Any possible performance gain with theese specs?


So u said u never had any pop ins? kinda hard to believe goto tavern close to monastery and go gallop with horse to monastery and u will see those cows to teleport in fields. Well if those facking expensive intel ssd (like triple price of same amount of space compared to “mainstream” ones) fix that problem then im just gonna said daam btw would like to know model of that intel ssd


Its just manufacturers target different aspects of a product to different market segments.

Buying tge cheapest SSDs that have 4x the capacity at 1/3 the price… well they arent going to be performance parts.

They will sell alot of cheap parts and that is exactly what the samsung ‘evo’ line is all about.

Early SSDs (intel owned the market) were built with performance and reliability in mind.
Intel knew IOPS mattered (when performance matters), samsung know iops dont matter to consumers who want ‘more for less’.

Evo are best avoided for serious rigs and hardcore users. For gaming-not many games benefit from a performance SSD; KCD is an exception.

I have zero pop ins due to having quad channel RAM, massive CPU cache, a multi drive system where I keep games seperate to the OS, and everything tweaked liked a thirty year IT enthusiast would.
Having several SSDs in an optimal setup, and one of them being an enterprise m2 part is just icing on the cake.

A tweaked PC (all BIOS options properly configured+ knowing which parts matter (and why)) goes a long way towards ‘Ultimate performance’

My mid tier (enthusiast) rig, handles games easily and generally without issues others find common. Some of that is good gear selection and some is just keeping software/setup optimal.

I DO have to keep a business/desk top publishing and content creation rig seperate.
Games that push the limits dont like losing resources to printers and security suites and tonnes of utilities.

My gaming build runs steam and my game. Sometimes hardware monitor pro or a fan controller etc…(if I am tweaking and need some metrics).

If I wanted to test a build of KCD?
Id dual boot and run an alternate OS and keep all assets seperate.
I think my games machine has around six drives inside. (I even use an older intel ssd as a cache drive to a 7200rpm hdd I use for some games that net little benefit from full installs on fast SSD drives)

Would I recommend to others to learn all this stuff?
No way! (Unless they like tech)

Easier to save hundreds of hours on research etc and just work a few extra hours in chosen profession - tgen pay a professional to consider your needs.
Ideally they are a friend and NOT a salesperson.
Buy into whichever ecosystem a tech friend advises as they will be the one troubleshooting your purchase :wink:


That accounts for some, not all. Read Rockstar bought/licensed satellite software tech which allows them to copy/replicate a location (city) as a game landscape. Some buildings in St Denis are probably shells created accordingly and that might make the building density appear more than it actual is

But that should be offset by the NPC density which is considerable… far beyond Rattay. Yes, a quarter of a billion dollars was needed to make it happen. But, it happens without popins and stutter even when riding the equivalent of Jenda (Missouri fox trotter) at a blistering pace thru the area. All the people walking around, taking the street cars, embarking/disembarking from train, riding horses and wagons, some engaging in faux conversations… with more conversation options (greetings, defuse/escalate dialog, fight/flight). Tricked a guy into drawing his gun on me and shoot at me; policeman on foot patrol shot him dead. Wasn’t able to do with others; most escalated to violent threats but ran away. Not talking up RDR2. Just trying to provide evidence of code that backs up the NPCs… remembering that FC5 map editor generates dialog warning of AI limit after certain number of customized NPCs added.

Put another way, many of the excuses for why the Rattay race shouldn’t be a thing appear to be more than a thing in a different game. They appear to be a functional requirement: in-game criminal activity enabled by RPG design intent can necessitate rapid equine-mediated escape in the game’s largest town without the console hardware limited end user suffering popin and stutter performance hits.

When a software product needs complexity to handle the job which involves a lot of noise, that is bloat. It reminds me of 70s muscle cars in US … need huge engine to overcome inefficient consumption and deliver sufficient output.

You haven’t clarified why this is necessary to deliver a commensurate level of quality game play/rendering on a monitor/TV.

If I’m reading correctly, the fencing is an example of an asset implementation that creates heavy relative demand but not necessarily with a proportionate level of output to end user.

