Band of Bastards (DLC) Kingdom Come: Deliverance


You’re not going to be a bandit.
In the Epilogue of KCD … (SPOILERS!) … Sir Hans Capon says that Henry is a Noble Bastard (obviously because Henry is the Son of Sir Radzig Kobyla) so I think the DLC will expand upon the story of Henry and his nobility aswell as the relationship between him and Radzig. What do you think?


I personally think it will be Henry and his rag tag bunch hunting down whomever. Story wise really could not say what would be interesting.


That would be awesome. I do believe that it’ll be Henry and a group of friends or maybe even a band of noble bastards as the DLC title suggests. That would be awesome.


could be something with Matthew and Fritz and some other Skalitz refugees, maybe Kunesh, Adam, Alex etc
maybe the millers will be involved considering they are shady characters or Wolflin if you keep him alive


I don’t think it would. From the "riding into the sunset " scene at the final ending I am personally pretty sure in involves those. You , capon and his escort.


yeah maybe, that would be cool too


I have no idea. Who else is bastard in game?


Perhaps it is not literal, and instead be a play on something like the inglorious bastards.


I’d guess the figurative meaning is at play. Unless Henry is to be the Spartacus of the out of wedlock children of the HRE


Well I tend to live by the Conan rules of life:

Conan , what is best in life ? Conan : To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

Also boring out every bathhouse maiden from sassu to uzhitz! They dont call me auggy for nothing!


Then most probably Henry died in 1405 from syphilis. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


ladies like Henry, he has had syphilis 17 times


Sorry guys : 1403 too early for syphilis. The disease came from the Spanish Gold raids in South America. and since that did not happen until after 1492, after Columbus ravaged the Native Americans.
1495 is the earliest identified case from Spanish Mercenaries to French besieging Naples and spread from there.


i was referencing Borat



Avicenna suggested mecury treatment. It should exist far before only unnamed or “recorded”. Oh that book “The Canon of Medicine” is locked in sassau monastery. I thought it was the one that need to be stolen to cure the old abbot.