Are the developers still open to suggestions?


Except sometimes that bandit yells out for help and none of the other bandits come for his aid. But he continues to run, two out of five times he’ll stay and fight on rare occasions.


Vigilance and the attendant call to arms are poorly executed among the Cumans and mercs.


I think they should place the shortsword and longsword into seperate skills. I reached level 20 in swords and I couldn’t get the last combo I needed for shortswords “Double Stab”…sucks…I have to do another playthrough to try out that combo and see how it performs.


Knight’s Bridle doesn’t show when equipped.


Old bug, only the noble, cavalry and basic bridle show up.


Shame, also “Long Boots” don’t show up either. You can buy them from the cobbler in Sasau for 8.6 Groschen. When you equip them you still look bearfoot.


New update 1.6 for consoles fixed the mail collar and helmet collar from clipping with the chest plate and a few other bugs. I hope the updates are more consistent, i’d appreciate it. More fixes like this please!


There’s this weird bug when you finish lockpicking a chest your character ends up sliding backwards very fast.


You certainly are experiencing some unique bugs that I have never experienced. Are you running mods?


I got the same issue on PS4 for several months now


PS4, so no I don’t run mods, I wish I could.


Alright, this is getting ridiculous, Henry gets dirtier than the average peasant and even the horse he rides on. How can a walk around town make you look like you just rolled over a pigsty? I am always taking a bath just to look clean for 10 minutes. I think i’ve spent over 2000 Groschen on baths alone. Can Henry get dirty after a battle or falling off his horse? Not from walking around town for just 1 in-game hour!


The thought beyond the getting dirty mechanic is splendid; the execution isn’t. My fav waffenrocks (black and Skalitz) look like shit in no time at all. Sad.


I see the bug with Sir Bernard is still in the game. There’s a chance you might lose your weapon or shield when you train with Sir Bernard. I unequipped my shield before I started, then I went to equip it after the training was done and notice it was gone. I searched my horse, chest and inventory…nothing.


@Upsilon Read that and wanted to joke about Henry fighting naked next playthrough. Then, thought about it and decided no reason to pile on. Now, I’m of the opinion having invested over one thousand hours of play time and way too much time in this forum that a certain amount of fatigue has (started to) set in. Love the game, its design intent, etc. I just want to play it… without weird as fuck surprises or frustrating as hell game (main quest) breaking bugs or irritating as shit popins/textures. Inclined to put KCD on the shelf for the time being and give it a try again after woman’s lot. Hopefully by then the game and its performance will be as tight as a duck’s arse


Agree with you… Some things just need to be enjoyed.


Now I’m having the bug where my hits aren’t landing. I really want to enjoy this game, but the bugs that have been addressed in this forum several times, still haven’t been fixed. It kills the game for me, I really want to enjoy it, but how can I? Now I have to figure out how to fix this issue myself.


Get rid of the mods and do a clean re-install.


I’m on console, I solved the problem by unequipping everything and saving the game. Then exiting out the game and loading back in and train with Captain Bernard. That fixed my problem.


Something I’d like to see is the mail coif going over the armor like this.

So let’s talk about polearms, I would like to see polearms as a weapon you can carry with you and store in your inventory or your horse’s. They are in the game, npc’s have them all the time and are even in their inventories. You can store it in your inventory by removing it from theirs. You cannot equip it from your inventory screen, you can only drop them and then you can pick it up. You cannot store them again after dropping your polearm from your inventory. If it is in the game, why won’t Warhorse studio make it a more accessible and viable weapon? Also, when you have one equipped, everyone in town will tell you to put your weapon away, it gets pretty annoying most the time, and if you have a visored bascinet it will always be kept down when you have the polearm equipped. Which makes me wish there was a way to manually open or close your visored bascinet as well as being able to lower or pull your hoods up.