The technical implementation has obvious appeal to you as a self-identified techie, but most end users don’t hold the game to a Reinheitsgebot for asset creation and handling. They just want a beer-ish beverage to consume.

To use yet another car analogy since you’re a car enthusiast. This reminds me of the 959. A technical masterpiece (for its time). So overboard that as a product it didn’t market well but left a legacy found in next gen products. (analogy sort of falls apart because KCD doesn’t perform like 959 on console tarmac)

I was really hoping KCD itself went lighter in pushing the tech so that it isn’t a novelty product requiring the squandering of a fortune to enjoy (ie requiring high end hardware beyond that which is found in consoles). That is the value proposition a console user considers when purchasing a game that touts its “Massive realistic open world: Majestic castles, vast fields, all rendered in stunning high-end graphics” on console.

KCD had (very) good graphics/performance on PS4 on day 1. And, it’s ok with 1.7.x. but more improvement is needed (delayed rendering of clothing layers/detail and structures still persists). look forward to continued WH beavering away


this is what i was referring to:


How about samsung pro series worth? I just want this game to run as good as possible for cheaply as possible currently having gtx 1060 6GB, i5 8600k 4.6GHz and dual channel 16GB 3GHz RAM and those 2 evos 850 and 960


@bugi; if you wish to pm me which size drives you have (samsung gives different sized SSDs different ‘support’ chips, yielding different amounts of IOPS etc.)

Bugi; your machine is all very new.
It looks to be assembled attempting a best bang for buck philosophy.
Whilst it is hard to recommend anything intel in the present market (they are doing some zany stuff and ‘lockdowns’ in a very cash tiered way that is anticonsumer; many intel zealots are jumping ship), everything you have is a great reference PC. It has enough grunt to play anything a console does, and it should do it slightly quicker…
To be fair; the selection of parts are all ‘entry level/mid tier’; and we often do ‘get what we pay for’.
The parts you have described are some of the best at their respective tier, and yet they are designed to look like they punch above their weight, or offer exceptional performance against other offerings.
I put to you that other offerings are more powerful, and yes, as we move away from mainstream/mass market, scales of production (less units made equals higher cost per unit) and R&D costs are put onto the higher performing parts.
Performance costs money, and the companies selling us stuff need to create price tiers.
Entry level gets you on the playing field.

You may have saved a few quid on a mainboard (many people think this is an easy saving area, as it ‘just connects the dots’), but I take the attitude that the mainboard is one of the most important things to get right (mostly cause it is the hardest part to swap out/greatest inconvienience when it fails) and all the ancillory chips that regulate USB and SATA etc… they all add up!
I have never spent less than $200 on a main board (and in the early ninties $400 didn’t get you performance boards like we get nowadays) (even for other peoples builds I steer towards reliable MB)

A great motherboard makes everything connected to it work BETTER!
I have a few motherboards that made it easy to rig an Intel SolidStateDrive as a 60GB cache drive to regular ‘platter’ hard drives…
With the added expense that goes with quality products, the mainboard runs cooler/is more stable and regulates voltages MUCH BETTER.

All my EX government equipment is sooo much more stable. These are highly expensive bits of equipment that are so very reliable. Back in Windows XP days I could run 6months Plus between reboots. (Even for XP that is pretty good)
Not all consumers place equal weighting to these added costs.
Some people don’t care about reliability, and think they will just replace it.
I personally do not feel our world can handle a ‘disposable society’, and I buy the most reliable parts, often the better performing units, and then I use them for many many years, and then pass them on…

As I say - I have several first and second gen intel SSDs, that I must have had for well over a decade.
I still use them EVERYDAY.

Every samsung evo I have had I have rotated on in my next ‘system sale’(rotation).

An entry level (gaming)build of mass market parts is going to have a lot of ‘blindspots’. Lets not chew out the machine too much as we designed/built it that way.

Going above ‘best bang for buck’ may seem expensive, certainly in the short term…
The added value of reliable parts is in the time they save you. I have never found it affordable to buy ‘cheap’.

