Band of Bastards (DLC) Kingdom Come: Deliverance


That doesn’t really leave Henry with much at all. Most of a feudal lord’s wealth was tied up in equity that can’t be passed down. Almost all of Radzig’s material possessions went up in (literal) smoke. Everything that Henry will receive in late life will have to come from is Divish (who’s already set up Henry as bailiff).


Seen as Henry is already the wealthiest person in the area (especially after finishing FTA), he doesn’t really need that much inheritance. I like to think he gets all of daddy’s weapons, outfits and horses. What more could a young man possibly want?


This dlc releases with the last update right?


No. Womans Lot is last.


I mean the to say released, it’s already in the game correct?


Band of Bastards and Womans lot are not finished yet.


I thought it came out with the last one my mistake. When do you think it should be finished?


Band of Bastards maybe in 1-2 months since released photos of people working on it. Another is probably not even started so next year.


Maybe they should try to make it 10 hours worth of playtime instead of 3 and 2 from FTA and Hans.


No, since he is the only son of Highborn Sir Radizg Kobyla and Radzig acknowledged Henry, he gets to inherit everything and he’s legitimised automatically.


No he doesn’t. Bastard sons are illegitimate and get nothing. All feudal titles automatically revert to Radzig’s overlord, not his bastard(s). It doesn’t matter if you’re the only son, if you’re a bastard you might as well not exist as the law considers it.


I’m fed up with people hurling personal opinions at each other, so I looked it up. According to Czech medievalists, there are numerous examples of illegitimate children being legitimised, even in the presence of other, legitimate children. Such legitimization probably wouldn’t be enough to get Henry any title without the king’s input, but we cannot rule that out either because the king is to be released soon, and the little we know about Radzig from history suggests that he and the king were pals. So we can’t rule anything out, but nothing is certain either. Things could go really well for our Henry, but he could also be left with very little. He still gets all of daddy’s shirts and swords, though.


I read somewhere ( I think from a post here linking to an historical paper) the real Radzig later on( a few years later) lost just about everything and resorted to being a robber baron and died that way.


It is also said that he was killed by miners of Kutná Hora when collecting taxes for the king. So … robber baron collecting taxes? These were turbulent times, maybe he supported Wenceslaus’ side by small military actions and thus was called “robber” by Sigismund. Or the other way, who knows?


The generally accepted version is that he was killed collecting taxes. I mean, what a lame way to go…


But still better then being killed while PAYING taxes


So, are there any news on this? What do we know so far?


Devs would you care to share what you are planning for us in 2019-2020? Spoilers please. We know of band of bastards and female character. Do you have other dlcs/sequel planned?


I’m assuming that after the ones you mention, we’ll have the second game at some point (continuation of Henry’s story so he can get his sword back). The devs are already scouting for locations (from what I’ve seen on Twitter).


Exactly. I think it is more important after they finish planned DLCs and bug fixing to create continuation to the game so we do not look at the cliff hanger forever, if they keep sending us more and more DLCs, they will probably not get much money out of it and might even bankrupt and we do not want that to happen.