many systems hurt everybody. No one knows ahead of time must how many hiccups are ahead. KCD just got caught out in a flood, and floods require recovery time.

The devs have consistantly shown attentive care and dedication.
Its the dedication that blows me away.
They never stopped beavering away, even after product went gold. (We can argue that this was just doing due diligence )
If the product settles we should be alright, as once on top of it, the creative output can start to flow again.
-it can be really hard to finish off half written story lines/modules when you are just ‘not feeling it’.

KCD as a product is niche and therefor will always have a place in gaming.
Most likely still being played many years from now: there is too much art/created asset for it to be forgotten.

Some feel their patience have been tested with this game (mine always worked flawlessly, so my beef is just with products direction- I want it to go up in quality and polish and to stick around for a decade…); but really we are just the early adopters.

It is easy to look back on games that have been out for years, to look at their DLCs, that took years to make and have been out for years, and compare; or even to compare against similar genre games (open world) by the industrys biggest players- but open world games are few and far between.
Projects like KCD are not commercially viable, hence no big players do them.
Bethesda has found vastly greater commercial success with every ‘dumbed down’ version of elder scrolls, so the market is led by sales.

Having any hardcore/authentic roleplay world, set in actual medieval times (much harder to do than fantasy where suspension of disbelief is already high) is great.
Lets give it a year to bake. We know we will still be eating this pie years from now.
Here hoping we help along the way :wink:


Definately install a SECOND stick of RAM.
That nets ‘dual channel’ RAM mode and will net vastly higher framerates in a game like KCD.

Most games see very little performance in RAM amount/RAM speed.
Open world games often do. (Skyrim/fallout is one of the few titles showing RAM speed/bandwidth improvements netting increased framerate)

In KCDs case, the streaming texture technology will thankyou all the more for it.
(cpu-z is a free util, doesnt have to be installed, that can inform as to whether a machine is in ‘single channel’ or ‘dual channel’ RAM mode.)
Dual channel RAM will increase system throughput. Windows may boot a bit quicker, sure, but in gaming, video card will be fed easier. Most games on pc are based on console versions and are easy for a PC to push.
More RAM/ extra RAM wont aid most titles.

For KCD-I’d take 8gb of dual channel RAM, even over 16Gb of of single channel RAM.
Of course 16Gb of dual channel RAM would be better still.
Surplus RAM wont net us speed increases, but due to Windows ability to suck up stupid amounts or RAM, any RAM is generally useful.

If you can stretch to 16Gb of dual channel RAM, yay, otherwise 8Gb of dual channel (two 4Gb sticks) will be a great place to start.


My point in mentioning RDR2 was more along the lines of the following: if a flower in KCD takes 10MB but equivalent of 1MB in RDR2 (equivalent = appear same per end user perception on same monitor/TV). Then, KCD might have to churn an impressive 10x to render the same(ish) flower to the end user. From a techie pov, it’s brilliant that they (KCD devs) and it (KCD game) can manage the overhead. But from functional perspective, it’s bloat. Maybe the bloat is intrinsic to use of (altered) CryEngine. So maybe there’s a limit to how much WH can do. Maybe Rockstar can sink a shit ton of money into creating an illusion that the 1MB flower actually looks like its 10MB counterpart

What i don’t know (since don’t have diagnostic metrics, and therefore am asking) is how much (relative) bloat is there

From end user pov, seems like a lot as you and Christian said KCD is high demand, and @rataj says KCD has inefficient structuring (paraphrasing)

I have no problem with WH’s beavering away. Happy to see 1.7.2 roll out so soon after 1.7.1. Would like to understand the bloat type stuff to get a better handle on context.


Ineffiecient structuring might be a small RAM hit but really is just frustrating for modders who want consistancy in the directory/folder layout. (If I am assuming correctly what we are talking about)

It isn’t about, say, texture sizes, at a ratio of 10:1 (although microsoft would intentionally use such a trick to force worse performance on a PC, like encrypting using 256 aes the texture file for forza horizon 3 on pc)

Polygon/triangles are a large part of it; something cryengine does well is nature/natural environments- this is hard to do.
A desert doesnt have a lot of scenes like bohemia has. When the land in rdr2 does something complex you can bet there will be clever buffers (say a wide open plain/prairie) to allow the back end systems time to load in the new cell/zones graphics.

KCD has a lot of ‘overdraw’, which different video chips handle with varied success. (A future iPad version will one day prove an insane accomplishment…) the fences, as n example, in KCD are not easy rectangles, and simulate realisticly the fence post styling of the era.
This is heavy at a triangle level.

KCD does it for real… many other games style themselves in ways that are forgiving to the tech.
First party titles usually build whole game world around system spec.
The indian market segment of uncharted 4 comes to mind when thinking of amazing setpiece moments that really push a console ‘avove its weight class’/punch hard.

KCD should be able to scale well. It does. Its just there is a lot of noise to suggest it isn’t working well.
When I see KCD run, my dream of a medieval game isung the cryengine is fullfilled. For better or for worse.
At this point in history, many machines are reaching to push it out. In a few years, many people will revisit the title just to check out how their new solid state drive or video card handles the game. One of the few titles that pushes a cpu harder than a console game requires too.
Very nice tech demo and benchmark/system burn in tool. Same as crysis was/is. (I still use crysis to check system build stability)
Cryengine is amzing at nature. Its doing a lot. For those who want ‘suspention of disbelief’ it is in some ways overkill… but in time that wont matter. Dialing up the settings on future hardware WILL be a very satisfying experience.

In the meantime Warhorse will get balance and world mechanics right, and then the game will generally hold an immersive reality very well/better than most, and prove an essential game to certain enthusiasts forever…