I have worked in PC shops where I watch the head salesperson build a machine ‘bit by bit’.
With a wealth of product knowledge (and some useful feedback about market reliability) they were in the position to make ‘educated guesses’.

They knew intel CPUs had math covered in a way that would last for a few years, chose a ‘business’enterprise grade’ mainboard, put the lowest tiered CPU on it, half the RAM they ultimately wanted and chucked it in a beautiful case.
It took two and a half years, but the end product was a machine they could afford and one that can be handed on to the grandchildren.

When we build a PC with one or two parts with SURPLUS power to our needs - we have headroom.
As an example, Baki, if you had bought a CPU with surplus threads/core to your games needs; you would have an extra core to handle the cheaper SSDS lack of computational grunt needed for compression and decompression (massmarket manufacturers keep giving less and less chips as a way to bring costs down).

When every aspect of the PC is ‘just enough’, it doesn’t sound very future proofed, and true, when a title comes around that isn’t as tight as every other console port (already requiring a pittance of power on PC) - then we might experience issues.

I’d put windows on one SSD, and the game on the other.
The (Samsung)magician software can only aid ONE drive; I’d make that the game drive (if you play KCD a lot).
Again; get me those drive sizes and I will compare their internal capability and make a recommendation as to best use scenario.
(We want to avoid losing precious CPU grunt to running a storage drive, as KCD will want all the CPU it can get)


‘Beer’-ish (good enough) quality?
As judged by whom? Maybe I like drinking and drink the beer that comes in the biggest slab at the lowest cost (I want volume). A beer drinking friend might consider the cheapest ‘preservative free’ drop (COOPERS in my country). Or it might be St Patricks Day and Guiness is the flavour of the moment. Damn its’ big cans and bitter taste. (Actually in the aforementioned scenario-I don’t drink much beer, but would probably opt for the guiness for a lazy sunday afternoon)

Who deems something good enough, and to what standard?!..
(I will get back to this) (obviously its in the eye of the beer-holder)

Rockstar are the biggest in the industry.
They have a massive staff and have built their own engine.
It is to their advantage to do a ‘cookie cut’ clone of their other game (GTA5). They are practiced at making these games, and know how to sell a product with wide public appeal.

Having a massive staff and building most everything internally has major advantages when striving to a deadline (with quality and quantity).

I have been in teams where I have moved my desk closer to our ‘in house’ tools(/engine) software engineer.
I would give constant feedback on how to streamline the tools (to up content creation output), and I would get updates (with my new feature implemented) usually within half an hour, and that would allow me to focus on the task with little to no break in workflow.
I literally would drop a task list, and then leave the office to have a snack, and be able to return refreshed and eager to use the adjusted toolset.
Rockstar have this!
For the decade of thought gone into RDR2, its underlying engine has been a work in progress for many years. Massive teams with ‘unlimited budget’ with the ability to have mountains moved for them (as required) goes a long way when building a product.
(@Frel I am going somewhere with this :wink: )
Rockstar are one of the few software houses that optimise for both major video chip players (AMD/Nvidia). Some titles get a little bit of consult time/thought given by a specific manufacturer and may have a few code implementations to use physical hardware registers effectively. Generally only for one team. (Red/green).
Dice (battlefield) are one of the few others that come to mind, easily, when thinking of software houses quick to implement new video card tech, and make our cards VERY effective.
Consoles all use AMD video chips (except nintendo switch has an nvidia part methinketh), so it makes sense to optimise software towards AMD instructions.
This would equate to optimising a game and launching on consoles first, then sorting out the PC side of things later. (The NVIDIA direct x 12 pathway VS the defacto AMD one…)

