Band of Bastards Camp Bug

Seen Radzig now off to see the men on the hill, objective completion triggers but no cutscene. All the men won’t talk to me, we’ve seen this all before. I’ve uninstalled mods, ive redownloaded the DLC and still does not work. I’m trapped in between having talked to Radzig and going to the hill. I can’t reload a save from before i talked to him because I did so a long time ago and i would lose so much progress it wouldn’t be worth it. Any help would be lovely but I’m not expecting it, just thought I’d make note of it on the forum
(On PC)

But with the old save(without modding) it would work, or not?

I’ve tried stripping the game completely of mods and the event still won’t trigger. Last night I made copies of the save files and deletes the game and currently downloading it again, completely virgin. I’ll have to get back to you if this works once the game is ready to play again. If not then I guess the issues ls in the save file itself.

Unfortunately I assume that this is exactly the case. :confused: