Bad Animations

Yeah, in the year 2023. Bud standards will be very different by then.

Of course, but if i got it corectly WeeScot was implying, that there is no point in giving feedback to ureleased game.

Zub, I am implying nothing. I asked you some questions. I do not care one rat hair about the value of feedback after release, at least in the context of this conversation. I have several points on that subject, but it is off this topic. I wanted to know, as my questions plainly state, how you come by the information you base your opinions on. That’s perfectly reasonable.

From your responses, I can safely say that you have not seen the final release yet. I do not know what the final release will be like either. It may be awful. It may be fantastic. It may be somewhere in between. We are all concerned and hoping for something at least close to fantastic.

In my life, I always- in every case- allow people to actually fail before I criticize them for their failure. I don’t hesitate to encourage them to do better along the way, but things like “don’t give a shit” aren’t what I consider saying, unless I am mad at say, a businessman who is trying to rip me off.

Your comments pre-suppose that certain things have already happened, and that some other things have already failed to happen. We do not know this. Without that knowledge, we are at best making guesses. If it is an ‘educated guess’, by all means it is appropriate to cite the source of the information.

So yes, I ask questions. And your initial statements, responses to me, and attitude about the state of things shows me that you’re very comfortable predicting what the outcome is based on video of what we all know is not the release version. Those responses also show me that you have no problem assuming things you do not know.

Your concerns are well-founded and they are the same as most of the members here. But to again go back to “don’t give a shit”, you have to realize that providing your own flavor of confrontation like that (such a stong negative reaction can be little more than confrontation) to the same concerns that I have may be seen as less than constructive, and relegates your comments more to the realm of ‘emotional complaint based in assumptions’ than it does to “well thought out commentary”.

You may not agree with that, but I hope I have removed any need you might have to make more assumptions about my goals and motives in asking you questions. You may answer them or you may not, as is your pleasure.

Bit of an over reaction. He didn’t write his comment as if it will absolutely have bad animations upon release, he woudln’t have asked them to improve them if he believed that.

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How could I have seen release video of unfinished game? It’s obvious that i haven’t, so I don’t get why do you ask and there is no wonder that I asssume you are implying something by it.

I think it is clear that i am only guessing, but since we don’t have enough information about this topic, that is the best I can do.

I’m active on this forum for quite some time now. There used to be times when developers were discussing feedback here.
But now most questions here are unanswered and random coments on youtube are more likely to be answered by Warhorse, than questions from long term backers. Which is understandable from marketing standpoint, but you can’t blame me that I’m not very exited about it.
It is frustrating when you have lot of feedback, but you have no way to get it to the developers. So I’m sory that I dared to expres this frustration.

Hello Zub,
what is exactlly your question about walking?

I have asked:

That´s the answer from Karel “pan Tau” Taufman (Animatior):

If you ask questions in the Weekly Torch they try to give good answers…

You are right the animations/ transitions are not the best in game history, but I don´t care because I know they try their best. Sometimes you are limited by money, time or menpower. Looks like they a limited by all this faktors…Nevertheless can´t wait for next Valentine… to see the result and make a trip into history. :slight_smile:


So if I understand corectly there will be different animation sets for different types of NPCs (but we don’t know if they will have different walks). My problem is that, if all soldiers will have same animation set run/walks will be the same.
I think it is more important to have variation inside group (3 different run/walks would make huge difference) than to soldier walk differently than noble. I don’t think RAM would be problem in this case in battle you already have NPCs palying dozens of animations at the same time.[quote=“Blacksmith, post:17, topic:33895”]
If you ask questions in the Weekly Torch they try to give good answers…

Problem with weekly torch is that you need to ask rigt question in the right time. Thre is no poin in asking QA guy about animations. For example I was told by the animator that I should ask that question Dan Vávra, but how should I ask Dan Vávra wen his Weekly torch was long time ago.[quote=“Blacksmith, post:17, topic:33895”]
but I don´t care because I know they try their best

I think it is shame, when relatively small change (like transiton animations for changing stances) can make quite big difference. Bad amimations can put off lot of potencional gamers, wich means game will be less successful, wich means less resources fo potencional sequels.