When xbox first launched (the original) it had an x86 architecture CPU, what we call CISC,… whereas consoles generally used custom setups or benefitted from RISC (more customised) CPUs. Having an x86 console with equivalent spec to a decent (gaming) PC had the worlds game makers, generally writing PC games, see the XBOX ‘port’ as very doable.
The idea was; build for PC, test on PC, tighten the experience on PC, then release tighter console version.
To this end, the Witcher 2 was a geat example of a PC title making it to the console space.
Now, arguably, with enough cash behind you, you can build for console first. Gives you a market lead advantage over all the ‘PC ports’ due on console ‘as soon as they are ready’.
Grand Theft Auto has a history (infamous history) with regards to PC ports.
(Yes I played the first two GTA games back in the nineties on PC before they were ‘a thing’, but GTA ‘began’ with version 3… and that had a horrible PC port, showing just how effective the risc optimised code was on the PS2, vs the CISC running version requiring massive amounts more grunt to work)
With version 4 they had a very solid game. On PC too. It was a vastly better example of multiplatform gaming (done right). They still built for console first, then spent a lot of time before releasing a PC version (which made exceptionally great use of PC hardware).

Console first development requires ‘no bloat’.
Its why indies and developers in general work on PC (with crazy horsepower) and then optimise towards their target platform.
The ‘can we do it’ approach, typically built for PC first, where bloat is acceptable, is the path most taken as, well, not everyone is a rockstar.

So Warhorse using Cryengine (using someone elses toolset/engine get you to market YEARS sooner) is a great thing. Cryengine does natural environments better than just about any other engine. It is to do with the sheer number of triangles needed to make objects look rounded/analogue.
Using Cryengine for a medieval RPG makes sense. (Pundits like me were waiting for one!)
I personally might talk up the tech aspects of it, but that isn’t why I run the game. Only a few RPGS have pushed into new territory like KCD has. Ultima Underworld and Lands of Lore were notables. Arguably eye of the beholder and dungeon master before them…
one the bar is raised, people think the jump is repeatable, doable,… easy.
The development time for RPGS is huge.
Most businesses wont touch an RPG, and to have success in the RPG front you have to have the best product and even then you are selling to a niche audience.
(Every elder scrolls game that dumbed down the mechanics found wider and wider appeal, to the point where RPGS are now held up to ‘Skyrim’ (beautiful, but a joke vs other RPGS gone before))
Many argue Warhorse are indie. Maybe.
Its hard to say- very ‘grey area here’- indies are usually considered small teams and independants. The conjured image for me is friends working in a garage. Obviously modern game development is huge… but any game that takes years to build, requiring a huge team, and lots of expenditure obtaining assets (voice acting/music/textures etc) is hardly indie.
Warhorse are running a business and they need to turn a profit. Somebody will eventually need to be paid! :wink: selling an indie game for similar money as RDR2 or GTA5 is a thing!
The problem is that GTA5/RDR2 (Gran Turismo/ any game requiring millions of dollars to get to market) are a relative bargain for the prices put on them. Comparing two $60 products- I choose the one I will put more hours into.

Believe it or not, some of my best value games are dragons quest titles, Dragons Crown (arcade brawler), Persona etc… not necessarily Ni No Kuni or the ‘big budget set pieces)

Is KCD going to compare well on a ‘bullet points’ list vs the best value/most highly optimised software in the world… probably not.
Will KCD still be a vastly better medieval roleplaying experience? abso-freakin-lootly! (For those that want it)

Now with regards to optimisation/bloat…
Warhorse built for PC first. A staggered release allowing consoles to release later might have proved better for them… although hindsight suggests it may have hurt them more, with regards to sales… (and if sales were needed to keep the product flowing for a few more years, and remain a strong independant studio, then, yay! They are still going strong)
The game is designed to scale with various hardware setups. The idea being that we use less vertexed objects for lesser powered video chips etc.
Customised ‘medium details’ is what we are told the consoles run.
If the game was build for just one console, and didn’t require any aspect to be historically accurate, a games ‘world’ designer could place buildings/objects specific to the capability of the console-
It how asian houses used to develop software… reading around the PSX days, Namco (and others) would build tools to meausre the relative capabilities of the hardware, and then design software to suit. (Knowing just how many triangles can be in a given scene and hit a given refresh rate/resolution)

Building towards ‘suspension of disbelief’; this is one of the most important tricks; know your capabilities.

