Attacked by Combat Master Vanyek at start of game


Just started a new game (ps4 KCD version 1.5) and as soon as I wander into town to get the charcoal and so on I’m being attacked by Combat Master Vanyek. I can’t punch back. The guards join in. If I surrender it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Eventually knocked unconscious thrown in jail for stealing (even though I haven’t touched anything) followed by " GAME OVER you have died in jail".


In the intro you are not supposed to go into jail thats why u it


Yep, that’s why this is a game-breaking bug.



Hi. Yes, this was on playline 2 and I’m now more than a little wary to start a new game on playline 1…
I was starting again to play towards the next trophy “completionist” lol.


Avoid Vanyek and meet up with Vanyek. Yep, there’s the problem.


Good news! This just seems to be on playline 2. Started a new game on playline 1 and so far so good.