Are the developers still open to suggestions?


When you start your first playthrough in Kingdom Come: Deliverance you feel a sense of danger when it comes to combat. You can be outmatched or outnumbered very easily if you’re not careful. But once you progress further in the game. You get to kill most enemies in 2 to 4 hits. Even if you wear weaker armor and use weaker weapons, the game becomes too easy and removes that sense of danger and challenge. I believe stronger enemies at higher levels would improve end game combat. Also increase encounters and the amount of enemies you get to fight. This is for players who have reached the end game

Another thing I would like to address is having to switch between targets that try to attack you from the side. Switching between targets is awkward. On console you have to hold the right thumbstick all the way towards whichever direction the enemy is facing you. Most of the time it doesn’t switch at all which makes you look away from the enemy that’s locked on and makes you more open to attacks from all sides. On PC I believe it’s TAB and it targets a random enemy so you have to press it multiple times to target a specific enemy. So a better way to switch between targets is in order since most if not all the time you will be facing multiple opponents.

Also, can the devs please have an option to have the hood up or down. I know there’s a mod that adds this feature. But for console players that isn’t an option.


Enemies too easy? what you fighting enemies in cloth?
Wait until you are fighting fully decked out bandits, I would like t o see you kill them in 2-4 hits.

I don’t use the target switching, you just end up spamming it until you get the enemy you want and you can guarantee you will switch to the wrong enemy and get slaughtered.
If you hold the sprint button you will desengage from combat and you can look around keeping eyes on all the enemies, then let go and target when you get the chance much easier.


I still find the enemies a bit too easy at my level, I exaggerated a bit I know. But switching between targets should definitly be improved. Also, having hoods up would be a nice feature for stealth gameplay and overall aesthetic.


Another thing, I feel like clothes and armor get dirty really quick. For example, I launder my clothes and take a bath at the Rattay bathhouse. From there I proceed to the main entrance of Rattay on horseback and then suddenly I’m covered in mud. After awhile the stains get worse and when I begin dialogue with a random npc they say, “My god what has happen to you? Did someone steal your fancy clothes?” I would expect to get dirty in like a day or two in the game or after a small battle, but not in 1 in-game hour from just riding on a horse to town.


This is true, you are dirty in 5s. after exiting the bathhouse… And btw what is the problem of easily killing people in the later stages? Well, that is the huge idea of the game - you were weak and clumsy, you practised a lot, you became a great warrior after a year or two and then you crush them all !


Have you not had the encounter where four guys in plate armour can ambush you in hardcore mode? (Probably normal as well) I got killed within a couple of minutes, and I have end game armour and weapons. A lot depends on the areas you are travelling. Around Rattay you’ll generally find peasants who Cary hair o the dog potions that will attack you, however there is plenty of places for example north west of Sasau where the bridge crosses over to the Skalitz region where heavily armoured bandits, cumans and guards will fight each other. These encounters are the toughest.


And then the same people that complain that it’s too easy endgame were the ones saying lockpicking was too hard etc…


I just did, it was an awesome fight, although I still won with 80% of my health left. They were wearing full Milanese armor all 3 of them. It was by far the best fight I had.


That’s because at the start of the game you can only open “Very Easy” locks. Once you get past lockpicking lvl 5 you can open “Easy” chests and then 7 you can do “Hard” chests. I believe lvl 12 to 15 is when you can open “Very Hard” chests.


I use a full set of Nuremberg plate armor (Gauntlet, Chausses, Pauldrons, Cuirass) under that I use a long noble hauberk, mail chausses, dark Saxon gambeson, noble’s collar and knight’s spurs. For the helmet I use a German bascinet. My main weapon is St. George’s sword and sometimes I use the Stinger along with a shield.


In my experience each encounter is random as to the difficulty in combat. sometimes you encounter brigands armed with clubs and sometimes you encounter brigands decked out in armor and swords. As I start out I approach each fight carefully since I am poorly armed and armored. As I advance I am a bit more plucky, only to get my head handed to me on a platter. Lesson learned, take each fight as if it is going to be your last fight and use stealth as much as possible and pick your targets to maximize your chance of living another day.


Im sad that the game have so short story… i want more battle and more stuff to do in the main quest.
It have so fuckt up end. i wanted to have the new king and more like a big battle against the sigismund.


Yeah, for me the battle for Pribyslavitz was very short and dare I say boring. I got the headcracker perk, knocked Runt in the head once and he was down. While he was unconscious I stole his armor and his sword. He got up after a minute and then I just hit him once and it was over. I wish I never got the headcracker perk. There’s a small chance the fight could end really quickly. The perk says it’s a 10% chance, but it happens a bit too often. But I hear you, more large scale battles would be nice especially in an open field.


Let’s talk about the horse head armor and full caparison. I wish it would look more like this:

Instead of this:

The clipping annoys me a bit and it just doesn’t look right. I have to look at this all the time. So I mostly prefer having nothing on.

Another issue is the clipping on the left leg. Whenever you crouch or jump you notice clipping on the left leg. When you wear plate chausses or hose you notice it. Even when you have the chausses or hose at 100% condition it still shows.


Trust me clipping will never be fixed by devs.


When I see that we’re still not able to deactivate/customize the HUD, I wonder if WH was ever open to suggestions?? :smiley:


Yeah… :frowning:
But for some reason a few horses in the game don’t have this clipping issue with the caparison like the ones I showed in the screenshots. It’s mostly your personal horse and few other ones you may come across that have this issue.


This I find a bit silly but in every bandit camp there’s one or two bandits that keep watch and warn the other of any threats. This particular bandit runs off as soon as he spots you, warning the others. Except he doesn’t run towards the other bandits to group up and fight you. But instead he runs far away from the camp towards the horizon. He then comes back after awhile, he doesn’t try to fight you at any given point, he runs for the hills then back. So it ends up in this back and forth cycle of him yelling “Alaaaaaarm!!” and running off to then comeback and yell the same nonsense. Even when I killed all his mates he won’t fight back or stop running. So most if not all the time I have to chase him down on a horse just to shut him up. “Alaaaaarm!! Help quick…Alaaaaarm!” runs offcomes back “Is someone there?” “What’s that?” “Who’s there?” “Alaaaaarm!!” runs offcomes back “Alaaaarm!! Come quick!”


Very simple : run away and kill them 2 by 2 or one by one…of course few people in the medieval times could fight alone v 4 people and survive it !


My experience is that one bandit will raise the alarm and will sometimes run off to return latter to the camp, sometimes he stays and fights and sometimes I kill in his sleep after he returns to the camp.