KCD in its present state has had a lot of quickpulls to math systems and rendering engine/system to get it ‘up to speed’.
The problem is not all bugs have been squished. Like a patch or two ago, the team found a whole subsystem or two that was bogging stuff down/being ‘overly heavy’ on resources. And a few RAM traps with allocated Pools, they found ways to streamline and improve.

YES- many of us expected this to happen around April (after quashing any major gameplay bugs). Problem was the studio was flooded with requests and had a hard time getting on top of them. To that end, optimisation hasn’t really happened yet.
Once optimisied I believe the game shall prove a reliable experience.
One that gives ‘better than launch’ quality at a higher/more consistant speed.

Whilst Warhorse’ learning an engine/toolset might mean a lot more scope for improvement, vs highly polished initial releases, we need them to get their game world right.
If the game delivers on what it should do from a story and ‘minigames’ perspective, the graphics and specific quest bugs will, in time, get to a level in line with consumers expectations.

I agree Joe Dirt doesn’t care if a flower is a two sided object, vs a rigid body (physics/wind responding/bend points) multipetaled affair that grows and flows naturally.

My missus and I do… we love walking through the fields in Bohemia.
Joe Dirt doesn’t care if they cheat and make fences from ten triangles (the whole fence), vs any given fence pailing being made up of twelve plus triangles and mapped to look round/organic.
I do!

I can appreciate many of the things this game does right.
The benefit?
When the sun rises and the fence pailings light up, subtley, light curling around their edges… the vivid sense of depth this creates is surreal.
Never seen a game like this before.
Present hardware CAN run it. (Better when optimised)
Seven years from now when playing RDR3, or GTA7, who will care about the older versions? Not so many!
Great RPGS come along, maybe a handful in any given decade.
RPGS are niche things… I prefer swords and slings vs laser weapons and shotguns; so I choose from a lesser pool of good RPG candidates.

Great organic environments is exceptionally hard to do.
The best thing about modding an engine that does ‘full fat’ effects is that we can rely on the full fatness.
Suspension of disbelief systems (every game uses), once scratched/revealed, can be hard to recapture that ‘special feeling’.

For all the awesome stuff KCD gets right (a lot of us KCD zealots forget that this games initial <100hr gameplay really grabbed us/excited us), it does have a lot of things that reveal it is all an illusion.
Much of that stuff will be righted by the studio, in time.
Much of that stuff will be expanded and given wider scope with official mods and eventual user community changes.

Some of the ‘nature/reality’ mods for other engines (that grind PCs to a standstill) look positively dated vs Vanilla KCD.
Modded KCD? This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Will missing a toolset that gives feedback on how much AI runtime is left affect modules? Sure.
Are all modders entitled muppets who think that free toolsets should give them industy standard cutting edge tools? No, but…
Given we don’t know what work is being done towards KCDs mod tools; we can only speculate.
I agree the product isn’t the most consumer friendly product launched.
As RPGS go it is all pretty standard affair (lead times for an RPG usually makes them four years older tech than every other game)
Generally (speaking from experience) a studio builds the tools THEY need. Making those tools ‘consumer friendly’ is generally a case of DOCUMENTATION.
In the world of programming DOCUMENTATION is so vital that engines are given for ‘free’ in the hope that a community builds the knoweledge base in a user friendly way to become used.

My ideal tree, even when beering, is a high watermark.
I run the Rattay Race without hiccup, and that is on three-four year old hardware.
I like Ultra quality, and enjoy the benefits that high visual detail and polish give.
Do I hope that Warhorse master their toolset and learn their limits and shoehorn more ‘suspension of disbelief’ (even to the console versions), yes, absolutely.

Would I try and compare the number of ‘hollow puppets’ that we can provide evidence for that have backend systems, complex ones even, going on, in say RDR, to what we see in KCD. Nope.
Good writing can make that so.
We know that consoles can do lots of bodies (market scenes in Uncharted4/Gravity rush 2/AC Unity) showed us that we can build it.
Depth of interaction is writing, writing, writing.
Budget and time can provide that.
As will users mods to KCD in due time.

Its not worth Warhorse throwing the baby out with the bathwater and trying to emulate something they neither have nor want…
Its just hard for us to see when the product hasn’t been fully delivered yet.

