Backers where you at?

There doesn’t seem to be too many of us lurking around here anymore. Doesn’t anyone miss that pre-launch stage, where the forum was full of backer titles? What are you all up to now?


Just a Moderator… :slight_smile:

I hoped they would come and get the free (for backers) DLC4 - A Womans Lot…

Good ‘ol days

Used to be interesting even for a while after launch. Now not so much

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I am still here…

but I had already asked myself that. Where all the bakers are. I am still at Johanka’s part. I play it very slowly. I’m sad because it’s the end of KCD. Wait what the future brings.

Still around, still post on occasion.

Finished the main game and the first couple DLCs. Right now I’ve shelved KCD until official mod support rolls out. I’ve got plenty of other titles in my backlog to play in the interim. :man_shrugging:

We wouldn’t exactly be lurkers if you knew we were here.

Raising my Kids, Working, and Podcasting.

Still wrapping up some lose ends… Johanka’s quest on the way and still haven’t been able to win the Rattay Tournament so there is still something left to do. Otherwise it seems sadly enough that there is not much left to do anymore.

well, it has been pretty much the best 120+ hours I’ve spent with any game, ever! It’s wonderful how great this game turned out to be and I’m anctiously looking forward to sequels.


After 200 hours of playing Kingdom come, and all its DLCS, I am a very satisfied and happy backer.

I’m so happy that I actually purchased the Woman’s Lot DLC as a thank you to the Devs, even though backers got it for free.

I think, despite all the bugs (and Lord there were so many horrible bugs), I had a blast playing KC:D. I hope Warhorse finishes the game.

I actually liked the way it turned out. I’m very satisfied and content that I was a part of it. It’s damned fun and there is actual stuff to learn about swordplay if you know nothing at all. I like how it came to be. Only came here a few times when looking for bug reports so I didn’t have to make a copy report, LOL. Came back again because of the sound incapatibility with surround setups. I’m sure they know of it, just wanted to check in to see if some one came with a ‘solution’ besides setting it to stereo. It works fine in stereo, just would like the 3d positional sound, is all. Thanks to all of you backers for this game!!

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Finished the main game a while back, working through the DLC in between other games. Really looking forward to Part 2 (if it gets done), I think a few of my mates were a little WTF at the ending.

Kingdom Come has done 1 thing, I have spent the last year enjoying HEMA learning German Longsword, I have competed in two tournaments and even won two fights :slight_smile: I find it great looking through the combos Henry can do and go “Hey I can do that!”


Oh, really? How accurate is the fighting in KC:D really?

It’s not bad really, the guards are all legit and the main cuts are in line with the times. Most of the counters are what are known as “master” cuts so your Zwerchhau and the like are in game. Of course the biggest thing is swords vs plate armour, we seem to have the notion that the sword is the main weapon of armoured combat but it simply isn’t true. A sword would be a side arm like pistols today, and your poleweapon, hammer or mace would be your go to knight killer.

Although the game does a good job of getting this across and does need to be fair to the player (after all would be no fun being totally defenseless) they could have made more of half swording or pummeling to cause damage. I believe at one point in development they wanted to have it that way.


Yeah, I wish we had proper Half-Swording and a Mordhau-combo

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As someone whose studied this era in-depth, I whole heartedly support your stance. I think the main restraint other than player demands was the time constraints as they’d been developing it from scratch and some of us backers did get slightly impatient. I wish they’d show more polearm combat, I’d love a good poleaxe to smash some peasants / cumans with.

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Ah yes the good ole days… I just got back from deployment from Iraq and Kuwait, plus I was very burned out at launch from all of the spam and negativity.

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Oh cool…

And ummm… Since the Kickstarter pledge? :wink: to be honest I paid willingly for all the dlc together, as it was actually cheaper than buying the three others separately.

I followed Warhorse since the studio (unnamed, then) started, long time before KC:D was officially announced and sold via kickstarter, and I’m probably done with backing the game, now and ever. In the end, it was not what I hoped for and what I wished - lack of communication from WH, frustrating game full of bugs… I’ll probably grab the next episode in sale, but without any excitement.

A woman’s lot was free? For which tiers exactly? I had to buy it via steam. Can I refund it, get my money back for this piece of boring addon? - At least I’ll try…

You should really try the game again… It works absolutely fine for me and always has (on Xbox & PS.) Even the alpha & beta runs good on my PC… Are you sure it’s not your system?

It is free for every backer. You have only to logon on the main page to connect your account with steam.

Too late, Steam cannot refund it now… I lost eur 10,- already :frowning: Now I got really angry…

I waited to play a female character since 12/2011, and now I even doesn’t want to… :frowning: