Archery Aiming Tip

Hello all, I am new to the forum though I have been watching the game grow for a while. I am very excited for this title and have been enjoying exploring the environment of the Tech demo.

I have looked around the internet for a video or guide on aiming tips, and have only found guides on how to accomplish the quest and acquire the bow. Practicing with what we have right now (trembling/swaying) I have figured a method to get decent aim. I have been able to get scores of 25-30 on the short range with this method. I have not experimented with long distance however.

The hands are fairly stable within the first 1/4 or so of the stamina bar. When you draw the string back, the hands will start to slide in “a” direction (L or R) but will remain relatively level (height-wise). You can make the “slide” move go where you want by moving your mouse or joystick to the side as the bow is being drawn. For the short range, start by trying to aim your center view (middle of screen) approximately 2 meters to the side of the target (left or right is up to you). As you draw, “slide” the mouse towards the target, and try not to make vertical movement. Once your hand is sliding towards the target, do not move the mouse, the hands will continue in that direction enough to get to the target. Loose the arrow as your “pinky” knuckle aligns with the bulls-eye. For height, the index-knuckle will be near the bottom of the target circle (blue ring). These are approximates and you may have to make minor adjustments.

Since I use the pinky knuckle as a guide, I personally prefer to start to the right of the target and slide left.

Also, if you press the right mouse button before the stamina bar drains you will cancel the shot and return to the resting position. Do not force the shot! Take a breath and refocus! Happy shooting!

Glad to be a part of this great community. Looking forward to more from the team!


BTW thats how you can shoot really accurate:
use this command from my thread :wink:


  1. This guide is to aid those who want to try the challenge of having no cursor, which is what the devs set as the default for a reason. Feels more instinctual to me. I personally enjoy the challenge so far.
  2. This method can still be used to walk the cursor onto the target. :smile:

But the sway is absolutely unreal,i am an archer for years and even a beginner has (nearby) no sway(or at least not the one like in the game :wink: ) and the aiming is better/other the complete aiming-concept is wrong atm so i figure out that shooting with cursor/cross is only fair :wink:

Too complicated. Just paint a dot in the centre of your screen, dude.

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@HighKingMax Not saying it is realistic, but its what we have so far. I hope it will calm down in future builds.

Use a post-it edge for a nice ^ shaped yellow ‘crosshair’ :smiley:

I used wh_pl_showfirecursor = 1 command, but shooting the targets using the cursor leads to arrows going elsewhere, which is very very strange.
I would appreciate some guideline on how to use the cursor at the shooting range.

Fking great guide dude! :smiley: Went from 0 hits on target to hitting logs ^^ Thanks man! P.S I enjoy the challenge aswell.

I’m trying to learn archery and I found this thread but I’m wondering if this info is still relevant. For example, the original poster talks about using the “pinkie knuckle” to line up the shots but I don’t see a pinkie knuckle so I wonder if it is referencing an older interface.

More to the point, does anyone have any other tips for aiming in archery?

I am much worse at archery than melee combat. That said, I did improve. You aim with the arrow. Where the arrow is pointing is where it will go. Eventually it becomes easier, and you can tell where it will go without aiming.

One of the most difficult things I found was firing fast. It was difficult to tell if you had actually loaded an arrow after you fire, and so I either wasted time or thought it was loaded, only to realize it wasn’t. Eventually that gets easier too.

If you have something between you and your target, like a fence, then you can take your time. It’s hard to miss up close. If they are far away, adjust your shots as needed.

TL;DR: Practice.

yes, it is outdated now. this was based on the first iteration of KCD archery back in Oct 2014.

wh_pl_showfirecursor = 1 works great for me

Press ~ for console. Use console command: wh_pl_showfirecursor 1 (so you can see where you are aiming)
Then play the ‘Chumps’ game at the Ledechko archery range untill your bow lvl 15 or over.
The game gives you a bonus to skill when you win the game.
You need a good bow, and some str / agi to equip it. Do fist fights in Rattay to gain str / agi. (Talk to Milan)

**After this you will destroy…

Tip: If you want to be a dedicated archer, find some Cuman Vambraces (Wrist Guards). There is a natural point on the Cuman Vambrace when aiming which aligns almost exactly below where the center dot on the screen would be (by a good amount, but it’s mostly aligned left right). It’s not perfect, but you can learn to use it as a reference when attempting to make precise shots. I found it boosted my combat effectiveness and accuracy by at least 100%. lol.

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