Beer still brewing :wink:


Need to remember Christian said Rattay race wasn’t likely doable on console due to console constraints! Why isn’t Rattay race a performance qualification test for all platforms if in fact hardware isn’t fundamentally limiting?!

Pretty much everything you said it should be in time. Everything you said is ‘patience grasshopper’. Tim and other PC snobs said popins were a fact of life. Nevermind, the worsening popins weren’t a limitation of console hardware; they were the direct consequence of WH tinkering to fix sys stability.

KCD is pretty. Maybe the polygons differentiate it on PC (different assets) but not on console. So the benefit is less evident on console as it counterbalanced by a considerable cost: bloat that is challenging for the studio to deal with; to the point that its own employees invoke it as a reason for console end user to accept less in performance

None of the nature stuff that CryEngine is good at makes KCD better than RDR2 on console. None! There are however many design elements (actual combat technique) and stories that make it (much) better than RDR2.


When the ‘rattay race not being a design goal’, was acknowledged, it was said in a way to lower user expectations.

Fairly; I would agree.
Taking the hardest to render zone in the game and putting it through a nightmare torture test, unlikely to be done by players in a day to day gameplay scenario… it literally is a WORSE CASE SCENARIO.

My comment that it can be done, is just to reaffirm that when the engine works as it should, it does deliver!

So the base PS4 has the least CPU grunt of all six platforms. (Ps4, xbox one, x box one s, ps4 pro, xbox x, PC anywhere in between),… and for a city area the AI is running at full pelt. A PS4 attempting to do the rattay race is literally the worst case scenario that the devs had to cater for.
Good game design is such that they WOULD intentionally design for higher quality assets that the same console can load in realtime whilst walking or possibly running through town.
Running a whole loop of town flat out on a fast horse? Who cares- this isn’t normal gameplay scenario… and as other forum goes have suggested, a simple gamplay mechanic that guards stop fast riding horses through the public space would hide the issue/return suspension of disbelief.

Of course the comment was made to restore some gravity to the situation… and then a few weeks later (? Not fact checking here) they found an oversight/something they could clean up that freed up the necessary RAM pool/ streaming system…

So yes… after having asked the art department to downscale art assets to try and make it all fit… they found that they could run the way things were… (but would probably take a build or two to get back to coherently working)

They have to slice the pie and however they do it… someone will miss out.
They opt to serve pretty complex graphics, and decided to let some buildings render late to the screen if a user pushes a highly unlikely scenario.
(Frel- good work as the rattay test, based on your suggestion, is one I use…)

If the game was highly tweaked, like its future version should be, then the right balance of hi res texture and framerate and object quality will be struck.
Given the PS4 is the system MOST KCD players are likely to experience the game on- it will be the system where the battle needs be won.

To that end I see most of Warhorses’ work strive to that effect.
Tightening the spawn location of NPCs a little, and having them spawn ‘closer’ allows freeing of system grunt. Every update has included several tweaks to this end.
Once they reimplement the quality streaming htey had, with the improved memory pool etc that they recently found,… then things improve.

Again, I believe they had several teams working towards this goal, and when the issue was located in one area, it takes a few updates before all teams are outputing towards the present direction.
At the height of the culling it got pretty bad, needless to say, better than retail launch is coming our way! (Yes, ahem, patience… cool bananas of all of this is that we were here on the ground floor when the building was first built.)
In time the product will shape up.
Is being an early adopter fun?
A comment I gave back in feb is that I seldom buy new release full price gaming software. KCD was an easy exception,… one that I felt I had received fair value for within just a few weeks of purchase.
As a medieval walking simulator (gamemechanics and gameplay be damned) this is the best tech demo I have ever seen achieve incredible realism.
This is more than just PC grunt, as it extends to their art departments aesthetic and ability to recreate a medieval world.