Zub, you either don’t read very well, or you don’t bother to read what people post. I have clearly explained myself. You have not seen the final version and yet you’re saying people don’t care. That’s nonsense. The fact that it is nonsense is not my problem. It is yours. So is the fact that instead of reading what people tell you, you go off on a tangent and put two and two together, come up with five, and act as if somebody else added incorrectly. Good luck.

Wicker, over-reaction? I asked him some questions and instead of answering, he took off at 90 degrees and never looked back.

It’s my prerogative to explain or not after that. if I chose to make an explanation after his non-answer that’s my business.

You still haven’t answerd that question.[quote=“WeeScot, post:20, topic:33895”]
I asked him some questions and instead of answering, he took off at 90 degrees and never looked back.

What your questions I haven’t answered?

Can you name a few examples of games that set the modern standards? I mean first person melee combat simulator with better animations and moves?

I wrote: "It SEEMS to me that Warhorse no longer gives a shit about feedback from the forums, but at least I tried."
I don’t if my egnlish i so bad, but thougt that from it it is obvious that this is my impresion not given fact. I cam be proven wrong, actually a hope to be proven wrong, if I knew that they don’t care I would not bother to post feedback.

So Mass Effect: Andromeda facial animations ar up the standarts, because there is not RPG sequel to famous franchise taking place in space with better facial animations?
And Kingdom Come is not first person melee combat simulator by the way.

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They “no longer give a shit about feedback” because this is not time for feedback. Nothing new is being added, no new features, no new ideas. They are even hard working on things that are quite normal when done, but very visible if not done. They can see by themselves what would deserve more polishing, and feedback like “your animations are bad” do not help at all. The only thing we can do now is let them work and hope for the best. I am sure that they are doing the best they can, and there is nothing more we can do to help. Just wait.


your point about strikes looking weak isn’t a problem of bad acting, it’s a result of your own ignorance. if anything, they telegraph the strikes too much for gameplay purposes. strikes should actually be lighting fast, look very swift. the reason those strikes look “weak” is because hollywood has conditioned people with their choreographed fighting that people need to swing a 3lb sword around like its a sledgehammer.

your most salient point is about transitional animations, which is one of the most difficult and time consuming in game development. one single transition could involve dozens of different animations which need to be blended together to look smooth. i can see why warhorse wanted to go the procedural route with this.

if they had rockstar’s money they could make blended transitional animations for everything like red dead, but they don’t.

I think my feedback was bit more than “your animations are bad”. I tried to be construcive and sugest things that can be imroved.
I know it is quite late I really don’t expect that all isues will be adressed. But slill there can be something done in few months. And even small changes can make huge difference.


I know how strike should look like (I’m intrested in HEMA for a long time) and real strikes don’t look week at all.
I mentioned that they needed to slow strikes down for the game and if you slow down strike it will be weak. So I sugested taht they should have compensate for it in acting.

There are two different things. I agree with your implication that there is no comparable game with a combat system like in KCD. I understand it is totaly diferent beast to make animations for physics based combat where every attack has its real-time calculated impact and reaction than to make animation for Skyrim-like combat where you have simple animation that is played for attack and another one that is played when you get hit. I actualy don’t have a problem with KCD combat animations, I even praised how they improved them in another thread.

However, then there are animations of movement of NPCs. Sliding without making steps, twitching, unnatural abrubt changes of direction, abrubt changes of stances, no fluidity, and more. These things have nothing to do with uniqueness of KCD and they are simply bad. If you want an example of a game that has animations that I called “modern standard” which are better than in KCD, you can pretty much pick random half-decent game in the last 5 years.


I know that your feedback was more detailed, but it does not matter. Feedback is not what they need now. These are technical things, and Dan Vávra is no newbie, I am sure he knows about it.

Mafia 2 has great animations even Operation Flashpoint has great natural looking animations and is nearly 20 years old game.

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