Band of Bastards (DLC) Kingdom Come: Deliverance

I’m not trolling, Sir Toby at Warhorse said himself that they have no plans on making another Kingdom Come Game. Therefore, it would make no sense for them to create this entire storyline and have no expansion. Act 3 will be coming, it’s not trolling.

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Where was this said? Link?

Sir Tobi… and this seems to be total change of plans. Martin Klima did not deny they are working on another title.

WTF. No “sequel” or stand-alone KCD:II? Can we get the bottom line from anyone at Warhorse? @DrFusselpulli ??? Help!

Kcd sequel = kcd 2 =/= DLC. The story of Henry will continue.

They have no plans on making a sequel at the moment.

Really? You seem to be so confident in answers. First of all, they are mostly focused working on KCD bug fixing and DLCs, but it does not mean they are planning sequel. Since the beginning, Vavra wanted to do Hussite Wars, even Tobi mentioned, they would like to make sequel, and Martin Klima answered, if there would be another game, it would continue story of Henry. So what are you talking about?

Then what this means??
That pic shows path next to Trosky castle - that’s where Henry and Hans are heading at the end of game.

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Exactly. :+1: Act lll as an expansion (most likely). Can’t wait :smiley:

I looked also at google maps. Its exactly the path next to trosky

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The reason why I’m confident with my answers is because I know what I’m talking about. This is a respone from Warhorse themselves before the Gamescom Panel this year. Also, after all 4 DLCs are released, they are still going to be working on the game in terms of bug fixes, etc.


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So does anyone know if there will be a kcd 2 or an expansion to the game for sure?

One issue. The things you mention aren’t on the DLC roadmap for KCD. For your narrative to hold, WH would have to be intentionally misleading or have ridiculously poor follow up communications

Article, video or where did you get it. Give me Link. I can also fake screenshot.

The Screen said only that they havent any idea in her brains and no nervs to think about a new title. Hint words for a expansion can be, “currently” and "at all for"
This makes the tweet very interesting!

Very well, I do not see what is so hard to comprehend. This news should excite you! I would love a major expansion for Act lll.
All of the answers were from Warhorse. Here is the link.

Its hard to comprehend because I and many others have always been told there will be a sequel. If I were persistent, Im sure I could find evidence that they do indeed plan on making sequel. I know I heard they want to release all dlc and make game stable before starting on a new game.

Could just mean WH is focusing (all their current energies) on bug fixes and the DLC (listed on their road map)