Armor 15-16 century. Mobility and simple movements. And much more

Hi guys! We make armor and do simple video to show how to look and function the real armor. Maybe this will help your beautiful game.


Also a very nice example of a properly formed brigandine in use…

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I really hope that if you are wearing full plate mail and you fall over, you won’t be able to get back up. Leather breastplate was ideally the best form of armor to wear back then, light strong, and it didn’t immobilize you or tire you out.

You can fall from a horse and get back up instantly…
Mike Loades demonstrated just this possibility.


this set weighs just over 25 kg. This is a small heaviness the adult Mister.

Mike loads is known to be not credible, the amor he is wearing is fake, real plate mail would have been near impossible to even jog in.

Why perpetuate such myths? Harness is well distributed weight, and is less than 2/3 the assault load of a modern infantryman.

When well designed, correctly sized and worn it doesn’t prevent any of the motions of the european martial tradition (but because “harness fighting” was usually practiced against armoured opponents, there is a difference in combat style that uses a reduced requirement for parrying and a change in the offensive needs from slicing and hewing cuts, and thrusts from longpoint, and to stunning blows from the pommel and seeking thrusts with a ‘stiffer’ shortened blade tip in half-swording styles).

Poor quality of design and fit of much “practical” modern off the shelf armour (including no calf shaping on leg harness, poor suspension of leg harness, overlong breast plates) are a thing that inhibits effectiveness, but they are not features of the real armour.


Pffft get the hell outta town man, everyone knows full plate mail weighed upwards of 200 lbs.

Theres a reason knights rode horses constantly due to how walking in full plate mail was almost impossible.

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Him? winning? I don’t think i was the one being manipulated into writing a paragraph on why the other person was wrong. :sunglasses:


He isn’t a troll. Trolls have amusing dialogue options and comedy grammar.


Anyway I’ve had my fun. It is possible to get a full suit of plate in the beta, and i didn’t really notice any mobility penalties, other than having less staminia. The game almost seemed too easy when i had it though, and the only reason i died was because i got shot in the face by the archers in the large battle.

I think this could be balanced by simply making full plate pretty rare, because in the current beta getting good armor is incredibly easy.


Mine was a reference to those dleightful creatures from the Witcher’s universe, with their Shrrop and other delights.

SirWarriant used Troll. It’s super effective!

In response to the seriousness, I’m perfectly fine with plate being allowed to be a gamebreaker, and accessibility is the best way to balance it. Also, I’d love to see shields have diminishing returns the heavier your armor gets, to the point it’s pretty much just dead weight if you’re clanking around in a full suit of rigid plate.


Oh i agree, i just want it to be more rare, because getting it is really easy atm.


Review of cuirass “Churburg”. Like in the game.


Real crash test of a top-helm “Griffon”. Part I. English subtitles…


And dooth thow crafte harmed lyk that were beren by knyghts?

Full plate was custom fit, which is why a custom suit of armor cost as much as a home back in the Middle Ages. It took weeks to months for an armorer to articulate armor joints to move with the wearer’s limbs and distribute the weight so that it literally fit like a glove and moved with the wearer. The people in my local reenactment group wear full plate, even down to sabutons and they move with great ease as the weight does not restrict them as presented by Hollywood mythos.

My first chainmail byrnie weighted just over 30 pounds and it took a few hours to adjust to its weight but after that, the byrnie was nothing, especially with a belt that took some of the weight off my shoulders and distributed it to my hips, as was done during the Middle Ages. My helmet weighed over 15 pounds, due to safety reasons but I could easily wear the whole ensemble for hours…and often did during large combat events.

The Medieval soldier trained in his armor and professional warriors lived in their armor. It was like constantly lifting weights -Their bodies gained strength and trained to wear and move with armor the way people wear regular clothing.

If anyone here devoted a few hours a day to wearing armor and carrying a sword and shield, it would eventually be no different than wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase.


Hy guys! We make new video!