Anyone have luck on PC setting custom bindings for a controller?


Long story short is that I typically use wireless xbox 360 controller plus steam big picture mode controller configs to play pc games with a controller. This does not work for KCD. Everything seems to work but when I am sitting in a bed and need to get up (on screen prompt says B button) as soon as I press B the prompts switch to keyboard keys (in this case, ESC) which don’t work either and I’m stuck in bed and literally have to ctrl alt del to crash the game out.

If I deactivate steam big picture mode I can use a controller but I have issues with the default layout and there doesn’t appear to be an in game method to change them. I also like setting minor deadzones for my control sticks because for some reason xbox 360 controllers sit a little off center at rest.

Does anyone have a method to use a controller on PC with custom bindings? Bonus points if anyone got an xbox 360 controller to work with custom bindings.


Not having a Xbox 360 controller, but maybe this helps:

Check this and the other postings…


I came across this post yesterday while trying to figure my issue out. I’m confused about it though because he says to set controller config off in steam which makes the game play with default bindings, but then mentions if you use the steam controller config you can set your own custom bindings. They are two mutually exclusive solutions.

Do you use any controller on pc? I’m willing to buy a new one if I know it’ll work with kcd and allow me to use custom mappings.


Sorry, I play with keyboard and mouse. :slight_smile:
I hope someone else can help you in this case…


Why use a console on pc without mods? Just curious as to why not use a console, or mod kcd?


I usually like to play through a game mod free first. I like using controllers on pc for non-multiplayer and non-shooter games.

I really didn’t even know there was modding scene for kcd.


It’s utter shite and breaks the game but it’s a fairly big community.