If a game is ever realised inside of this framework, all the better! (My opinion)
I am giving them a healthy couple of years to make a coherant virtual reality.
Personally I can’t play Skyrim without mods,… of which I run hundreds (towards realism, to be a medieval walking simulator-somethings skyrims combat enforces (lamegame))
Hundreds of realism mods in Skyrim and it is a large gap from vanilla KCD.
Once mods make it to KCD, this product will have VERY LONG legs.

Hope us early adopters have some smooth sailing from now until then :wink:


If you play an RPG that enables criminal activity and you need to be able to escape the law, then it’s absolutely normal gameplay!! (Remembering that Rattay race was a one way test; I merely indicated to Christian and others after 1.7 that the round trip was possible)

I fervently hope so. Right now, KCD bushes and small trees are nice at distance but up close the leaves look like something from a 386 game.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Its counterpart on console displays the full complex geometry of a sycamore leaf, veining within leaf and color gradation within leaf. Much beavering to do


It did nothing better. In the end the downgrade of forests was a decision due of the money from console market. Unreal and many other ones can look natural too. Even a JKJA can be look natural. Everything is somewhere a decision! S.T.A.L.K.E.R.!!! smileys-pfeifen-176648
And i know i said it isnt possible for pc’s to handle that size in that gfx but the decision to make the world bigger wasnt our fault.


specificity please.

i posted an article about KCD graphics from WH guru a couple of times. in it, it’s noted that assets for console are different from PC. so, there’s a clear differentiation (once WH made decision to launch on console).

as far as forests on console go, there’s quite a range in realism and quality.

yesterday in response to @Whitedragem, i did a small tree/bush test. launched WH 1.7.2 and looked at the objects in question behind Talmberg castle. at a glance, the bush(es) looked nice at a distance. upon staring, they looked a little simplified but still ok. once i moved right next to it the leaves lost all detail. there was massive pixelation around the leaf border: one leaf looked like 3 green Lego blocks connected to each other with a slight offset. this loss of detail (downgrade) isn’t strictu sensu a limitation of consoles.

evidence? the second part of my test was to launch RDR2 and look at a corresponding object. i found a small sycamore tree. at a distance, there was more a little more (relative) detail. however, the biggest difference was close up. with the leaves in my face, i could see the complex outline of the leaves, some veining and some color gradation. yeah, might not rise to level of photorealism but it’s pretty damn detailed.

with time and money (paid for largely by console sales), can WH tweak their implementation of CryEngine to the same level of nature detail. don’t know but hope so.


I do not know what needs to be described here!
It’s the way it is, KCD should only be a PC and not a tree platform game.
Other assets mean fewer polygons and the like, but not in AI and environment, geometry. We’ve gotten lots of examples of RPGs that run very badly in many situations on the console. And it’s not like I’m not reading any comments and I’m not told anything about them.

Nobody doubts that either.


Yes, console assets are downgraded(relative to PC). What downgrade are you referring to beyond just diff assets? What downgrade is specifically inflicted upon you, the PC user (beyond WH opportunity cost)?


What I meant to say was that instead of creating three different versions with downgraded assets for two of them, they should have created a stable and good PC version. This would have given them the opportunity to create another game later for all three platforms. Yes maybe many of her employees have good prior knowledge at start in companies but the game was the first of his type. Many things could have been avoided. In the beginning, they acted as if it was something totally new to have their own studio, but in the end it turns out that they master the job of people like their former employers quite well. I do not care about differences and downgrades. What I do not like is often the hypocritical kind behind it.

I am sorry but maybe this is more provocative but that’s the reason why i call myself a Landsknecht!
What is an WH guru? Is that WH guru an CryEngine guru too?
Especially in creating total conversions for a game which want to present a complete other genre? For me it seems that targets gone missed. or never weren’t a part of the concept. There should be other priorities but oh sorry, i am not a math genius and are not allowed to be a developer.


Not remembering the WH employee’s title (related to graphics)I just picked guru to connote competence in his job

Btw, Chrsitian’s relatively forthright disclosure about WH next steps was removed. Part of me thinks we’re in for a multiplatform surprise come the rest of the DLC road map. Will it be mind blowing in its awesomeness, a mindfuck, or somewhere in between, time will tell


with the track record, I’d say closer to the latter.