Band of Bastards (DLC) Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Well. Seems like they hold on working on KCD2.

is this a dlc aimed for the end of the game? Or somewhere in the middle

Since the quest is open around mid game, answer is middle. They are not planning to release DLC/expansion of end game story (at least not main quest line), cliffhanger stays the same.

It would be pretty awesome to have a sequel during the Hussite Wars but looks like they aren’t doing it yet. I personally think it would be amazing but I want to get some sort of expansion on the main questline.

Release date in first half of October.

I think henry will start recruiting his own army to hunt down the remaining bandits and cumens. There is concept art of cumens robbing supply wagons in force and men trying to stop them. Also there were concepts of massive open battles which never happened. it would be cool if we get a full battle on open ground with henry the commander where he can make tactical decisions that affect the outcome.

also all of the dlcs are content that happens before the end of the main questline ie the ride into the sunset so i think this one will be as well

That was very helpful and clarifying, thank you. :slight_smile:

That’s for The Amorous Adventures. I meant a huge expansion that continues from the ending cutscene.

There is not supposed to be another expansion after end scene as they mentioned few times. The end is same, they are adding DLCs in between.


Had to finally make an account just to say I love this game and Im so ****ing happy to hear a sequel is on your team’s mind. Thank you for everything you guys do, this has truly been the best gaming experience I’ve had since the first time I was a kid and played Half-Life 2. What an incredible game!


Any chance it releases before the 14th?

think 12th or 15th. the chance of before that i take to be as likely as M&B II: Bannerlord before this Christmas

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5 more days to release new DLC. I was hoping for earlier date, seems they wait till last minute for some reason.

the current story needs resolution before hussite war. they will do act 3 as expansion. then work on kcd2 during the hussite war which is a few years down the line from the main game when henry is probably more settled into his noble trappings. i don’t think it would be good taste to show radzig’s fate, and it would be too early as well, so kcd2 might begin after the war has already begun in media res after henry’s fortune has turned from his prestigious position due to the unrest

What are you talking about, act 3 is not going to be expansion.

act 3 as expansion. then work on kcd2

Mate, these are the exact same thing. Act 3 IS KCD2.

Would be KCD2, but yeah. If we take acts as they were act1+2 are KCD. Everyone forget about acts, speak only as of sequel from now on, people seem to be confused.

Henry has no nobility unless it is granted by an outside party. He is a bastard born to a lowborn woman, and thus inherits nothing from his father when he dies a couple years after the events of the game.

Nobility is another matter, but there is nothing legally stopping Radzig from bequeathing all his material possessions that are not bound to his title (those probably all burned down anyway) to his only son.